Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Transit of Venus March (#1) Transit of Venus Ritual Enactments

During the production of our recent video series on Beauty and the Beast, I discovered a modeling of a transit of Venus. It was subtle but given the symbolism of the context, it was unmistakable as an Occult ritual enactment.  We've identified and hope to present several more rituals, but in this first installment, we're kicking it off with one that is very historically significant! 

On April 19, 1883, a statue was unveiled at the Smithsonian Institution "Castle," in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall. A musical piece was commissioned for and played during the ceremony, called, The Transit of Venus March. It was composed and performed by the celebrated Freemason John Phillip Sousa, the March King. The music celebrated the transit of Venus of 1882 - and it was a mega-ritual!

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