Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stitchers on ABC - MK-ULTRA, and Edgar Cayce

In this season my attention has been nearly entirely and still very intensely focused on the “mission critical” subjects. I have been rather minimally responsive to email and contact through the blog and YouTube, and I apologize for any offense at this neglect. This season is very unlike those that came before, in certain respects. How long it will last, I cannot say I know. Yet. Some would insist that a quest for that answer is pointless, but seeking the Lord for an understanding of our times and seasons remains paramount. That is in parallel with the development of our relationships of love, faith and hope. He remains wonderfully attentive to us.

Aaron and I have been to see TomorrowLand twice, and the allegories Aaron and I perceived in that seem worthy of a lengthy series of posts. However, it's not likely to get more than a very brief treatment. Like with the film, “Live, Die, Repeat - Edge of Tomorrow,” what insight we gleaned about the important subjects has been processed and passed on through the benefit provided to us in validation, more confidence and clarity and refinement to our understanding. There's always been a benefit in the exercise of working through the details of the symbol language, and a wonderful benefit in sharing it, but there's just not enough bandwidth to work through the presentations and still give adequate attention to what's most important. As important as that work was in previous seasons, it largely represents a distraction. Unless, like with this post, the Lord does so prompt. We remain active with publishing on the MOB blog, but it's a strictly limited effort.

There's a new show on ABC called, Stitchers. Yesterday, while I was starting to wake up, after watching episode one the night before last, the Lord was opening to me a layer of allegory where it's all about Illuminati mind control programming, MK ULTRA/Monarch style programmers, handlers and slaves. It covers ground that's mostly been covered before, but this repackaging appears to be specially fit for this season, which becomes very apparent when you understand the relevance of the featured water-as-time metaphor.

Here's the official plot summary.

“Stitchers” follows Kirsten (Emma Ishta), a young woman recruited into a covert government agency to be ‘stitched’ into the minds of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murders and decipher mysteries that otherwise would have gone to the grave. Working alongside Kirsten is Cameron (Kyle Harris), a brilliant neuroscientist whose passion for the program is evident in his work. The secret program is headed by Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), a skilled veteran of covert operations, and includes Linus (Ritesh Rajan), a socially immature bioelectrical engineer and communications technician. Kirsten’s roommate, Camille (Allison Scagliotti), a gifted computer science grad student, is also recruited to use her skills to assist Kirsten in her new role as a ‘stitcher.’

My commentary will make more sense if you can watch the series premiere after reading this all the way through, then return to read this a second time. It will help if you're familiar with what I've already written about trauma-based mind control programming, and with Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler's writings about Illuminati slaves and the testimonies of such as Arizona Wilder, Svali, Bryce Taylor and Cathy O'Brien.

It's very common to find media presentations where the mind control programming theme is woven tightly together with the beast/antichrist theme. What I see in this production is mind control programming and the time-space dimensional merging aspect of the antichrist plot. Let's start with the focus on time.

The pilot or premiere episode is titled, A Stitch in Time. There's the subject, right up front. All the promotional imagery features water, which is a metaphor for time. The stitching process involves water, which Kirsten is mostly submerged in. Kirsten was recruited for her special condition, which they call Temporal Dysplasia.

The condition is fictional. It's claimed to mean that Kirsten can't judge the passing of time like normal people, and this is claimed to make her suitable for stitching. In the real world there is a condition called cortical dysplasia, which is a brain function disorder, and there is a part of the brain called the temporal lobe, but Kirsten's condition is fabricated to support the allegorical layering.

Dysplasia, means, the enlargement of an organ or tissue by the proliferation of cells of an abnormal type, as a developmental disorder or an early stage in the development of cancer.

The word, temporal, means: 1. relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular. 2. Of or relating to time.

The tagline of the show is, Memories never die. Memory is a three part process involving encoding or registration, storage and retrieval, and this of course has everything to do with time. The premise of the show is that the brains of the recently deceased retain the stored memories and that stitching allows them to be retrieved. This speaks to me on a few levels. When time is reset into the past, memory of this season will not exist because it will be as though it never happened. Except that things are happening, and it will be such that special provision will be made for some to remember. Certainly, the Lord of Lords is keeping accounts. The premise that memories never die speaks to when the ancient memory stored in our DNA will be activated, as some would see it, and a great hoax is perpetrated. The world will “remember” who and what they are shown in ways that, on a very local scale, are illustrated and modeled by Stitchers.

