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Rio Olympics - Opening Ceremony (of the birth canal) - and TIME

There's been plenty of controversy surrounding Brazil in recent months, and some of that is due to their responsibility for hosting the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The games began a couple days ago and were immediately controversial, as many identified the stadium as seen during the opening ceremonies as a big vagina. The first gold medal went to the USA, for marksmanship, so the whole gun/violence thing became an issue with some. We wrote very little leading up to these Olympics, and while there is relatively little of consequence to write about the opening ceremony there are a few observations that really do need to be logged.

The Olympics are always a big deal because they are very influential and, very simply, they are openly dedicated to Zeus and Apollo. The activities from start to finish are all about honoring the ancient gods and goddesses with sports and arts. There is no effort made to conceal this but they do not openly reveal the fact that this is all attended by private and public mass Occult ritual. The Bible identifies Zeus with Satan in Revelation 2:13 because the throne of Zeus was in Pergamum. The Olympics are literally, Satanic rituals. Most folks don't care, even professing Christians, but some do. This presentation is for you, whose eyes are being opened to see what the Lord Y'shua would have you to see about this age.

What stands out to us so far has to do with the worship of the goddess, as the goddess of time and fertility. This has to do with the Olympics themselves and also our access and interface with them, the NBC network. We can't speak to what's going on elsewhere because our experience is pretty much limited. We have discovered that some really important aspects that had been presented elsewhere were filtered out of our regional experience so it is assumed that this is the case once more. So, we're just going on what we've got.

Goddess worship? Some of this is superficial. The elements of feminine beauty and excessive sexuality were openly featured with the scantily clad dancers associated with the goddess worshiping Catholic Lenten season's "Mardi Gras" Carnival that Rio is famous for, with Gisele parading around like the stadium was her catwalk and with the history of The Girl from Ipanema.

The demographic of the city of Rio de Janeiro is such that it ranks first among Brazilian peripheries in the percentage of Catholics - 51.09% (2009). You can bet that there are plenty of idols dedicated to the goddess that look like these in this little collection, which I have labeled as Images of the Divine Feminine. If you don't see these as being artfully modeled on the female genitalia, you're missing what is so obvious to so many.

It's no accident that the stadium looked like a big vagina. Reproductive imagery is what you find in reproductive ritual magic and that's what was going on. It's not all about that, but much of what's going on in Rio right now really is, so let's give that our attention.

The ceremonies compare to those in Beijing, where the reproductive ritual was far more extensive and equally explicit. The more I studied that imagery the more I saw in those Chinese ceremonies, and the more stunning the reality that nobody was calling it out for what it so undeniably was!

When I sought to discover the meaning of the Olympic Rings logo, after reviewing the posters for the Olympics over many years it became apparent that, on one level, the logo was being leveraged as a symbol of the pubic patch of the female and that this was an honoring and evocation of the goddess of love and fertility. Here's a few posters where this rings-logo-as-pubic-patch is featured.

These posters from the Exposition/ Olympic Games in Paris 1900 were from an era before the rings logo but the sexual engagement of the god (Eiffel Tower as phallus) and goddess and the exaltation of the Queen of Heaven that is so broadly worshiped in Paris is pretty obvious.

If you're not familiar with this study, we recommend it for more insight. Our Lady of the Olympics

The opening ceremonies always climax with the lighting of the cauldron. The practice has come to be that, to build drama for the conclusion of the torch relay and victorious lighting of the cauldron, they surprise us with a creative formation of the Olympic rings logo. These ceremonial highlights are connected because both have to do with the goddess.

This year, the parts of the Olympic Rings were hidden inside a number of mirror like boxes. When they opened up like a bunch of jack-in-the-boxes, rings of palm trees sprung up. Trees are goddess symbols. By name, the palm is specifically identified with her identity as Victory (victory over death) - and as Easter (Think Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday...). You can't discount the so-called "christian" goddess identities because the giant overlooking Rio is called Christ the Redeemer. He's not my Lord but an unholy idol, call him Zeus or Saturn or antiChrist. These palm trees formed the Olympic Rings logo, the pubic patch of the goddess . It's her bush, in slang. Clever, right?

Right after the Olympic Rings appeared and the celebrants applauded with delight, the cauldron was then ready to be lit. The flame, torch and cauldron have to do with the goddess of the hearth, Hestia. The flame is lit by ceremonial priestesses at the temple of Hera on Mt. Olympus. Hera was the wife of Zeus. You can see the goddess behind the ceremonial lighting of the Cauldron in the lyrics of the Olympic Hymn.

The Olympic Hymn

Immortal spirit of antiquity
Father of the true, beautiful and good
Descend, appear, shed over us thy light
Upon this ground and under this sky
Which has first witnessed thy unperishable fame

Give life and animation to these noble games!
Throw wreaths of fadeless flowers to the victors
In the race and in the strife
Create in our breasts, hearts of steel!

In thy light, plains, mountains and seas
Shine in a roseate hue and form a vast temple
To which all nations throng to adore thee
Oh immortal spirit of antiquity!

The Hymn is overtly honoring the male parent, Father of the true... who is identified elsewhere as Zeus, but covertly this poetic Hymn is an evocation of the blessing of the goddess. Who wreaths the victors but Nike? Check the award medals and see whose image is featured. The language used, like breasts, roseate hue, (ROSE colored), the thronging of adoring nations, this is the stuff of goddess worship. Once the cauldron is lit, the Olympic Stadium and entire Park become a temple.

