Friday, February 27, 2015

Madonnas and Optical Illusions - Observations while on watch

Madonna at Brit Awards: “Took me to heaven and let me fall down”

Has the world fallen for one of Madonna's cynical stunts? 'Accidental' plunge at the Brits sent her flop single zooming up the charts: “As she sang the lyrics from her new single, Living For Love, and reached the line, ‘Took me to heaven and let me fall down,’ she did indeed fall down — backwards down some steps, dragged by a backing singer tugging on her Armani cape. She was heard landing with a deep ‘thud’ by all sitting near the stage.

Was Madonna's fall planned for a stunt? I don't know, but it happened. Comparisons with the mother Goddess and with Revelation 18 are easy to make in this season filled with signs.

1 After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illumined with his glory. 2 And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird. 3 For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality.” ~ Revelation 18:1-3

She performed the same song and routine recently as a centerpiece for the Grammy Awards. When I gave the show some ink in this post, The 57th Grammys - Occult Ritual Extravaganza, it was pointed out how that ritual performance highlighted the merging of the Pagan and Christian religions that characterizes Mystery Babylon.

The role of Mystery Babylon is not yet played out. It will rise and peak before it falls, as per Revelation 18. Madonna's fall from the stage raised her up to new heights. The role of the Goddess / Mystery Babylon is rising still and will soon peak as she introduces her son, Antichrist, to the world. When her job is done, the great city, Babylon will quickly fall. Crash and burn.

Another Madonna in the news.

Putin showed off his religious side during his visit to the Vatican, stopping to cross himself and kiss an icon of the Madonna that he gave Pope Francis.

Goddess love - Mother Russia = Mary. Some claim the Third Secret of Fatima points to the consecration of Russia to Our Lady of Fatima as a necessity, a requirement for “her” purposes to be fulfilled.

Mother of the Bride (bodycon- made by Roman Originals) Dress Color Debate - Blue/Black or Gold/White? Confusion and controversy over the wedding garment! Timely! Identity confusion: Mother of the Bride of Christ or Antichrist? Officially “Royal Blue” Queen Bee Goddess apparel.

The dress at the center of the controversy was worn by Cecelia Bleasdale. The name, Cecelia, means, blind. People who see her dress one way are calling those who disagree, blind. "Cecelia."

Sorry, folks, show's over - THAT dress IS blue and black: As millions join raging debate over color of mother of the bride's outfit we track down the real thing and settle it once and for all

Yet in other pictures we see a dress that is obviously gold and white. The explanation is illustrated here. It is subjective. 'I feel like it's a trick somehow': Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian join other celebrities in dress debate taking over the internet

Maddona worship at the Brit Awards and at the Vatican in Rome.
Queen Bee Apparel controversy as Madonna's cape (bee wings) causes her fall “from heaven” while “Living For Love.”
“Roman Originals” Queen Bee striped Apparel controversy from the Johnston Wedding.

The image used in this article about a stolen NASCAR vehicle presents another odd collection of symbols that are trending today.Travis Kvapil's NASCAR car stolen from hotel before race.

The article pictures him in this older photo wearing a driver suit from another time, race and track, a black and yellow “yellow jacket” bee suit. The number of the Team XTREME car that was stolen is 44. That's code for Isis: 4 squared. The Bee Goddess. The Bee Goddess, stolen away like a counterfeit Bride.

The Adversary's deceptions are like smoke and mirrors. The upcoming revealing of the lawless one is a keystone of his plan, and deception will abound. The Lord has made special provision for salvation, and alongside the requirement of being worthy in character is the matter of knowing about the timing in advance, not just of the Antichrist apocalypse but of the first harvest of the church for which the apocalypse is a sign. I consider this knowledge of the timing like genuine fire, around which strange fires must be built and thick smoke swirled around for deception's sake. To state it plainly, competing theories must be focusing attention on another date, a later date, because one sooner permits time for recovery. So it is that the fall feasts of 2015 are being promoted as the time of “The Rapture.” It's building momentum, with familiar voices chiming in with what ranges between the soft sell of pointed questions and the hard sell of “conclusive evidence.” Many draw upon the blood moon tetrad for inspiration. Tom Horn's promotion of Zenith 2016 pointers to the season 2012-2016 fuel the fires. It is generally (and falsely) assumed that Jesus fulfilled the Spring feasts at His first coming and will fulfill the Fall feasts at His second coming. Examples of these strange fires are easy enough to find. Here's a very subtle support piece: Because Timing Is Everything, Petrus Romanus Will Address Joint Session Of US Congress On Jewish Day Of Atonement… And During Historic Blood Red Moon Tetrad! (pointing to September 23, 2015)

Back in 2008, during the previous Shemitah's watch season for the sign to the Bride, it was Pope Benedict's visit to the US that had my attention. It was for a sign, as Bill Clinton made his way eastward across the country to arrive at the East coast just as the Pope made his departure, on the 13th day of the 1st month. This time around, there doesn't appear to be such a Papal visit on the schedule. Mere modeling is past. Now, it's time for fulfillment.

Could we really have another 7+ years before the Creator's intervention? I bet not.

Frankenstein style human head transplant could happen in two yearsItalian surgeon claims procedure to graft a living person’s head on to a donor body will soon be ready.

The UK recently became the first country to approve laws to allow the creation of babies from three people. Beyond accepting the perversion of three parent offspring , which has global repercussions that cannot be contained, Two father babies could become a reality. On a related front, since we can now redefine marriage, that step down the slippery slope can only represent a downhill acceleration. Married lesbian ‘throuple’ expecting first child.

Concerns about the threats posed by advances in artifical intellegence (AI) and transhuman genetic meddling and CERN's LHC atomic particle collisions have been raised by experts of the highest intellect, and summarily dismissed by those who are in responsible positions.

AI could destroy humans, Stephen Hawking fears: Should you worry? “Military, corporate leadership in artificial intelligence development raises concerns”

The sovereign God has appointed that we would not only flirt with disaster but find it, in this very season. The history has been outlined and detailed in the Bible, but hidden until it served the Lord's purposes to reveal it. This is our day.


  1. Hey guys, drudge reports snow in all 50 states next week. Lots of signs? And symbols for white. , Wikipedia has article on white #FFFFFF

  2. Here's the article from wiki. White =Isidore , Greeks say Zeus was nursed from some nymph. Etc there is a set of nine pictures at the top of the article. Popes in the center.

  3. Sorry, white =Isis . St. David's feast day. St of Wales . Prince of Wales has a new job flying an ambulance for east Anglian /land of angles this summer. His wife is due in April. The unit patch on his uniform is interesting.

  4. Netanyahu speaks day before Purim. Fake Jews like to dress up in costumes and party on Purim. One step closer to war. He accused Iran of some of mossads capers. Too bad most folks are snoozing on the kazars crimes against us. We continue to borrow money to gift to them. Kind of like a whore who pays the John. The bombs were in the marine barracks/ Beruit airport 1983 before the landing team arrived. Building was leveled from one homemade truck bomb in the magik sweet spot. Just like bld 7 wtc. Saw a pic of Brics bankers. Looked like most of s America and some others were with the regulars. Irans missiles looked fast and the sub launch ones (club?) got my attention. Argentina is with the Brics by the way. Falklands part 2?

  5. Netanyahu speaks on 3-3-15(3X5).