Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Rio Olympic Caldron, Our Lady of Candelaria and the hidden head of Satan/Zeus leering from the vault of heaven

Olympic cauldrons are burning in Rio. One is associated with the stadium in the Olympic Park and another shines as a tourist beacon in front of what was once the tallest structure in all of Rio de Janeiro, the Church of Our Lady of Candelária. The church holds a central place in the history of Rio. The cauldron must have been designed for presentation with this in view. The imagery of the Cauldron in this setting makes some dramatic statements, if you can interpret and accept it.

Anthony Howe, the designer of the Rio Olympic cauldrons, claims that the design represents the sun. (Diminutive Rio 2016 cauldron complemented by massive kinetic sculpture) I don't disagree, but there's more to this identification than he's letting on. The setting of the church provides more insight because there's another version inside, and the two objects align and resonate, one enhancing the Occult supernaturalism of the other!

Upon seeing the Rio cauldron design, some of us have the immediate impression that it resembles the Roman Catholic monstrance or the Jesuit (cross)IHS idol, whose golden solar rays signify a divine radiance. The installation of this ritual object directly in front of the church of Our Lady of Candelária confirms this identification. When you see the grand altar, the radiant sun is boldly featured with the golden cross made central.

The XO symbolism, of the Mark of the Beast, is evident in the form and is magnified by the motion. The union of the X and O is establishing the celestial throne of the goddess, and that widely accepted Occult supernaturalism could hardly be more significant in this location.

This is the form that is repeated and amplified by the newly installed and activated Olympic cauldron. These beacons resonate as one, as the exalted candle of the goddess Candelária (Lady Liberty-Isis...), shining forth the illuminating light of Lucifer, of Zeus, of Satan. Candelária is Candlemas. (aka Groundhog Day, day of the year #33 - Code 33 - associated with Imbolc and Lupercalia!) The candle is identified with the sun, the sun that lit the torch that lit the cauldron, the light of Zeus.

The gods and goddesses worshiped during the Olympics are the same as those worshiped in Rome, forms of worship that are centralized at the Vatican. What used to be known as the Holy Roman Empire remains still today, and this is one with what has been called, Olympism, by the founder of modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin. This broad institution is the biblical Mystery Babylon the Great, a global entity. Coubertin studied humanism in Paris at the Jesuit Saint Ignatius College. His funeral was held at the Notre Dame du Valentin in Lausanne, Switzerland. Notre Dame, means, Our Lady. He loved the goddess who is widely known as the Virgin Mary, who is the Virgin of, or Our Lady of, Candelária. She is Our Lady of the Olympics!

Above the alter inside the Candelária church is an ornate feature that must be seen as the open vault of heaven, where angels reside and overlook the sanctuary. One sits high on a throne, exalted. Here's the front of the church in a picture I found on Wikipedia. The whole thing is really creepy. There's an image concealed in the angelic sculpture in the symbolic vault of heaven. It's more obvious if you flip it over and look at it like you would in a reflection.

High above the altar in the vault of heaven, there's Satan, leering out from his lair. Flipped over, of course, he is peering up from his underworld lair. Satan = Zeus.

This image is like a familiar one in Paris, on the Notre Dame Cathedral. Our Lady. The devil is surveying the city of Paris, his domain.

The statue known as Christ the Redeemer overlooks Rio. It's that same demon god in a different form who is surveying his domain. It's Father Time. It's Saturn, the god of time overlooking the January River, dedicated to Janus, another Roman god of time. Standing at his feet, Cardinal Orani Joao Tempesta blessed the flaming torch on the day it arrived in Rio for the cauldron lighting. Blessed, that is to say, cursed the already accursed flaming torch. Was the good Cardinal merely yielding to the demands of the evil IOC? Not exactly. “Father Omar Raposo, rector at the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary, located at the base of the statue, said the blessing was not scheduled by the Games' organizers, but was requested by Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, a Catholic.” At Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue, cardinal blesses Olympic torch - By Lise Alves Catholic News Service - 8.5.2016 12:12 PM ET

I note the ritual significance of the time the article was published: 12:12. The time number, repeated. In Rio de Janeiro - again - the January River, devoted to Janus, god of time.

We haven't mentioned this yet, but that opening day was August 5. The 5th day of the 8th month. The numbers have Occult significance. The sum of 8 and 5 is 13, the number of the mastery of time! These numbers are associated with the planet and goddess Venus, aka Our Lady of Candelária. Every 8 years, Venus traces out a 5 point rose star as it orbits the sun fully 13 times.

This celestial display is what the Rose windows model, which adorn the front of so many Catholic churches. The sun light streaming through pictures the sun at the center of the Rose, and supernaturally the Luciferian Illumined see this as the divine light from Sirius. And that, right there - THAT'S a big deal. It's the Compass Rose and the Blazing Star of Freemasonry. It is the emblem of a branch of Freemasonry that is mostly for women, The Order of the Eastern Star.

On Mt. Olympus at the Temple of Hera (goddess, wife of Zeus/Satan), the Olympic flame is lit from the light of the sun using a parabolic reflector. The prayer of the ceremonial high priestess is always like this one prayed in 2009. "Apollo God of Sun and the idea of light send your rays and light the sacred torch for the hospitable city of Vancouver and you Zeus give peace to all peoples on earth and wreath the winners of the Sacred race." Borne by the goddess (Artemis-Hestia), this light of Zeus now shines in front of a temple in Rio dedicated to the same goddess (and god).

The Rio Olympic cauldron in front of the Church of Our Lady of Candelária should be recognized as evidence of an Occult supernaturalism, ritual magic, even sex magic. The role of the goddess is on exhibit, who draws all unto herself until the time comes to deliver all over to “her son,” that is, Apollo, Horus, Antichrist.

What is being presented in the city of Rio de Janeiro is perhaps most simply this, that Roman Catholicism is Olympism, is Satanism - but perhaps that has already been revealed to you. Many saints, even though they can agree in principle still habitually practice degrees of denial about this reality, and we ask that you take account of yourselves before the throne of the Most High in prayer about your status before Him, whether some influence of Mystery Babylon holds sway in your life.

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