Friday, May 12, 2017

Signs and Updates

Hi Everybody! I just got back from visiting family in Upstate NY, helping my Dad settle in after wintering in FL. The activity involved more time signs, which continues the trend. This time it was about water-as time (flooding Lake Ontario and the bays, and some more plumbing. And also there was a focus of attention on vehicles-as-ministries and also cell-phones-as-communications.

Aaron and I have caught up with the effort transitioning from the "Beyond the Veil" retitling, and we continue to produce and publish more video and audio in that series.

I want to thank those of you who pray for and fund the work and us workers. We depend on you as you depend on us. The Lord is attentive and watchful over His beloved saints as we persist in this season of increasing strangeness and struggles.

The Pope is in Portugal for the 100th anniversary of the Fatima phenomenon. Pope Francis in Fatima: arrival ceremony

With regard to the Pope's visit to Cairo, Egypt, and the promotional imagery combining the crescent moon and cross, I note the following insight offered by the 33rd degree Freemason author, Albert Pike, from Morals and Dogma: “All the planets known to the Ancients were distinguished by the Mystic Cross, in conjunction with the solar or lunar symbols; Saturn by a cross over a crescent, Jupiter by a cross under a crescent, Mars by a cross resting obliquely on a circle, Venus by a cross under a circle, and Mercury by a cross surmounted by a circle and that by a crescent.”

Also of relevant interest: New research into third Fatima secret


  1. Shabbot Shalome All, very interesting Bob. See some things in a new light.
    Drudge headline for 5/12, "World Hacked ". Hacked/break into a computer through back door. Interesting word. Also means cut to pieces. English language is intetesting as well. 26 letters? Thats 1/2 a deck. Funny, america's playing with half a deck. I mean just look at our american idols in washington dc! They speak for themselves dont they. Carved in stone. Anyway, they call it spelling for a reason. Spelling "B's" too.
    The computer heist is funny. One big "strawman " they set up to burn down. Thats a real blue flame special.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe

  2. Shabbot Shalome, sign from the pope via bbc/666, pope canonizes 2 of the 3 kids of fatima. Hmm. Apocalyptic visions from the vatican/beast. Another straw man carny freak show.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe

    1. In that article, the Pope /Vatican word-crafters dropped some NLP for their Mary=13=rebel goddess.

      "'Whenever we look to MARY, we come to believe once again in the REVOLUTIONARY nature of love and tenderness,' it said."

      The goddess rebels and leads the revolution against the Most High God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    2. In my humble opinion you guys are dead on. Mothers day aint about good ole Mom! Black Madonna in full passed Jupiter just the other night. Timing is everyting in comedy.
      Fr. Craig Wolfe