Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Future Day

Tomorrow is Back to the Future Day. October 21, 2015 was featured in the popular film trilogy. The series is full of plot holes and is pretty campy, but there are some redeeming qualities. Aaron and I just watched all three in sequence. What's primarily got our attention is how our present situation is modeled in part II, where we find ourselves with an awareness that things are not as they should be. The fix involves using the time machine to return far enough into the past to prevent the events that skew this present reality.

I made this video of Doc Brown explaining the situation to Marty McFly, adding some of my own commentary.

Back to the Future II - Doc Brown explains how to fix the present reality

Note the raining during the presentation - water as time. Attention is given to newspapers in examples of Code N.E.W.S. NEWS is an acronym for the cardinal directions, North East West South. It's used as an Occult signaling of space-time and it has to do with the manipulation of time.

In Back to the Future II, Marty and Doc Brown have returned to 1985 from a visit to the year 2015 to find their world having changed for the worse. Somehow, evil Biff has ruined things. Doc Brown figures out how it happened and explains to Mary what has to be done. Even though there are important differences between their situation and ours, there are valid comparisons to be made. It is at least interesting how 2015 is involved in their timeline manipulation plot. CERN's LHC activity is going beyond where it ever has before, and expectations are high for dimensional barriers to be punched through.

These films are obviously all about the manipulation of space-time through time travel, but they have lots of kinds of signaling you might recognize, like cross circles, a 66 in the sky, Gemini and other imagery of transiting the celestial silver gate, lots of ritual sodomy and Illuminati mind control sequences, etc. You can see the suggestion of ritual sodomy illumination in the poster for BTTF II. Marty is his slave. Brown ~ excrement. Fritz Springmeier has identified certain Doctors with color names as Illuminati programmers, for example, Dr. Green being Dr. Josef Mengele. The columns or pillars are used in Illuminati programming for Time Travel Programming.

What Doc Brown is diagramming on the black board is similar to what the Lord led me to diagram with Aaron on the whiteboard beginning in April of 2015. It has to do with our present reality, which is very much like the one pictured in the campy film, skewed through intentional interference by the Devil's agents. In their story, they had jumped ahead to the future, and while there in 2015, evil Biff trailed them and decided to exploit the opportunity presented him. He bought a sports almanac and gave it to himself in the past so he could use use it to gamble his way to riches. He "borrowed" their time machine without their knowing it to carry out his plan.

Not only must the damage be undone, steps have to be taken to assure that what happened won't happen again. Doc insists that the time machine has to be destroyed, but of course, it's not. In reality, the ability to further manipulate time will be denied the Devil. It is only then that he knows his time is truly short, as declared in Revelation 12:12.

Twelve is a primary time signaling number. When z=1, the values of the letters in the film title sum to a number that produces 13 in standard reduction. Signaling, the mastery of time. BACKTOTHEFUTURE = 229

What this film presents isn't an exact illustration of what's really going on in our world, but there does have to be a return to a key point in the past, which the Lord assures us will happen perfectly. This diagram is a better picture of our reality.

We are living in a time like no other. One day in the not too distant future, time itself will be reset into the past, so that this season on the calendar will be repeated. Time has already been influenced and we're on a timeline, so to speak, that needs fixing. It will be fixed.

I've written a little about Back to the Future on the blog already. Decoding Tudor Pelagos - An Enchantment Under the Sea

Also see this video for a view of another layer of esoteric embedding picturing the ancient Zeus v. Cronos conflict. BACK TO THE FUTURE [Secret Symbolism Myths & Archetypes]


  1. Excellent work, here's one, clock boy/Amed/much praised/messenger etc.. Moves to Qatar for scholarship and eyewitness to 6th fleet destruction? Clock was in a suitcase for traveling/time travel. Happened in lone star state, Texas. Hookah hornes! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-34587285

    1. Thanks Craig. Clock-time travel indeed.

  2. I had seen the 'Back to the Future (Secret Symbolism)' video several months ago and what I found most interesting is the mythology of Zeus lighting a torch when defeating Cronus.

    This speaks to me of the time of the year, June 18 till 21st when the sun is over the club of the constellation Orion, making the club appear as a torch. Is this when the time reset is appointed to occur? Time will tell.

    The Back to the Future movie marquis supports this notion as I realize that Marty is Orion, aka Apollo or Horus.

    Notice the two stars to the right of Marty in the poster. The third star is hidden ''off frame'' , but they are the belt stars of Orion. The middle star is at the height of Marty's belt.

    Notice how Marty has his right arm up to raise his sun glasses, and in doing so has the form of a person holding a torch, or Orion's right arm holding a club.

    Of course the DeLorean, being of silver stainless steel construction, that Marty emerges from after travelling time, resonates with the silver gate.

    1. Great observations Mark. Thanks.

  3. I made a small error in my earlier post but the larger point remains the same. I said Marty was Orion. Actually, Doc Brown played the part of Orion, aka Osiris or Zeus, and Marty his Son, Apollo or Horus.

    That's why the Orion constellation that is behind Marty in the first movie poster got replaced by Doc Brown in the second.

    The other interesting thing about the second movie poster is the way Doc Brown is standing behind Marty. It reminded me of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

    Not too long ago I came across a video series. At about the 6 and a half minute point of the video below, the maker connects dots to suggest that Vitruvian Man was Osiris.


    1. Thanks Mark. The video makes a good connection. I think Horus/Apollo is perhaps an even stronger identification, the god-man of 2 natures.

  4. orion? reminds me of the c130 flying through the eye of patricia. vortex/womb being crossed. for what? magik or seeding the darned thing. if you dont seed the storm correctly the tops will get blown off. opps. im hearing rumors of cerns power up is bigger than reported. its off rumor squirls but i dont like linking to them. watch with discernment. they say theyre switching to lead/heaviest atomic # of non radioactive elements. magik #82.

    1. Reports on what's going on at the LHC are varied and I have no trusted contacts either. Can't vet the rumors, but I sure wouldn't bet that the official reports are going to be transparent.

  5. The US Navy is about to send the USS Lassen through disputed Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea. The ship's designation is DDG-82. 82 is the atomic number for lead (Pb).

    CERN ritual? Collisions coming?