Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Magicians, Finale: "Fillory and Further" (1st of ?)

This post is supplemental to a video, the first in what we expect will be a multipart series, Lord willing. 

The Magicians, Finale - Decoded - Part 1 of ?
(full HD) The Magicians, Finale - Decoded - Part 1 of ?

The transcript notation can be interpreted according to this Key: 

ET means Elapsed Time from the beginning, counting up from 00:00.

TR means Time Remaining to the end, counting down to 00:00.

Words are all-capped to call out the time words

Gematria values are shown in the scripted dialog with a dash and number, sometimes multiples e.g. "love-54-54"

We sometimes indicate values that have relevant factoring, like 216 (6x6x6) and 252 (12x21), or are equivalent values like 540 and 504

-- RECAP -- 

PREVIOUSLY-54/54 on the-12 magicians...

Julia:  God. Shut-22 up-222

Penny:  What's happening-54-540 to you [implication: right now - with his speech being V E R Y noticably slow, which is a speed or time thing] looks just like-222 what happened to my mom-13 [implication: back then]  The-12 episodes DIDN'T STOP WHEN-13 I-54 was born-22. They-22 got-12-252 worse. [implication: as time went on!]

--- Time-Binding *  Code 12 and 13 (ET0.12-13 / TR47.38-37) 

[Here's our first observed instance of time-binding. At ET0.13 another counter time appears that features 13! When the scene transitions we see Julia and Penny watching a closed circuit TV screen showing an event from - the past. The time stamp code on it has 13 as the hours digits. This gives the mastery of time number emphasis. They are watching a feed from what's called, closed-22 circuit TV. Code TV is 20 22 because of the values of the letters and this matches the upcoming year, when we expect time to be reset back.  

Penny's name is worth noting. A penny is a coin - money. "Time is money." Penny is a girl's name, short for, Penelope. This Penny is a man, so a dynamic is generated with this character that plays to their ritual. Extending that, a penny is our only copper coin (ignoring those that are merely copper filled), with copper being the metal most closely identified with the celestial goddess.]

Julia:  WHEN-13 shes-21 alone, everything's normal, but WHEN-13 you show up-222...

Penny:  I-54 STILL mess her-22 up-222.

--- Time-Binding *   Code 21 and 22 (ET0.21-22 / TR47.29-28) [We see trees-22 in the woods-22]

man:  The-12 creatures you call Takers-- 

[His declaration continues though when 21 and 22 appear in the TR seconds digits - and these are the numbers featured in the dialog's gematria!

man:  Do you know what they-22 are-21? They-22 are-21 guard dogs. Their realm-22 is a security measure, a barrier between your world and the-12 world of-21-12 the-12 dead-22.

horned god:  The-12 dead-22 will ruin Fillory. We must stop this, whatever the-12 cost-12.

Eliot:   Well the-12 cost-12 is blowing up-222 the-12 entire planet which is-- [burning candles-22 are in view / flame-222]

horned god:  A decent option.

Margo-54:  In-13 the-12 center of-21-12 Fillory is a clockwork-666 heart built by dwarves.

man: If-12 I-54 wound-22 the-12 clock backward-54, it would-21 - it would-21 destroy Fillory.

[The winding backward of the clockwork heart - this time-reset resonating action is a critical feature of the allegorical plot!]

Alice:  What about the-12 world seed-21 from Q's-216 page? If-12 we could find-21 it, we could use it to build-21 a NEW-12-252 world-- a NEW-12-252 Fillory.

another horned god:  I-54 intended to rescue my people-21 from this chaotic place-222 so I-54 also built an-12 ark-12.

[evoking the ark Noah built, while his ark has only one animal that is part of the ark - a seahorse-540 inside the water-22, inside a glass-13 globe-22.]

man:  How do they-22 feel?

Alice:  Like-222 ghost-21 fingers. They-22 work-22, but magically they-22 still feel severed.

Penny:  The-12 Couple just got-12-252 the-12 last thing they-22 need. They-22 have the-12 Seed-21, the-12 Page, and the-12 Panel-21. We got-12-252 to tell-13 the-12 others. They-22 need to steal-12 that-13 seed-21 now.

woman:  Guys, Alice-21 has an-12 exit-22. Get-13 to the-12 roof-54-54.

Santa:  HoHoHo-12  motherf-ckers.

--- Time-Binding *   Code 113 (ET1.13 / TR46.37) [Santa/Satan/Saturn appears, modeling the revealing of the lawless one with dimensional transiting - Santa Sleigh SS-88  bells jingling-tinkling during dimensional transiting]

[end of recap]

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