Friday, October 30, 2015

What is "Back To The Future" Really About?

To know what "Back to the Future" is really about on a deeper level, it helps if you can interpret the symbols and grasp the reasons why they appear. Most see it as just a fun film series about time travel but there's a dark side. You may be shocked to learn what has been hidden so expertly in these films!

Some of the symbolic layers involve:

  • Space-time and its mastery, with special attention given to transits
  • MK-Ultra/Monarch/SRA DID mind control programming ... ritual abuse and sodomy
  • The legendary conflict between Chronus and Zeus
  • Neo-Nazi codes and secret Nazi theme

Twelve videos have been produced for this series. Playlist: What is "Back To The Future" Really About?


  1. Great vid Bob,

    I was able to discern the catch phrase for BTTF2 "Getting Back was just the beginning"

    "ritual sodomy is initiation"

    1. Thanks brother. That's it exactly. You got it. And, indeed, that's a fundamental theme of the film.

  2. Excellent work, so many layers. The arrow fits the chevron/sex magik symbol made by K/11 then C/3, KC, A/1, B/2=12, the wheels burning/flaming Taurus, rotational symmetry, gateway, flaming vectors? On the asphalt? Stupid debates are in the news/time. I think the real vote is on a higher level. What kind of vote? Maybe we're voting with our $$,( give to Cesar what is Cesar's, give to God, what is Gods). We've learned time is money. I see mankind striving to cheat death/judgement by hacking the physical laws. Impressive, but totally lame(retarded). The only way the veil will be breached is by the Living God. That means in my opinion there has to be a vote like at Mt Sinai and in Jerusalem when Barabas was freed. Lots of cats getting out of bags, ie, abortion and selling human parts for artificial flavored and other research, human DNA in lunch meat, war crimes by U.S. Gov against multiple countries to numerous to mention. Fraud of drug war, the economy, medical industry, higher education, justice sys. (How many un armed Black folks will get shot this weekend by white informers?) getting harder and harder to stay asleep. Watched a d wave presentation by one of the exects, he basically came right out and said they intend to go into other dimensions for thier resources! So in quantum physics when they say 2 states at once they mean red state and blue state! The real vote, people say one thing, but their feet go where they go and thier hands do what they do to testify as to where they put their treasure/$$/ballot?

    1. Thanks Craig. You make some really good observations. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions here.

    2. Christ ..he zeus.42 DB is the creator of the time machine..its a double book entry system...
      It accounts the accountant for our sins...our failure to pay...we use credit and promissory notes which discharge debts or charges...there is never settlement ..all payments of debts are shifted into the future via this central bank debt system..and everytime we are charged to pay ..we fail ..and we deligate the payments or substition of payment onto the bookkeepers ie banking system..they record a failure to pay as the credit entry..
      Ie a record of our sins ..that are accounted for by Christ double book entry system..
      ..what is the original sin...? Clue is in the baptism..
      We are born in we need to be saved in Christ ..
      When we are born did not our mothers carry deliver and laboured in the labour room..
      Can the child ever pay the mother fornthe body vessel?..
      Can the mother accept payment as she is in debt to her mother ...
      So the Christ system is offered by the temple priest o, cleric clerk of accounts to account for the failure to pay records during the lifetime of the childs journey on this earth ..he is saved in Christ a savings account is set up as a client account for the child ..the name is then given after a ritual discharge via water..current ..
      Google : what is namium..
      The name is given to the child but the namium is the act of taking asset for payment of debt..

      When we turn 18 and labour and ask for labour credits ..we actuallynhave a choice..but are tricked into lending it to the collective system that is a legal pirate corporation of Rome fighting under the papal bull of dum diversas and doctrine of discoveries..
      The bill or bull proclaims discovery ie de cover of assets of the world to re cover assets in Christ ...
      Dum diversas means until different ...
      When a countrynis formed it forms as a roman legal pirate corporation ..with a templar banking system guarnteeing record of defaults as credits...
      The trick is to reduce debt at the treasury..Christ returns ..
      Re turns veerses
      Google : surety rights
      The US is then our debttor

  3. oh, china's "one" child policy is now "2" child. one fish two fish, red fish blue fish. 12/time child? worlds biggest economy/$ /time. most people, children. their flag is a red rectangular shape with 5 gold stars with 5 points each. 5x5=25=7,7+5=12. they do not hide who they worship. tian., and thanks again Bob and Aron. to think i almost blew your site off because of the graphic content a couple of years ago. not so much graphic but true. so glad i stuck with you Guys i have learned so much. this is the only site i recommend to anyone as for being real. thanks for keeping it "real" Guys!! the metros made it 2 to 1 in world series=12

  4. I'm so glad you stuck it out. The unpleasantries are part of life in the real world. Ignorance is not bliss. Innocence is a wonderful thing, but ignorance sure doesn't equate to innocence. I don't like being exploited and I don't like when those I love get exploited, and the predators prowl relentlessly and show no mercy in their seizing of prey for their own gain. I'm so grateful to be granted the favor of participating in the work of bringing light that exposes darkness. God is so good to us! His love is irresistible. Eventually, no being will be able to contest that statement. Blessings in Y'shua, brother.


    Hello, ‘Star Trek’: Scientists build sonic tractor beam that can lift and move objects

  6. i watched a video of that, sorry i cant find it. airbus A321 blowed up over sinai, A=1,1321, 13's and 12's., thanks for letting me help. i cant think of anything else i can do.

    1. Your help is really appreciated, dear brother. Prayers too!

  7. Americans pronounce their "o"s like "a"s, so when they say "Scott" they pronounce it like "Scat", which means "faeces" (as in scatological).

  8. Where can I watch these again?

    1. please reply to tthis comment only

    2. I just updated this blog post with a link to the current playlist, where all 12 in the series can be found.