Monday, July 26, 2010

Rochester, NY and the gateway to High Falls

I haven't posted much to the blog lately
because I'm busy visiting family in Upstate NY, where I grew up. This isn't a typical vacation. I'm on Sabbatical from work, and the reason for the visit at this time was primarily to A) share my personal history and testimony with my daughter, and B) to share what I understand about some of the places, people and events that happened in this region that had lasting and sometimes global impact.

The image on right is a statue of Mercury (aka Hermes) prominently featured in the downtown Rochester skyline high atop the Lawyers Cooperative Extension building (Aqueduct building).

I took some pictures while out and about, logging items of interest that were either specifically sought out or discovered along the way. I'm going to share some of this, which follows a core theme of this blog that is to expose Satan's plan as found woven into our environment. You, wherever you live, may have very similar occult signal beacons or portals that influence your locality.

Until recent years, I had no idea why the Upstate NY region around Rochester seemed rather special. I don't mean "special" in that it's particularly good in some way. It's the opposite, particularly bad; spiritually oppressive, with a darkness and deadness; slumber. There's lots of significant history, spiritually. I've talked about my perceptions and some of this region's history with my cousin Bill on occasion, who grew up in the area too. He feels the same way I do about it. There is a dark spiritual atmosphere here. This had an impact on me as I was growing up and is something I must have been sensitive to, perceiving it on some level even though I couldn't identify what it was.

Such a regional condition as I'm describing can be understood based upon the testimony of the scriptures in Ephesians 6:12 and Daniel 10:13. There is a "prince" over the Rochester area, a demonic authority presiding over an assigned domain. The reality of it is witnessed to by the landmarks - the statues and symbols of the gods who reign over it seem nearly everywhere present. What I logged during my visit is a sampling of those elements.

In this post, I'm going to present one witness I discovered while walking around downtown that "says the most" and "speaks the loudest" to me.

Before the Genesee River empties into Lake Ontario, it runs through Rochester. Downtown, there is a 96 foot waterfall known as High Falls (see above). One of the main access points to the High Falls district is pictured below. On the overpass is a sign reading, "Welcome to High Falls."  Some of you will immediately recognize a symbolic drive-through version of the triple-helix DNA transformation - soul capture portal. This models receiving the mark of the beast every time someone drives through! This is an example of ritual magic that actively recruits in antichrist delusion.

I spotted this gateway walking down State St. after passing a number of other occult buildings and "art" objects. The first thing that came into view was one of the triple helix pillars. From some angles it's hard to tell its a triple helix, so here's a closer-up detail view so you can identify all three strands. As I kept walking closer I saw the sign on the overpass and then the opposing pillar to the first.

If you haven't been following the blog or are unfamiliar with this kind of signal, what you're looking at here is a rather classic combination of signal elements. If you have been following the blog you see here yet more validation of what the Lord has opened to us from such as, etc.

This compares to the Royal Arch of Freemasonry. You'll notice in this popular image the arch of heaven, the two pillars, one with a helical winding, and the crossroads intersection.

The triple helix feature is represented on the keystone of the Royal Arch by the 69 claimed to represent the astrological sign, Cancer. The number 69 equals 23+23+23; meaning three sex chromosomes and three strands of DNA.

A gateway and a vehicle are featured in the opening scene of's "marketing" sequence, where the armored car / get-away Zeus-mobile  / soul transport is awaiting receipt of the goods. It's pictured standing between then departing from between the pillars, where the target of the user's click is placed directly on the animated blue and white triple helix. The user's click that signals their acceptance of the terms of the deal offered was timed in the presentation to coincide with the vehicles departure, signaling in ritual magic the subsequent capture of their soul.

The arched gateway is pictured on the "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" book cover, with Harry passing (as facilitated by pharmakeia) through the portal.

The triple helix feature is represented on the book cover with the three diamonds (actually a composite of opposing deltas) each representing a strand of DNA, one each from the male, female and the one of their union with the heavenly.