Temporal dysplasia sounds like temporal displeasure, which speaks to the characteristic attitude of the enemies of the sovereign God about time not being under their control, and, too, that this state and the attending displeasure is seen as only temporary.

Temporal dysplasia also sounds like temporal displacement, and this identification plays on multiple levels. Time displacement. This is Kirsten's condition. She's the special agent who can access the memories, traveling through the stitched brain back in time, through immersion in the water tank, to roam around in the person's past. She is therefore a time traveler, and stitching is all about temporal displacement.

The name of the pilot episode isn't explained, but the old adage referenced provides an apt description of the show's plot. A Stitch in Time - saves nine. The meaning has to do with mending fabric with a needle and thread. If fabric is torn and you delay mending it the fabric will tear more and more stitches will be required to mend it. Stitch it sooner to avoid more stitches later. One stitch now prevents nine in the future. Kirsten is sent on missions to experience the past and bring reports of her findings, with the objective of using that knowledge plus impressions and feelings to change the future. All the episodes so far have to do with using the dead person to save more people from being killed. A Stitch in Time - saves nine.

The Adversary's plot isn't about saving people, despite all the delusional transhumanist chatter being heard today. It's about displacing the Creator, and people are a means to that end, who only have value with respect to their usefulness. I perceive a stitch in time as pertaining to the fabric of space-time, which is already tearing. There are clues that suggest to me that the numbering of the implied “saves nine” is relevant, with regard to the 9th gate, the celestial Silver Gate. That's the time-space portal that is being targeted for opening by those who operate the super-colliders and perform the Occult rituals. The symbolism evident in Stitchers makes it very obvious that the show is Theurgic ritual that works toward that objective. You have seen the CERN opera-dance SYMMETRY film trailers, right?

Episode 2 is titled, Friends in Low Places. Think - underworld.

Let's consider how Stitchers plays around with Spiritualism and presents Kirsten as a medium. There's a definite paranormal angle to the show. The word, temporal, means: 1. relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular. Flip that. Episode 3 is titled, Connections. We see Kirsten “channeling” the dead person, basically adopting their identity. She establishes a kind of bond in the stitching, a soul connection, and there's a transference. The way it works in reality is with masquerading demons and possession. Stitching as demonic possession, making a medium.

The character's name is telling.

Kirsten Clark.
K. C.
Pronounce Cayce
Edgar Cayce

“Every year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world become interested in the life work of one ordinary man. He was an average individual in most respects: a loving husband, a father of two children, a skilled photographer, a devoted Sunday School teacher, and an eager gardener. Yet, throughout his life, he also displayed one of the most remarkable psychic talents of all time. His name was Edgar Cayce.”

“For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space. From this state he could respond to questions as diverse as, "What are the secrets of the universe?" to "How can I remove a wart?" His responses to these questions came to be called "readings" and contain insights so valuable that even to this day individuals have found practical help for everything from maintaining a well-balanced diet and improving human relationships to overcoming life-threatening illnesses and experiencing a closer walk with God.”

The Sleeping Prophet - Who was Edgar Cayce and what are Edgar Cayce Readings?

This is biased, of course, with the above sourced from Cayce's own Association for Research and Enlightenment. If you read that page and watch Stitchers the intended connection should be obvious. The stitching requires that Kirsten is reclining and then the modeling is that she is ritually put into a trance state and then brought back out. K.C. goes forth with questions and reports back with the answers, just like Cayce. At some point, the Akashic Record has to be named in all this.

The Bible is pretty clear about avoiding such activity, and that's for our benefit because there are blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. Spiritualism is all about demonic deception. Those who promote it are deceived and deceiving.

The secret medium K. C. has a meaningful name even beyond her signal initials. Kirsten. Say, cursed in. Think about it. The name, Kirsten, means, Christian. The name, Clark, means cleric, scribe. Kristen Clark. She's kind of a priestess. Edgar Cayce was a “devoted Sunday School teacher” and his function as a medium was in a priestly kind of ministry as a prophet-priest. Not in service to my God though, to be sure.

