Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Love Code 54 and the Romance of ED

Ads for drugs like Viagra and Cialis seem to be everywhere, with pharmaceutical companies marketing their pills with the promise of romance.

What used to be called, impotence, is now called, Erectile Dysfunction, ED. So, why the fancy new terminology - why ED? ED, is the Love Code 54! It's the pharmakeia trade (Pharmaceuticals -The Sorceries of Babylon), drug spells selling drugs.

In the most simple Occult gematria, E and D are the 5th and 4th letters, respectively. Instead of adding them to make 9, see ED directly as 54. This number signals, love, because the sum of the letter values is 54 using both of the most basic forms of Occult gematria. Now, when you see an ED ad or commercial, you should realize that this is an Occult ritual leveraging the Love Code 54!

I discovered this code while producing the “time travel sodomy” series of videos last year, while tracking the embedded time codes in, The Lake House. Since learning it, we've been finding it regularly.

While the marketing of the ED romance is overtly heterosexual, the imagery is covertly sodomite, which is primarily homosexual in nature.

For example, Lloyds Pharmacy ads picture a row of men covering their genitals with hats. One has an erection in the hat - and the hat is a butt symbol. (See, The Dark Side of "The Sound of Music" -Pinecone-Pineal Illumination - HD / YouTube-ified)

Many of the ads for Cialis feature a man and a woman in his and hers bath tubs, outdoors with a scenic view. Bath tubs? Why bath tubs? The secret has to do with how, tub, spelled backward is, but - think, butt. The couple's backs are shown, not so much for modesty but for the presentation of the back-as-butt. (See, Hot Tub Time Machine - The Obvious and the Not so Obvious - HD / YouTube-ified
See also, Pizza Esoterica 7 - Four Illuminati Calling Cards in Katy Perry's "This is How We Do" - HD / YouTube-ified )

The video for the Hot Tub Time Machine is in the series that highlights the pairing of time travel with sodomy in media, and these Cialis commercials slot right into that category. The ad copy is loaded with time words because it's all about the timing. “Cialis for DAILY use, so you can be ready ANYTIME the MOMENT is right.” Esoteric elements are often layered in when the couple is overlooking the beach, with the water-as-time and sand-as-time metaphors in play.

The featured couples are often pictured holding hands. H-olding H-ands, HH, which may be interpreted as a neo-Nazi shout out - “Heil Hitler” - but in context is certainly a repetition of the 8th letter of the alphabet. The 88 invokes Hermes, aka Mercury, because Mercury orbits the Sun (Ra) every 88 days. Hermes/Mercury/Anubis is the psychopomp involved with facilitating the time traveling or dimensional transiting. The number 88 signals Ra (Atomic number of radium [Ra] is 88). Because the two tubs would be identified as “His and Hers,” there's a redundancy to the double-H and 88 symbolism. The 88 is famously linked to time travel in the Back to the Future franchise, and in many other instances more or less overtly.

The NHS touches on the ED issue with an anti-smoking advert picturing the limp penis as a cigarette with a long ash. This is a sodomite image because the ash is a metaphor for the arse, as leveraged in, The Goonies (1985) - HD / YouTube-ified )

Marketing folks temper the bold sexuality of the adverts with humor, obviously. The American humor publication, Mad Magazine, parodies the ED ads with this one for Viagra. The post the mail box is mounted on is obviously picturing the limp penis. When you catch on to how the mail box is exploited as the male box or anus, the sodomite image is plain.

The exploitation of the mail box as male box is the basis for the time travel flick, The Lake House, where we learned about the Love Code 54. From this film poster, there's no problem with ED here. Comparing this poster to the Lloyds Pharmacy ads, the mail box stands in for the hat.

Mad Magazine's competition, Cracked, produced a video parody of an ED commercial, called, If Viagra Commercials Were Honest. At the end, the man tosses a football through a tire swing. He boastfully says, Ladies, as he presents his manly self to the camera, yet, the imagery is sodomite, which is really more oriented toward homosexuality. A tire is the butt and a football is poop, which, in the context of the Viagra promo, is also the erect phallus - butt poopy. That's how it would be presented if Viagra and ED commercials were really honest. Occultists who use such codes as the Love Code 54 are primarily focused on the sodomite kind of love. See The Sodomite Gateway for more examples.


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