Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Decoding the Halftime Show of Super Bowl LV (Battle of the Ages) & the Time Loop Commercial

Halftime Show Themes:
Fallen/falling angels
Illuminati slaves bringing cycles of chaos (Ordo ab Chao) that lead up to the revealing of the lawless one (antichrist beast)
Energy harvesting from Sin City
Time Reset
The Weekend evokes Joker (2019) starring Joaquin Phoenix, and A Clockwork Orange (1971).

In our Xfinity DVR recording there a is Time-Binding (magic ritual) at a minute during the recording's counter that signals 12 and 13 and 21. It's a Toyota commercial called, Upstream, that features the story of Paralympic athlete Jessica Long. She's a 13x Paralympic Gold Medalist. (13x means 13 TIME) 13 is the mastery of time number. Jessica swims in water through key scenes in her life. At the end, she has returned to the first of the key scenes, where her mother is on the phone with the adoption agency. As traveling through the river of time, she returns back to the beginning of their story! TIME LOOP / RESET

About the game itself, we make several observations like:
* Tom Brady - MVP - the star wears the 12 on his jersey.
* He plays for the Bucs (bucks are dollars) TIME IS MONEY

Decoding the Halftime Show of Super Bowl LV (Battle of the Ages) & the Time Loop Commercial

Content of interest:

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DrudgeReport headline:""Brady Schools the Children"
DrudgeReport headline: "Extreme regimen that keeps Tom forever young..."

Curious about the pending reset of time?
See The Pending Reset of Time

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  1. Not sure if you saw it, but the first thing to be shown as the Super Bowl program started was a group of Tampa Bay Bucs in a semi-huddle, (7? didn't have time to count) and one of them says, "There are forces trying to take us back and we don't want to go back." I tried looking for a clip of it but have been unable to locate it yet. I did however, type that quote into a search engine and had quite a few positive hits from other sources and dates. Seems there may be those who realize what's on the horizon and their not too happy about it.