The watery blue element on the overpass speaks to me of Revelation 13:1, where John wrote of seeing the Beast appear rising out of the sea. The "Welcome to High Falls" sign is welcoming those who pass through the portal to the place of HIGH FALLS. Who fell from a high place? Lucifer? Yes. The Watchers? Again, yes. The word "Nephilim" used in Genesis 6 to describe the hybrid offspring derives from a root that means "to fall" or "to cause to fall."  Welcome to High Falls, indeed! No thanks!

As you approach the gateway notice how there is a crossroads. Like Bob Dylan speaks of going to "the crossroads," where he made the bargain with the chief commander, legendary Robert Johnson had gone before him. If you find yourself in the not very distant future at "the crossroads," presented with the choice of taking the mark of the Beast, don't accept the welcome to "High Falls." There's no way out.

If you think you'll be able to do whatever you want now and some time later just make an easy decision at the last minute, don't bet on it. The devil is sly and more deceptive than you know. Make the decision to serve the Lord Y'shua with your whole life now. Draw near to Him in humble obedience. Pride goes before a fall. Humble yourself now, and be exalted later. You won't regret it.


  1. Michael8:00 AM

    I believe you felt a spiritual darkness, because as a historically progressive area (abolition, women's rights, religious tolerance, etc.) the Rochester area has no use for stilted dogma, paranoid rantings, and rash interpretations of the Judeo-Christian texts as you have displayed here. Your leaving town explains the brightness of spirit that I recently felt.

  2. Apparently, I struck a nerve. You sound just like me, circa 1979.

  3. truly are a schizophrenic. I've met many and there's no doubt that 1) you need help, and soon, even from a pastor 2) you shouldn't ever come back to rochester because we don't want you as much as you don't want us 3) you took too much cocaine in 1979 which explains your rants 4) I've lived in this city my whole life and the only "darkness" that presides over it is named ALBANY. oh, and go figure, and please keep your screwed up misinterpretations outside of my city. Thanks.

  4. Bless you, Al. We all need it.

  5. Michael and Al may be the most ignorance-in-action i have read in a long while. USA is tagged with ancient graffiti (statues, obelisks, symbols)... everywhere.. Most prolific at 'strong-holds' of whatever is installing the graffiti. Those 'in-the-know' about ancient stuff communicate not through words or writing but through symbols, and are very entrenched in rituals. Christianity, Judaism, Satanism, Buddhism.. whatever it is... are cults with systems of worship. The most ignorant among us are the ones who lash out against Any Thing that is not consistent with their own personal indoctrination. Religion is a Govern Ment is Mind Control. The mind is the most effective and efficient path to imprisonment. Very Successful prison police states do it thru mind control, avoiding the need for too many physical prisons. Perhaps America is new to this, as we house 25% of the world's prisoners while making up only 5% of world population. Al and Michael are representative of the woes in Americka... fully engulfed in their government religions... refusing to acknowledge the TRUTH.. that Gene-isis story and most the bible is bits and pieces of Truth, woven together with lots of deception or cryptic messages. Fascinating is Hermes in Roch... who was also Mercury, Thoth, Tehuti, an Imphotep, Quetzlcoatl, Ningishzida and who knows else.... This spirit being has touched this planet in ways that would exasperate the average man, and likely incapacitate the average Americken so-called Christian. Holy Crap, anyone with an excess of 8 brain cells would have to admit that Christ message comes out of Thoth's tablets allegedly 30 or 60,000 years ago. Americken Christianity is pure mind control govern ment that seeks to deceive its sheep into going to "hell" with the maker of the 'church' dogma. 99% of Americken Christians are obedient tax slaves that haven't the slightest clue of what the REAL message is.... "if thine eye be single" Matthew 6:22... !!!!!! 99.9% of Americken Christians have no idea what that means and Do Not Want To KNow.... good luck escaping this prison planet dimension with your 'faith' and nothing else.

    1. You forgot Odin as a type for Mercury, genius. Seems like without the Bible you wouldn't really have much to talk about

  6. Springdaisy4:40 PM

    I'm commenting in June 2022 and I wonder if the commentors above now feel as foolish as they sound. Their ignorance and arrogance was clear in their comments, but it is doubtful that they could still hold these same beliefs in the current times, when much of this evil has become common knowledge. Bob and Aaron were pioneers.

    Cheers from S.Africa

    1. Springdaisy - thanks and blessings from Western Pennsylvania!