Monday, November 29, 2021

Three Magical Minutes - "The Magicians" Finale Decoded (4 of ?)

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In the previous installment, we featured the scene where the magicians developed a daring and very ambitious plan. As the magicians set off on their quest to round up everyone and everything needed for their plan, the first scene of their quest reveals a failure to obtain a component that really wasn't crucial. We decode some of that but the major focus is on a three minute long time-binding sequence, and what primes us for that as a segue. This three minute span has an inherent undercurrent of Code 666 because it involves 60+60+60 seconds, like any other of this same length, of course. What gives the span we're covering here special interest is that it begins with the 12th minute, is followed by the 13th minute, where 12 appears on the elapsed time counter, and ends with the minute where 13 appears on the elapsed time counter. That provides an inherent undercurrent of time and the mastery of time, alongside the undercurrent of Code 666. What really makes this special is what happens during them, but especially at the transitions between the elapsed time minutes!

Part 4: Three Magical Minutes - "The Magicians" Finale Decoded (full HD version for streaming or download)
Part 4: Three Magical Minutes - "The Magicians" Finale Decoded
Part 4: Three Magical Minutes - "The Magicians" Finale Decoded

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The transcript notation can be interpreted according to this Key:

ET means Elapsed Time from the beginning, counting up from 00:00.
TR means Time Remaining to the end, counting down to 00:00.
Words are all-capped to call out the time words
Gematria values are shown in the scripted dialog with a dash and number, sometimes multiples e.g. "love-54-54"
We sometimes indicate values that have relevant factoring, like 216 (6x6x6) and 252 (12x21), or are equivalent values like 540 and 504

Highlights from the featured dialog

Hyman: You're asking me to travel as a world explodes? Can you promise me no debris will hit-222 me on my head-18-18-18-108?
Eliot: Well no, but-
Hyman: Things on my head-18-18-18-108 hurt-22.
Margo-54: Life-22 is pain-22. Ovary-54 up-222.

Eliot: Give it a MINUTE.
Eliot: He-13-13 JUST got-12-252 in-13 that-13 body.
Eliot: Yeah-21, you NEVER mentioned that-13 BEFORE.

Margo-54: I-54 wanted-22 one shortcut just for-21 me. Let's go-22-13.
Margo-54: Andale-222

Fen: Way-13 easier to get-13 in-13 than out.
Zelda-21: Hmm. Like-22 so many things in-13 life-22.
Zelda-21: This will keep-222 the-12 Seed-21 safe-13... for-21 A SHORT TIME.
--- Time-Binding * Code 12 (meaning: time)
* The counter ticks over to the 12th minute in the brief pause between "A SHORT TIME" and "We should BEGIN."
The 12th minute begins - ET11.00 / TR36.50
Zelda-21: We should BEGIN-222.

Kady-22: Fogg. Why aren't-22 you in-13 bed-66?
Zelda-21: Henry, are-21 you alright? - Fogg?
Alice-21: Henry, what are-21 you doing?
Kady-22: WAIT here-216! I'll-21 get-13 him-21!

(* Time language from TR33.08-06 ET24.42-44)
Dark King-22: If-12 I-54 wanted-22 you to stop me, I-54 wouldn't have-216 cast on that-13 door 20 MINUTES AGO-13. RIGHT ON TIME.

"superbuddy-54" Rafe-21: You're-504 my last messenger. Listen carefully. Tell-13 High-13 King-22 Margo-54 to...
Bunny-22: HURRY-540!
Margo-54: We're-21 god d-mn-22 trying! Thanks!
Josh: Got-12-252 it.
Eliot: What's this NOW?
Josh: A royal census scroll.
Eliot: Oh.
Josh: You see? Two-13 people-21 JUST died-22-22, and a fairy was born-22.
Eliot: Hatched. So we can see WHEN-13 they're being-222 raptured-113.
Margo-54: I-54 love-54-54 it WHEN-13 a good-13 lay turns out to have-216 a working brain, don't you?
Eliot: Yeah-21. That-13 Josh is a KEEPER.
--- Time-Binding * Code 12 and Code 13 (time and the mastery of time)
* Minute 12 ticks over to the 13th as Eliot says "keeper"
The 13th minute begins (when ET timer shows 12) - ET12.00 / TR35.50

Josh: Well, there's a button under here-18-216. It BEGINS!
Eliot: Hey, I-54 think it's-12 working.
Margo-54: Great, but go-22-13 FASTER.
Josh: I-54 think it's-12 picking up-222 SPEED-22 NOW that-13 all the-12 squirrels are-21 in-13.

Dark King-22: You okay(*666)? I'm-22-13 not-13 great at-21 that-13 spell, even with-21 enhancement. Don't worry. He's-13 dead-22. They're all dead-22. So it's-12 TIME. Follow me close-54. Figured you'd come-18-18-216 to Fillory... what, with-21 your translator spying-540 so diligently-54-54. I-54 thought I'd-13-13 cut to the-12 chase-216 and just bring you here-18-216 to the-12 Taker Realm-22 to ask-21 for-21 your help-13.
--- Time-Binding * Code Code 13 (the mastery of time)
* Minute 13 ticks over to the minute when the elapsed time counter shows 13 - ET13.00 / TR34.50
Dark King-22: Well... Not-13 ask.

Dark King-22: The-12 FINAL-93-252(12x21) door.

Nurse: It's-12 a girl. She's-21 beautiful. Not-13 that-13 it's-12 about that-13. I-54 mean-21, she's-21 healthy.
Lipson: Okay(*666), let's celebrate on the-12 B-side-21 of-21-12 surgery-113.

Lipson: Number 14 scalpel, Selenite.

Julia (also Jules-13): WAIT. WAIT, Dean-21. Please-22.
--- Time-Binding * Code 13 (the mastery of time)
Ending the minute when the elapsed time counter shows 13 - ET13.59 / T33.51


  1. I just came across this. Very interesting. It makes me think of the Omicron virus. Not in a sense of the virus but in the sense of time. I know there is a brand of Omicron watches. And the talk of the Great Reset. "Omicron" and "reset time" both equal 42 in full reduction in ciphers. I find that very interesting. I saw a news story on YouTube too about Omicron and it said "nows the time". What do you think?

  2. Omicron watches, "Now's the time" - indeed. Interesting.