Whether just a single name of the gods is named or one gender of the gods is identified in this ceremonial worship, the point really is that these ancient gods are the fallen, the enemies of the Most High God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, father of my Lord Jesus Christ. The Illumined often worship their god in his identity as Lucifer.

It's left to us to discern and interpret the Occult imagery and put it together. The Olympic rings and the stadium they were presented in go together. When you understand the goddess imagery you can put the pieces of the puzzle together. Here's a rendering that's pretty graphic. It reveals how the opening ceremony is the opening of the birth canal of the goddess. She's the love goddess and great harlot, ready for business, and the fertile queen mother preparing for birth.

Now, what stands out to us in connection with the goddess evocation and exaltation is the matter of the signaling of time and the mastery of time. Some of this is due to the Olympics and some to NBC's presentation.

One of the items of interest is rooted in a fundamental of the celebration of the Olympics. There is an ancient mythology involving a conflict between the titan Cronos (Kronos) and his children, most particularly, Zeus. You can research this yourself to discover how the lighting of the torch and cauldron may be interpreted as a victory celebration. So, the lighting of the torch celebrates how Zeus has defeated his father Cronus and thereby acquired all that was his, even the mastery of time itself. While that's pretty universally applicable to every opening ceremony of the Olympics, Rio's is special. For one thing, Rio de Janeiro, means, January River. January is dedicated to Janus, Roman god of time. (See this post: January River Olympics for Space-Time Mastery) For another thing - and this is big - the cauldron that now burns in Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Park has a design that speaks very loudly to me that this is a ritual object, illustrating our being propelled through time. The cauldron is animated like a golden clockwork, with paddles that move as making passage in a whirling vortex through the river of time, with spheres as bubbles in the water-as-time.

See it here: Cauldron makes its final ascent kicking off Rio Games

We've been tracking with how numbers that appear in the elapsed time counters of media presentations are leveraged in the way of the Occult to add another layer of meaning and magical influence. I first learned about this activity when the Lord brought it to my attention in connection with the NBC presentation of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In our DVR recording of the opening ceremony in Rio, we note more of the same.

In the 13th minute of the second hour, a commercial is aired. The elapsed time on the counter is that of a minute that signals the mastery of time. It's a one minute commercial, and our recording has it offset by two seconds, which is probably attributable to a Xfinity DVR time synchronization issue.

I found the commercial of that minute on YT. McDonald's - Time After Time. The song is a cover version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time." The commercial is done in a split frame. One is the past, the other is the present - but the two are linked. In the end, we see that the little boy who passes things between the frames as through time itself is the girl's father. Is this yet another boastful exhibition of having the mastery of time - presented in a 13 signaling minute? YES! During the January River “River of Time” Olympics!

Following that commercial, another begins at 1:13:58 on our DVR counter. It's for a movie, Pete's Dragon. The word, Timeless, appears on screen, which is fitting, since the minute 12 signaling cycling time and minute 13 signaling the mastery of time has passed.

I was curious what might be found in minutes 12 and 13 of NBC's presentation on Xfinity and found this to be of interest. They feature the dancing queen bee goddess! The goddess of time!

One of the commentators is Hoda Kotb, an Egyptian (Isis, Hathor, etc. ) host (together with Kathie Lee Gifford) of the 4th hour of NBC's Today Show. She appears during minutes 12 and 13 dressed in a striped bee suit, wearing the multiple bracelets that identify her with the queen bee Inanna/Ishtar as in this classic image.

She does a little bent elbow gesture as part of a dance move when she models for us, the party activity. She's appears this way during minutes 12 and 13 because she's the goddess of time and dimensional transiting, as wielding the waves (water as time) and riding the griffin and pulling the chariot between the realms.

Her "costume" is like that of the girl in the bee suit in the viral Virgin (MARY) Airlines safety video.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the summer and winter games have received plenty of our attention in recent years. Beginning with the closing ceremonies in Beijing, 2008, the Lord led me to gain insight into what was going on, bringing some stunning revelations about the Olympic signs and a small number of related signs. Most of my attention was focused on the 8 minute long London Ceremony. By the time that Olympics season arrived, Aaron had been brought into the work, and what we saw then remains very central to us, because the mass Occult ritual magic we observed has indeed changed our reality. The biblical timeline has been skewed. Our reality in what we perceive as the present is not yet fixed, not yet set with permanence.

Soon enough, the sovereign God will intervene and bring corrective action, bring the fix for this evil, bringing this age to its appointed end - and justice in an exhibit of the ultimate mastery of time, and of His patience - and love!





  4. Great work Bob!
    Regarding the cauldron, this article shows that the 'sculpture'surrounding the small cauldron is supposed to represent the 'pulsating' sun.
    This being the case and with the cauldron/sculpture being part of the female genitalia then the 'pulsing' can easily be interpreted as female climax.
    Your first video link "Cauldron makes its final ascent kicking off Rio Games" was not available to me but there are plenty of the same thing on YT.
    What might the closing ceremony hold for us?

    1. Thanks Phil! That's an excellent link. That sun portal cauldron being set up at the temple for worshipers of the sun and "monstrance" sun god and goddess is notable!

  5. Guys I have been following Bob for quite some time well about 1 year. I am not as adept at catching all the signs and symbols as a lot of you seem to be,but in reading this post and others,these people and their leaders must have a point !? Orgasm is a must for them in order to do what their majick requires. Where is it? I asked myself while reading the post and apparently 007Stalled7 has brought some light. Next is the travail and birth. Definitely time to hide in the Shadow of His Wings!!!

  6. Bells44 comments that the google doodle today shows the race against the fabric of time and the end of a cycle.