Sunday, August 30, 2020

Apology for "Cry About It Later = Bewitched"

Hi Everybody. Bob here. I just posted a video that I came to regret posting. It was called, "Cry About Bewitched Later." I apologize for the offense. Please forgive me. 

It was from a music video just published by Katy Perry, and it had in it a very offensive scene. I neglected to provide any warning about it or even offer any context for it - and that was just wrong. I offer no excuse for my mistake, just a sincere apology to those who watched.  

For a little context, a video is in the works that exposes more of the nature of the Super Bowl LXIX Halftime Show, featuring Katy Perry. The opening segment was clearly inspired by the Transit of Venus, and there was much more alongside that one which reveals a variety of other rituals that were being performed. I'm still researching and trying to organize what I've learned and trying to understand what the Lord would have me present and how to present it. 

Pray for me, and for Aaron, if you would. We see the season drawing rapidly to a close. We want it to end well for all of us.       


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