Thursday, November 23, 2017

Chiasmatron 2000 - Launching an upgraded and version with expanded features and reduced pricing

Hi everybody. This is what Aaron and I have been working on for several months, during the work week, with occasional help from Vlad. This is a "relaunch" effort, with a significant version update. If you're inspired to see what this is about, visit the Chiasmatron 2000 website and watch the tutorial videos. Please pray for us (including Vlad) and for this effort, as you may be led. Here's a promotional blurb.

We're excited to announce the release of a new version of the Chiasmatron 2000. There are many new features and upgrades — and reduced pricing! This advance in presentation technology supports the community of scholars and students of biblical texts who are active in the development and presentation of thematic structures. It also supports those whose interests cover a range of linguistic studies that involve other kinds of structural considerations, like grammatical construction.

Register online and immediately begin a free 10-day Trial. For any Trial accounts started in November, purchase any Tier subscription before the end of your trial and receive 20% off any publication package. Limit 2.

The quality of the interactive presentations is now even more exceptional in performance! Choose between single column or side-by-side format — it's a choice made with the click of a button. With the addition of powerful collaboration features, team members or students can work on the same projects together. There are already some teams you can join, or you may submit a request to start one of your own, dedicated to your own goals. You can determine whether the membership is open for anyone to join or whether it is restricted, where participation in your team/class is subject to your approval.

Options abound with the Chiasmatron 2000, with regard to how the interactive presentations are customized in appearance and how they are deployed. There are tutorial videos to get you started and free expert help is also available by request.

Quick Start Intro
Exploring the Basics

Whether your interest is in the enhancement of your existing presentations or in the increase of your ability to discover and analyze thematic structures, this newly available software utility has a lot to offer. It's a versatile power tool that can help you take your projects to a place beyond what was previously possible.

We invite you to discover for yourself how the Chiasmatron 2000 can help your efforts bear more fruit. Register today and be inspired as you explore the possibilities!

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