Monday, February 22, 2021

When will time be reset? This is an announcement we've been looking forward to making for years!

We now believe we know when time is going to be reset. I don't say this lightly. 

I had an insight, and in less than a week, Aaron and I were brought to a level of confidence that's far beyond any previous time! Back in 2019, we didn't think we had any revelation insight or the kinds of signs that we needed to fully convince us. Although we were very, very hopeful that time would be reset in that season of the Fall holy days, we tried to temper our expectations accordingly. That was then. What we've witnessed recently has already convinced us that we've learned when time will be reset!

See the video linked below. 

We share our insights and supporting observations about a range of things. We were surprised with a very unexpected insight that Aaron received while recording our presentation. It was yet another discovery in a mind-boggling series on this adventure of the grandest kind! Our God is so good to us!

We know that some viewers will hate this with a passion, and others will see cause to celebrate with us!

There's a lot of updating to be done on many of our writings. This won't happen overnight. Our staff is on vacation. Actually, yeah, just kidding. We are the staff, and we're just going to be operating at the best pace we can manage, as usual. So, please be patient.

Three pages where we have addressed the meaning of the number 22:

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