Kirsten Clark. KC is Code 33 - a notable observation. K=11 and C=3. KC~11*3=33. One of the associations of that number has to do with the death and resurrection of Christ, at age 33. A person becomes a Christian being identified with Christ through His death and resurrection. Kirsten - Christian - KC 33. In the Stitching, she is stitched to a dead person, identified with someone who died but is not “really” dead.

Who is the authorized agent in the position of responsible for the Stitchers operation? Maggie Baptiste. Think John the Baptist. See the baptism of Christ every time Kirsten gets immersed in the water and is subsequently stitched to the dead person, making a distinct identification, who then emerges alive from the water with the dead person's memories and mind and heart. Okay. Now, flip it. Think antichrist. That's what is being dramatized in not really very subtle allegorical fashion. Think about Revelation 13:1 and the beast seen rising from the sea. Think about the watery abyss and the fallen star who is given the key to the abyss.

Now, let's consider how the beans are spilled on MK-Ultra and similar programs. This is what the Lord was opening to me.

The hacking into the dead brain is a mind-control metaphor. Kristen is a multiple, a chosen one, an Illuminati slave. The programmers are, well, programmers, and her handlers. The Stitchers top secret agency's government umbrella - CIA? When they go through the stitching routine, it's the slave being put into the trance state for programming. Dissociation. Over the rainbow - through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. Lewis Carroll's rabbit with the pocket watch was obsessed with time. He was in and out of the rabbit hole, as the psychopomp Hermes, and Anubis. Temporal Dysplasia / displacement.

People are put into the trance for programming or missions. When you watch Kirsten stitching and exploring the life lived by the person she's stitched to, think about remote viewing and astral projection. She searches the Akashic Records, traveling the astral plane in an etheric body, to use some common terminology. Temporal dysplasia suggests temporal displacement or time travel as unbound to this realm. These kinds of abilities are the reason for why the slaves go on these kinds of missions, and the handlers and programmers benefit. Surveillance in the present as well as gaining whatever insight may be gleaned about the past and future is coveted information.

Slaves are sometimes put into the trance state for the use of their brains as biological hard drives, memory storage units. They are sometimes used as secure couriers, and the data or memories can only be accessed with the right codes. Stitchers dramatizes this very obviously. To come “out of trance” Kirsten has to code in her name and pin on the virtual keypad.

Her pin is “I Heart Linus,” Linus being the name of the programmer who assigned her that pin. Word associations - Linus Torvalds, famous programmer known for the Linux operating system. Linus: “Lion us” - messianic identification. “Lyin' us” - deceivers. The pin code is a ritual sodomy signal. Heart shape = buttocks. Heart is taken to mean, love, and the ritual sodomy and ritual abuse is equated with love in the perverse relationship with the abusive traumatizing handler / programmer. Stitching is going into trance, dissociating, which is also known as going down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole is a metaphor for the rectum, and traversing it with ritual sodomy, which has been the standard means of Illuminati programming for thousands of years. This didn't start with the CIA and MK-ULTRA or Monarch, or with the Nazi SS. Ritual sodomy is used like a mason uses mortar with bricks to effectually bind the slave to the handler and to the handler's organization. Stitching, like how a stich sews two together.

Kirsten is made to wear a special black body suit when she stitches. They call it a Catwoman suit, minus the cat ears and spike heels. Beta alters are identified with sex kitten programming. Cat woman. High heels, raised in the rear shoes that raise the wearer's rear, are a ritual sodomy symbol.

When Kirsten describes her condition she tells us how she lacks any natural ability to measure the passing of time. We would say that she has no internal clock. She lists her alternate methods for calculating intervals, substitutes, and this gives us a view into the standard Illuminati alter system that has many timers and internal clocks built in that regulate the complex workings.

Some of the promotional imagery pictures water coming off her face in a way that resembles a mask. Masks represent front alters behind which an internal alter is isolated. Kirsten tells us that she didn't have normal emotional connections and had to learn to model facial responses. The person's core identity is detached and isolated inside behind the front alters who interface with the outside world.

One of the things done to slaves to traumatize them and induce the dissociative state involves ritually drowning and revival. There's the water tank baptismal. There's also sensory deprivation and electro-shock trauma - which is also demonstrated.

The one who presides over the ritual baptism activity is named Maggie Baptiste, and Maggie or Margaret means, pearl. During Illuminati over the rainbow trance programming, there's a black pearl involved, which deals with memory storage. Again, Memories never die, goes the tagline. Here's what I wrote about a dramatization that took place during the London 2012 Paralympics.

