Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl Ritual at Candlemas

The Super Bowl half time show featuring Katy Perry certainly fulfilled expectations of being another timely Occult ritual. My focus has turned elsewhere, as we prepare for some chronicling, but I am compelled to give a few of the “high” points attention.

The Pepsi UFO abduction and delivery opening scene. Taking the Katy Perry wig off the mannequin was a nod to Vril power. The Pepsi logo, on one level, is simply a serpent eye, the Nachash and the Dragon, and all-seeing resurrection eye of Horus. Katy appeared as the ancient Goddess.

Riding a giant animated lion with glowing red eyes, she wore a “girl on fire” suit in a nod to Hunger Games and Lenny Kravitz. In symbol, she was the Great Harlot of Revelation 17, riding the beast. The Goddess with her feet on lions is the familiar symbolism of Inanna/Ishtar. While riding the lion, she sang her hit song, Roar.

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

Her suit appeared to have bee-like wings, to model that queen bee goddess. See the caption on this image, where we see “Triumphant Inanna-Ishtar, winged, with foot on her roaring lion.”

Water, "woman on fire" storm god/goddess.

What's the context? She is being worshiped. Singing, Roar, she wasn't just empowering women (as in rebellion to exercise authority over men), with the lion's roar she's ritually empowering the goddess who was being worshiped.

The beach party wasn't about silly fun, she was dancing with deadly and fearsome man-eating great white sharks, despite the softening of the imagery. The palms are the goddess Victory, celebrating victory over death as Isis raising dead Osiris into Horus. The magical island of Delos. The Oasis. Like a mirage.

Some ritual sodomy symbolism noted: Polka dot bikini, poke-a-dot/anus. The high heels are all about “raising the backside” for presentation to the sodomizer, which she demonstrated in presenting her backside to Lenny Kravitz, with his giant erect phallic guitar - framed in the goalposts, with illuminating flames and lightning flashing.

Aaron and I were led to give our attention to the trending playing of chess in Occult ritual media a little while back, noting what Occultist Tracy Twyman had to say about the game in her book, Clock Shavings. The meaning she spilled the beans about was validated in Perry's performance. The gods gaming men for their win. The checkerboard has to be recognized as having the meaning of the knowledge of good and evil, connecting with that tree in the garden and his nature.

When the step pyramid was given the focus of attention in the center of the stage, and the extraordinary effects caused by the projection technology created the illusion of a wormhole vortex and abyss, with god-like characters appearing on top of pedestal columns, well, that transit scene was the climax of the set. It was brief, and cryptic, but it was yet another display of the hoax that will segue into the revealing of the lawless one. The goddess, triumphant in glory, commands the hearts and minds of all mankind and in a grand spectacle, with a featured projection through time-space, the world is primed for the apocalypse of the antichrist beast, the Queen's King. Have you seen video of the Falcon Rescue, Part 2?

From then, it was the obligatory racial balancing of black and white, more social programming and promotion of the knowledge of good and evil.

I apologize for being ambiguous in recently presenting a collection of links without adequate commentary. It's just been updated. I wrongly assumed readers were sufficiently aware of our position. To clarify, the pro-vaccination news links illustrate the Adversary's advancing agenda. We are against vaccination, which has been shown to be part of an deceitful campaign to not only rob us of health and life, but to change our DNA, in a bioforming action that prepares us to receive the coming beast and his hybridizing mark.

This is a year of celebrating victory for the UN, when they will achieve a major milestone toward their goal. They have always been about the light, aka Lucifer. Research Lucis Trust, the publishing arm.

The logo says it quite succinctly. Sun God + Goddess (8 pt star of Inanna) XO MOB.

The LHC supercollider is being brought up to a much higher potential, and we anticipate that this device will be involved in what is prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2, when a dimensional portal is opened through time-space and the season of restraining passes in a moment.

  • Watch: Why is the Magna Carta unification so important?

  • Dr Claire Breay from The British Library explains the historic significance of the decision to unite the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta

    The documents will be at the library for three days before they are taken to the House of Lords for another day.

    My comment: marking off the time code of 3 things and then a 4th. The 800th anniversary unification of the Magna Carta: 8 = “new beginning” The major milestone of the NWO is about to happen, being marked with the revealing of the lawless one.

    Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age


    1. Good work Guys, had to send you this. Jesuit astrophysicist

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    3. I find it non-coincidental that you made a post containing chess pieces at the same time over the past couple of weeks the thought coming to my mind the phrase, "The king is dead."

      I believe God is bringing these thoughts and the phrase "Empire at War" (a reference to a Star Wars computer game) to me. Any thoughts?

      1. I believe the war in the heavens is raging.

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