Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Today: The LHC began high energy collisions

LHC experiments back in business at record energy

I note that June 3rd has interesting occult numerics.

six - three - 6 6 6

Like their logo = 666 and which also features multiple instances of crossing circles, as an XO MOB symbol.

Beginnning 13 TeV tests in June, the 6th month. The 6 and 13 combo: Judgment & Man+Beast & Goddess.

Large Hadron Collider turns on 'data tap' (BBC-Science)

A dark matter factory? Consider this view: Mike-Around-The-World - on CERN - interviewed by Pastor Paul Begley

Official video showing how it works.
LHC animation: The path of the protons


  1. Editor of game of thrones killed by lion/sun God through open window/gateway, in rt's picture the side mirror of car is cocked at 45deg for protection and clue. Katherine means God of magik or st Catherine , that's interesting reading as well. She was 29=11/pillars ,mirror, magik mirror. Here's wiki link,

  2. Lion was 9, guide 66. Etc.

  3. 24/cronos,time robot teams from around the world compete in disaster theme contest for DARPA. Time machine disaster w/robot messiahs, I guess they're not joking. sorry missed link. Bbc tech section. Lots of symbols.

  4. Here's link to robots, prize is 3.5/half time, million(1 w/6 zeros).

  5. In video s Korean /yin, yang drives chariot/car, opens a doorway/ time or 4th dymension, turns gas valve/x in o handle, interaction. Then uses dewalt drill to cut hole in Sheetrock (circle w/dot, sun symbol) etc.

  6. Usgs say June is ocean month. On featured articles check the video about ocean mapping. Shows sanfran bay and alkatraz island and angel island the coast of LA. Oar fish washed up on angel island I think the other day. Creepy signals.