Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Thoughts on the Season at Hand

Greetings in Y'shua. This is Bob. The Rio Olympics have passed. Their ceremonial entertainments (Occult ritual magic) of the opening and closing were interesting but I have nothing to report beyond what I've already written. Except to note that the 8 minutes of the Japan 2020 Ceremony held the most interest. So far. The Rio Paralympics are scheduled for September 7-18, and different opening and closing ceremonies are planned. Lord willing Aaron and I anticipate watching them to see what may be seen.

One of the projects I've been working on has been maintaining TheOpenScroll.com, updating some deprecated code, cleaning up dhtml errors, making a few of the many updates that could and should be done. The study, Who is Pope Benedict? was updated with a substantial revision. He is still very relevant, and you'll discover why in the reading.

More time has been devoted recently to personal ministering via email. We rejoice at what the Lord is doing in this hour. This season is, no less than before, one where we must aggressively give our attention both to doctrine and practice, as advancing on these parallel tracks together, for true progress to be made. Our work often shakes things up, turning lives upside down and right-side up as the Lord has ordained it to be. Spiritual warfare is engaged very directly with the attention we give to exposing the secret religion of those who worship the goddess, a spirit who manifests also in practical ways as the spirit of Jezebel - working in in the relationship dynamics of both women and men. There is always blow-back, as it may be considered, and we sincerely thank those of you who engage in spiritual warfare on our behalf, as the Lord has led. We need it.

If the working of the goddess has been highlighted for attention in some aspect of your life recently, we recommend a collection of very practical studies that are filled with insight about how to defend yourselves and effectively engage the adversary in this arena. Set your own houses in order as the first order of business. Your witness will be evident.

The Lord Y'shua is still in the business of bringing His beloved to the conviction of sin, drawing a precious few to Himself as freed from the bondage of the law of sin and death. We rejoice in being touched by His love! We rejoice with those of you who are also being touched by His love!

For a blessing of insight, consider Ephesians 6. See verses 10 and following as related to those before it. It's the how-to, laying the foundation.

Some Recommended Doctrinal/Practical Studies for the Saints:

The Obedient Family
Propriety in the Assembly of the Saints
Jezebel vs Sarah (27 installments)
What's on my Heart Today
Compete According to the Rules - or Forfeit the Prize
Entering into the Freedom of Giving and Receiving

For some closing thoughts, we are well aware of just how much some among us crave the fellowship and companionship of other saints in a local assembly or some online community. While some are able to enjoy this at present, as the Lord's own provision, most of us are not, being denied this for our own good, and actually for everyone else's too. Some among us are settling for some relationship with Mystery Babylon while under conviction that you are compromising yourself and/or your family in the process. We know the temptation. If the Lord has denied you such kinds of fulfillment in this hour, we implore you to accept it and to seek with passionate resolve to find what you crave from the Lord Himself, to find satisfaction in His embrace. What is truly being sacrificed in this season for His sake will reap a harvest of reward in ages to come. You may find that you have a key role to play in this age. Esther 4:14 comes to mind. Is the spirit of the Lord calling to you? Is He knocking at your door? Is the Bridegroom wooing you? Come to where you can answer without reservation. We are praying that the Lord will be satisfied with us, with all who are being made to be found worthy at His coming through much mercy and grace.

Blessings in Y'shua!

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