Monday, June 01, 2015

Another Insight into Daniel 9

Yesterday, as I was reviewing the thematic structure of Daniel 9, I noticed another level beyond what I had already presented. You can see the updated version displaying two versions - at the same time.

Daniel 9:18-27 - Interactive

It's also been expanded with some commentary. In the range of verses 26 and 27, find the lines of text and bars where the mouse cursor turns into a hand, and click there to bring up commentary panels. Thinking outside the theological box is required. All the traditional interpretations I've encountered neglect to address where the extra-dimensionality is in view. It is as the Lord has ordained it to be, reserving what has been so well concealed for us to discover in these last days. He promised to help us with that - and He is!

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  1. CLV Dan 9:25 "And you shall know and be intelligent: From the faring forth of the word to cause a return and to rebuild Jerusalem--from then till Messiah the Governor is seven sevens, and sixty-two sevens. It will return and will be rebuilt, square and salient, even in eras of constraint.

    In the above scripture we are given a starting point to calculate from two different events "till Messiah the Governor is": seven sevens, and sixty two sevens. It is so important to realize why he gave it as two distinct timings. The one prophesy has been fulfilled as most know when you add the two times together Jesus fulfilled this when He rode into Jerusalem on the donkey (Luke 19:35-41). Notice how Jesus wept over the city saying "if thou had known this day... it was hid from thine eyes"

    The second event is not hid from us:

    till Messiah the Governor is seven sevens

    To cause a return to Jerusalem: June 7, 1967 + seven sevens = Sept. 23, 2015