Friday, November 10, 2017

Starbucks' Cup Runneth Over, with Foul Magick

This holiday cup celebrates all kinds of evil. Although the updated branding is less obvious than in former iterations, the goddess “Stella Maris” star of the sea pose is that of legs spread and held up high. The heart down under is the inviting Mouth of Isis, in Crowley-speak.

Better proceed with caution. It looks to us like she's got the clap.

Not that the Eye of Horus has been neglected. In the scene where the lovers are holding hands, upper left, find the anal eye inside the heart-butt. The heart is the eye in the anal triangle which is formed by the top of the cup and the hand holding arms. It's the V goddess.

It's the heart-anagram-hater goddess love-fest of Green and Red. Satan's and the Goddess' colors. On a related color scheme, the red and white bands of her sleeves above her braceleted and bangled wrists signal the daughters of men made divine, through the interaction with the sons of god that are the fallen angels.

Her ancient 8 point star appears radiant right up next to the bundle of presents. (male packages) It looks like a ritual setting in ancient Babel near the Tower. The goddess is believed by her worshipers (falsely) to be the giver of all things desired, which is suggestive of what the Most High God said about the Tower in Genesis 11. Mrs. Satan Clause.

At left, the okay sign hand signals 666, and the womb of the goddess, as the star-angel is placed upon the phallic evergreen.

Nasty and graphic, the red flowing into the cups it looks like a bloody pizza collection, from the fountain of the sphincter-ringed bloody tie, that binds through ritual sodomy.

(again - HANDS UP)

This is not our first time shining the light in the direction of the Starbucks brand. In this season, of Occult promotions, their cup runneth over with a magical anointing of evil.