Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pop Quiz - Decode the OXO Logo

There's a popular brand called OXO, with a range of products including kitchen gadgets.

I suspect that the Pope really likes their simple logo. Do you know why?

Update: Decoded here!


  1. Oval=etruscan symbol of mother goddess, eggs & eastet/ishtar .rebirth. Red=purification? OXO=multi dimension cosmic union? Back to the future?
    Fr. Craig Wolfe

  2. Good morning Bob. Your blogs and website have changed my life. This world is not at all what it seems. I have a great appreciation for your work. The oxo is obviously 666. They are squaring the circle (oval). X marks the spot for the sodomite gateway and is also symbolizing third eye activation. The vesica Pisces shaped oval is blood red suggesting ritual abuse. O+X+O=54
    Red=27 (54+27=81). Reversed O+X+O=27 and red = 54 again 81 total. 81 is reflection of 18. K+G (kitchen gadgets) 11+7= 18. 7/11, 9/11, 3/11 basically any number and eleven have significant importance. GOD bless you and your staff. Eagerly awaiting JESUS' return.

    1. Thanks Che. We're glad you appreciate what we do. Thanks for engaging here - for all our benefit!


  4. Ahh... Birthing the anti christ and genetically mutated beings. I'm sure they are already using synthetic dna.

  5. Livz writes:
    "Well I'm not good at this but my first visual is the vesica piscis with what could look like an owl inside it."

    Thanks Livz.