Monday, July 05, 2010

Part 17 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

This is the last numbered installment in the series focused on the antichrist vehicle, The Iron Giant. Heads up - this one's a keeper. At the outset of this series I referred to a particularly significant feature that "locks down" where we are on the Lord's appointment calendar. Here it comes. This feature, to most, will mean nothing. However, as on the night of Paul Revere's storied ride when two lanterns were seen in the Old North Church tower, when one has the key to interpret a signal ("One if by land and two if by sea" - Wadsworth), the message is clear. While most will pay it no heed, as it must be, I believe the Lord is granting the favor both for me to see it and to publish it plainly, so here it is for whomsoever and whensoever it's appointed to be opened.

This post builds upon a previous post, Vancouver Olympics - Part Five - "There are Three Things - Even Four", which is rooted in the "Beyond the Veil" presentation at the heart of The Open Scroll. The Iron Giant presents another instance of the "three and then four" signal for which I've been watching.

This instance compares to the "apparent technical malfunction" signal during the Olympic cauldron assembly, BC Place, 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It also compares to the 1936 Berlin Olympics poster that signaled "three things and then four" to me using the Brandenburg Gate's quadriga imagery. (See Part 4 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?) These signs are subtle among subtleties, and quite easily dismissed by those who are uneducated the way of signals and held spellbound by the cunning craft of the presentation context.

This signaling via The Iron Giant antichrist vehicle first came to my attention when what looks like a poster of abstract art appeared briefly but conspicuously through an open door, as you see in the image on the right.

In this scene, Hogarth is badgering Dean to persuade him to let the iron giant stay in his scrap yard. Dean is inside his office / domicile with the door closed and Hogarth is outside. When Dean finally opens the door, the poster is the featured interior element that comes into view. While this is the scene where it first came to my attention, some further review revealed that the poster had appeared in an earlier scene in such a way that supports my perception of it.

Just by looking at the poster, it doesn't make sense that I should perceive it as "three things and then four." The appearance of the large Arabic numeral "3" seems obvious, but does the other stuff really represent a "4"? The normal way to read numbers is left to right, so even if it is a four, wouldn't this mean, four and then three? Or, maybe it's a 413? Is this just a matter of, me, wanting desperately to see a thing, then imagining it everywhere? Call it as you see it. I do.

Prior to seeing the poster through the open door, the first view presented in the movie comes while the "camera" is panning through Dean's office / domicile, moving from right to left, giving us a survey of all sorts of junk "art" and eclectic furnishings. The abstract poster seems to fit right in. Because of the right to left motion, the "3" appears first (upper image), then the "4" (lower image), presenting us with the properly sequenced "three things and then four" sign. These two images show how the poster comes into view in this sequence, with exactly two seconds interval between the frames.

That the poster might be picturing a three and a four is difficult to discern because, if so, it's obfuscated. Yet, such is typical of the symbolic elements I've addressed continually in this blog series.  The clever means of separating the three and the four from each other actually allows for the presentation of another number, "13," which is notably a primary Beast number and the very chapter of Revelation featuring the Beast and his mark.

I will mention at this point what you should already know by way of familiarity with the above-mentioned related studies. The three and four refer to the Shemittah counted off from 1991. The "three" span 3x7 or 21 years, concluding on Yom Teruah of 2012. The "four", or, fourth "thing" is the Shemittah (a.k.a. Daniel's seventieth seven) spanning 2012-2019. The key signs testifying of "three things and then four" establish the vital connection between the celestial sign of 1991 (marking Y'shua's return in judgment) and the week of appointments that has only been revealed to me by way of relative positioning.

Carefully observe how the light from the lamp is cast upon the poster in the lower image, highlighting the "4" side. If you consider the lit area as a chart, with the arc graphing the intensity of the light over time moving right to left, it indicates an increase during the three and a peak in the four, which is an accurate picture according to how I've been led to interpret the "dark light" of antichrist in this season.

When considering the poster interpreted as a 4 and a 13, the 4 equates to the 13: Shemittah "4" features the "13" Beast.

Once I'd noticed how the sequence of the three and then four was presented via the camera pan I began to wonder about the scene during which the sign had been brought to my attention, suspecting that there might be something about it that offers clues to what was signified. There is!

Here's the scene. Dean has just been introduced to the iron giant. He and Hogarth are sitting in the scrap yard watching the iron giant eat junk and discussing the situation.

Hogarth: "He needs food and shelter."

Dean responds by quietly standing up, giving him a stern look, going inside his office / domicile and slamming the door shut. A black title screen appears full screen, with a message in white text reading, "37 minutes later." Then we see Hogarth standing at the closed front door.

Hogarth: "You got plenty of room here. This place is perfect."
Dean: "Go Away."
Hogarth: "I can have him push the door down. You know I can!"
Dean: "Hogarth!"

Dean throws open the door, briefly exposing one thing inside to our view.

Dean: "I, I, I can't hide it here."
Hogarth: "'Him' not 'it.'"
Dean: "Whatever. You don't even know where 'he' came from or, or what the hell 'he' is!"
Hogarth: "He's my friend."

Here's the way I see it. The full screen title "37 minutes later" is an alert to put us on watch. "Heads up - the subject here is the passage of a specific interval of time!" While we're on high alert, such a sign appears, precisely while Dean is stammering, "I, I, I can't hide it..." Hogarth immediately corrects him, but I see that as just a cover. Dean's chosen pronoun wasn't really referring to the iron giant, but to the featured sign. "I, I, I can't hide it..." - the signaling poster that was just then, in that moment, no longer hidden! That's when the Lord brought it to my attention!

Consider the language Dean used, "... or what the hell 'he' is!" Why is that kind of language scripted when it's a movie for kids? Because the important thing going on here is the occult signaling! Think about it. "... what the hell he is?" He, the iron giant is the "hell" Beast, right? "Whatever. You don't even know where 'he' came from or, or what the hell 'he' is!" Will most people know where the iron giant comes from or what he is by nature, whether of heaven or hell? They will not, so which way should they lean in their response? Hogarth leads us with, "He's my friend." Sly. Evil!

When will the hell Beast appear, himself no longer hidden? As the "13," accompanying the "4." "One if by land and two if by sea" -- After three have passed, in the fourth Shemittah from 1991. There it is. Thank you Lord!


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    For years I've claimed that the movies are a vehicle through which the elite give us information about human history and humanity's future. You have to pay close attention! The information may be given in only a few lines of dialogue or a fleeting glimpse of imagery designed to inform you of something very important. Star Trek was a prime example of using this medium to 'educate' the masses about the true agenda of the elite. Bob has done an outstanding job so far of revealing the mind that helped to create The Iron Giant. In this one simple cartoon is laid out the future of mankind. It is unbelievable to most BECAUSE it is done in the guise of an animated movie, but rest assured, the veil is being lifted and the content of these movies and t.v. shows becomes more transparent as the masses are readied for the next great fundamental evolution of mankind. We have all been warned!!

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM


    Take a look at Cartoon Network's latest movie, Firebreather. A misfit teenager is half human, half dragon and all hero! I was shocked when they ran the commercial.

    According to "Firebreather tells the story of awkward teenager Duncan Rosenblatt, a typical high school kid in most respects, but atypical in one very big way: his dad is a fire-breathing dragon, and Duncan’s destiny is to protect the earth. Duncan must go to school, try to fit in, and in his off time, fulfill his destiny."

  3. WOW! Thanks for the notice! I'll check Firebreather out, Lord willing!