Friday, August 28, 2020

The Most-Watched Super Bowl Halftime Show EVER (#2) Transit of Venus Ritual Enactments

The most-watched Super Bowl halftime show was a blockbuster in ratings, breaking all the records. It began with a ritual transit of Venus! You may remember this halftime show because of the comical and enduring "left shark" meme. Katy Perry opened the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show in Phoenix with a dramatic performance of her hit song, Roar. She rode a giant lion in the middle of the stadium. During the show she was joined by musician Lenny Kravitz, the left shark had his moment of fame, Katy performed with the rapper Missy Elliott, and Katy closed out the energetic and memorable 12 1/2 minutes of spectacle with an aerial stunt as she sang, Firework.

There's so many Occult layers to decode in the opening segment that we couldn't cover it all in one installment - but here's a good start!

We close this video with Aaron's reading of Psalm 116.

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This video is #2 in the Transit of Venus series. Find "playlist" here: Video & Audio Content

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