Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"9" the 2009 movie, signaling the Beast agenda

Having just concluded a series of posts on one animated feature that signals the Beast agenda (The Iron Giant), I'm continuing the momentum here with another, titled, "9." That's right, simply, "9." I've written plenty about that number recently as the single-digit number representing the Beast (Revelation 13:1) and the mark of the beast / transformation of man into a serpent hybrid. If it is indeed that, we might expect to find these themes presented in a movie with such a title, and, indeed, we do!

In the series addressing The Iron Giant, I withheld the most important sign concealed and revealed in the movie until the final post. In this series, I'm going to present this movie's version of the same right here in the introductory post! To prepare yourself for what I'm about to share, assuming you're already on-board with the foundation of "The Iron Giant" series, please watch this official movie trailer video (9 - Official Trailer and this one (9 Movie Trailer - by clevver movies), which, in some media displaying this blog post you will find embedded, below.

During the "clevver movies" video (2.06-2.31) the nine consecutively numbered rag dolls were featured in an introduction sequence, one at a time, excepting the "3" and "4," which were presented together. The image on the left represents two consecutive frames I clipped from that sequence. The "three things and then four" is the sign for which I've watched. With their "creator" making the "3" and "4" at the same time, as twins, the sign is conveniently packaged for presentation.

Of all the "numbers," only these two are twins, which marks them as a special set. As twins, the aspect of time is called out to our attention because they were made at the same time. The sequence is important, with a 3 coming before a 4, and it's in this order that they appear in the movie.

The image on the right pictures the "three things and then four" sign. The movie introduces us to the twins as being shy, hiding behind an object. "3" appears first, on the right, then, a moment later, "4" appears on the left. The frame showing the image in the upper half appeared a few moments before the frame with the image shown in the lower half. (I found a clip showing this scene on YouTube - in the first three seconds of the clip.)

If this seems somehow familiar, it should! This follows "The Iron Giant" pattern presented when the signal poster is introduced! As the "camera" panned left giving us a view of Dean's domicile, we first saw the "3" appear, then the "4" with it, to the left of the "3"!

In "The Iron Giant," the scene in which I perceived the signaling cryptic visual imagery had some supporting and validating content as clues in the immediate context. There was 1) the obvious subject: the iron giant, symbolic of the Beast and 2) the dialogue accompanying the cryptic sign: "I, I, I can't hide it here" and 3) the full screen title prefacing the scene and alerting us to watch for a specific time interval. Are there supplemental clues in the context of the cryptic sign's presentation in "9" that support identifying it as such a sign? Take a close look at what "3" and "4" are flanking, the object they had been hiding behind. I know, it's dark, but that's the image from the movie.

What do you see? Does that speak to you about the Beast and the mark of the Beast? I see a display jar on a base containing two well preserved serpents that are coiled in a double helix. Each is marked with a sequence of chromosome shapes. Haven't I written somewhere about something like this? Haven't I written also about Joseph Mengele and his unrestricted experiments with twins as he seeks to discover and exploit the secrets of genetics? Haven't I written about the secret of the "twins" Cain and Abel?

There's another set of clues in the dialog accompanying the scene. "7" explains to "9" about the puzzling and inquisitive twins, "3" and "4."

"Oh, they've been here, the whole time. Twins. They've been hiding here, lost in the past. Looking for answers."

Once again, our attention is drawn to time and the passage of time. What is it of the three and four that have been hidden the whole time? What are the answers? The three and then the fourth Shemittah from 1991 will reveal what has been hidden the whole time. The reality of the Cain and Abel story will be manifest. The Nephilim long hidden in the earth will no longer be lost in the past.

At some point, someone's going to realize I'm not just making this stuff up. I'm not imagining things. I'm not seeing just what I want to see. I'm not bewitching you. Some of us, who have been bewitched, are having our eyes opened. We are being set free, delivered out from under the antichrist spell!

What does this sign mean? Have you read on TheOpenScroll.com about the Bride Theft and the sign for the Bride? Do you understand the celestial sign of 1991? Have you seen the videos or read the study about whether "no one will know" when the Lord will return? If you're not aware of and convinced of what the Lord has already revealed in preparation for this season, how are you going to effectively watch in days to come? How will you interpret the coming events? In the near future, our access to such as this blog, that the Lord provides for our instruction and encouragement, will be cut off. I'm telling you this, which some of you already know, to encourage you to focus. Focus.

Time is short. Make it count, my friend.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Hi Bob, have you considered that the 3 and then the 4 may also signal what the Freemasons call the 'problem of Euclid'? This deceptively simple diagram is used by them as an image of contemplation. In the diagram is the solution to the problem of how spirit may find a working relationship with matter. 4 (the square) representing the earth bound, cardinal points, flesh. 3 (the triangle) representing spirit, trinity etc. The triangle represents also spirit within matter, sanctifying it. From an occult point of view this all seems related to your posts here .

  2. Thanks for sharing that! I make note of that for further study. I suspect the right triangle (Pythagoras) of the simple whole number relation 3-4-5 is related too, which is taken as a picture of the sons of god (vertical) with the daughters of men (horizontal) and their union and offspring (hypotenuse) - where the five signifies the entire population of the earth.