“One of the features of this programming is a black pearl. That big black “umbrella” in the middle of the stadium represents the Monarch black pearl! Here's the role it has as the programmer hypnotically guides the slave into the deep trance, descending down on clouds that are the colors of the rainbow. “Land very gently ... very softly ... in the center of a round, black pearl. See it glowing, softly, gently.” When the slave is about to be brought out of trance, it's referenced again. “In the pearl, prepare to awaken.” As the programming session finishes and the slave is going to be sent back into a front alter, the memory of the program will remain "in the black pearl" while the slave is isolated from it for security. 'Leaving the memory in the black pearl and closing and sealing the black pearl. You will remember only those details that I tell you to remember.'”

When she dissociates as traveling over the rainbow to another dimension, Kirsten experiences trauma. In one instance, she's standing on top of a high pillar or pedestal, and freezing cold. The point is made about her feet being for grounding, and this emphasizes the dimensional and time transit.

A column is used to symbolize the goddess of magick with the ankh key to resurrection. The actress who plays Kirsten is Emma Ishta. Think, Ishtar. Goddess. “Imma Goddess.” There are other goddess symbols seen in the show.

Multiples have identity issues, with multiple identities or dissociated alters. Her primary handler, Cameron Goodkin calls her by a wide array of odd names, handles, it must be said, for multiple alters. He's Good Kin because the handler is often a trusted member of the family. Kirsten is special and a lot is being made of her father's identity and role. It suggests that she's a chosen one, which is a multiple who is of Illuminati family bloodline. Her GoodKin handler is named Cameron because it's an anagram, for, romance. There's a reference to the perverse sodomite and abusive handler-slave love connection, and the show superficially plays around with the Cameron and Kirsten relationship dynamic.

The casting of the show is obviously important. They are leveraging the history of networked shows in the SyFy channel network.

Stitchers blurb: “Kirsten’s roommate, Camille Engelson, a gifted computer science grad student, is also recruited to use her skills to assist Kirsten in her new role as a ‘stitcher.’ ”

Played by Allison Scagliotti (skal-yotti), of Warehouse 13 (2009-2014), where she was also gifted with computer skills.

“Warehouse 13 is part of Syfy's developing shared fictional universe, with several characters crossing over between series:”

“Global Dynamics researcher Douglas Fargo (played by Neil Grayston) from Eureka traveled to South Dakota to update Warehouse 13's computer system in the Warehouse 13 episode "13.1". Warehouse 13 computer wizard Claudia Donovan (played by Allison Scagliotti) subsequently traveled to the town of Eureka, Oregon to check out the technological marvels at Global Dynamics in the Eureka episode "Crossing Over". Fargo again appeared in the Warehouse 13 episode "Don't Hate the Player" when Claudia, Lattimer, and Bering traveled to Palo Alto, California to find Douglas beta testing a virtual reality simulator with the aid of a dangerous artifact.”

Stitchers blurb: “The secret program is headed by Maggie Baptiste, a skilled veteran of covert operations.”

She's played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield, who played Dr. Allison Blake in the series, Eureka. (2006-2012)

Talk about crossing over from one universe to another. Hmmm. Warehouse 13 and Eureka are defunct. Nothing but memories. Yet, there they are, in Stitchers. Temporal displacement indeed. Temporal Dysplasia. Temporal Displays, yeah?

It's good to see what we're looking at, and what others are being programmed with. It still matters.


  1. Memory reminds me of "the shema", hear, listen,obey. Not so easy for some. Went to Kansas City last weekend. I call it magik city now. Magik 107.3 classic soul. 2 states one city divided by the Missouri River. People of the big canoe. WW1 memorial and fed reserve. Magic money making machine. Lots of bridges, convention center looks like a bridge. Bbc says pope wants fossil fuels/66 banned. Pic shows him kissing babies head with his Xbox ring, double cross. Kiss=X, baby's head makes O. Calls for radical change in behavior (ours). Cloud with no rain.

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  4. Bob, great post!
    I really enjoy how you're putting the puzzle pieces together and how the PTB are using the media and 'entertainment' arena to throw it all right in our faces.

    Keep it coming...

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