Thursday, November 09, 2017

Velocity Live is Velo Love

The Velocity Channel is like the old Speed Channel, and they feature the same kinds of occult branding imagery we see everywhere else. In Old English gematria, Velocity is 666.

Their logo is a V with a circle. A, letter V is half an X that suggests the other half as being mirrored, so Velocity is an XO brand. The union of the XO establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, and it is sex magick in the union of the male X with the female O. The XO is also used to signal hugs and kisses, or love. With the word Stage added, they supplement the XO motif by placing the t (cross) by the circle of the globe. STAG+e Stag, the male deer - Cernunnos. God of witches. This is more than stage magic, it's the real deal. The stylized blue element X-es the O of the globe, and the big V X-es the round a in, stage.

Velo is an anagram of, love, and that's how its leveraged in the Velocity branding. It's Velo City, baby. The branding of Velocity Live can be cross-line read so we see L+O+VE, instead of LIVE. VELO LOVE, Code 54.

Velocity Live Stage
Love City + Evil (live) Gates (stage)

Remember this post? LoveLoveLo VeloVeloVe
The Velocity Channel is not about the velo as bicycle, but motorsports, yet, the love branded channel has got the goddess vibe working overtime.

The big V of the Velocity logo is for vagina, and primarily, that of the goddess of love. The dot is the clitoris. We've given a lot of attention over the years to the V as goddess symbol. Viatrix, Venus.

They extend their goddess exaltation to another level with Velocity Live. They featured it recently during the coverage of a show called SEMA, in Las Vegas. That's Sin City. of course. Velo City in Sin City. Sin pretty much equates to Love, for Occultists. Their Love is the Agape of The Law of Thelema. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Love under will." If you interpret this according to common meanings of the terms, you get it all wrong. What Aleister Crowley meant was something else altogether. Those who signal love in Occult ways, which I often refer to now as Code 54, because it the word's gematria, are often Thelemites.

The channel's promoters demonstrate their intent when they extend the leveraging of gematria with an offering of VIP passes. VIP = 22+9+16=47. Code 47. The esoteric version of the 47th Problem of Euclid involves a 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple that has to do with the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis. It's all about sex magic. That's what the Velo Love is about.


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