Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Milestone - The interactive version of Daniel chapters 7 through 12 is now online

The interactive version of Daniel chapters 7 through 12 has been published to our website, The Open Scroll.

Thematic Symmetry of Daniel 7 through 12 - Interactive

Portions of this block of scripture had been published previously but this new version replaces them. It represents a significant expansion but also an improved analysis, with insight afforded by the ability to consider the relationships that become evident when the wider context is taken into consideration.

The progress being made in this direction reflects the Lord's continuing faithfulness to help, according to the specific promise He made to us to do just that. He is so good to us!

The scale of the work can make the exploration of the content a bit daunting, but the explanation and tips offered in this video should help.

Daniel 7 through 12 - Bob Schlenker explains The Open Scroll's interactive presentation

More basic instruction is offered in the following playlist.

PLAYLIST: Bible Code - Thematic Symmetry (chaism)

Here's another tip to help those of you who aren't using a HD projector and giant screen. Like me.

Having multiple windows open can help when you want to compare 2 passages together on screen that don't otherwise fit.

I recommend using two different kinds of browsers for these windows, like Chrome and Opera for example. This way, you can resize the text in one window independently of the other. The windows could be arranged side by side but it might be more useful to go with an over-under arrangement. With the interactive presentation loaded in both windows, scroll and zoom each until everything you want to compare is nicely in view.

With separate windows, the hover and comment window frozen highlighting in one won't influence the other, of course, but that's not an obstacle.

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