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Approaching the Hive Mind Threshold - Unity Consciousness

Yesterday I sent a link in the blog. The excerpt I presented related the "Batman" program. I had considered the "Robin" program but chose not to include an excerpt in the post. I consciously logged it, stowing it on the mental shelf under the label, "hive mind." Today, I received two emails pointing to two other "hive mind" items. I can take a hint. Off the shelf it comes. So what is this about?

Here's the link again and the "Robin" excerpt.

Holy Acronym, Darpa! ‘Batman & Robin’ to Master Biology, Outdo Evolution

"BatMAN’s the main draw, but every good superhero acronym needs a sidekick. So Darpa’s come up with RoBIN, or Robustness of Biologically-Inspired Networks, in an effort to boost the collaboration strategies of key decision-makers using “biological design principles.” In other words, apply inclinations found in nature, like collective behavior and complex, adaptable networks, to improve human interactions."

Here's the full synopsis from, a government site Robustness of Biologically-Inspired Networks (RoBIN) - Solicitation Number: DARPA-SN-10-56 that solicits solutions from the private sector.

"The Defense Sciences Office (DSO) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking innovative ideas that may support a potential new DARPA program designed to provide novel approaches to generate robust and adaptable networks of humans and machines inspired by biological design principles. Robustness of Biologically-Inspired Networks (RoBIN), seeks to apply the critical control features of biological networks to build unique models for adaptable networks, and create a dynamic biologically-inspired network of scientists and other experts for crisis response and complex decision support."

"Topic areas that may be of interest include, but are not limited to: exploring collective behavior and recruitment, counter deception, modularity in networks and biology, models of robustness, recruitment of expertise, synthetic immune surveillance, model and design of robust biological networks, self-organized complexity across scales, and robust adaptive response systems."

D.A.R.P.A.  == Devil's Army Resourcing and Provisioning Agency. Or, something like that. What could they be after? Since they're never going to just come out and say it, we have to consider what the "just come out and say it" kinds of agents are blabbing about. Before that, though, as I consider what this "hive mind" bit means, I have to be mindful of what the Lord has been bringing to my attention very recently.

As an example, over the past few days I watched a DVD called Mein Kampf (1960). Excepting the narrative, the content of this documentary is vintage German newsreel footage and clips of Nazi Party speeches from the 30s and 40s. I was continually struck with how the people who yielded to the Nazi party as willing subjects were so distinctly individual yet acted as one. A spell was cast over the people and the effect was pretty universal. Mass hypnotism, it's been called. The people acted like bees in a hive. Hitler was the queen bee, of course. It was all (pretext) for the glory of the motherland hive, and the worker bees and SS drones served tirelessly and sacrificed themselves endlessly. Bees do a dance and the Nazis had theirs, the Seig Heil salute.

I've also begun watching an old British TV series, called "The Prisoner," making similar observations about the social behaviors and manipulations.

So, here's the first item that was brought to my attention this morning. FIFA World Cup 2010 New World Order. You'll notice the buzzing noise is featured as the droning of a noisy hive. The vuvuzela is highlighted, which has been in popular news in recent weeks. It is related to the kudu horn and also to the shofar. As related to the shofar, this connection should prompt some musings about counterfeit vs genuine purposes and effects. The video also presents some of the esoteric bee and hive imagery associated with various institutions. The video producer shares some insight. So does this noise relate to "hive mentality"? Is this some form of mass, subliminal indoctrination? Does this involve "them" confirming their superiority and making you do whatever "they" want without you even realizing? The presenter suspects an evil plot. The video presents no evidence but attempts to raise questions. So, is there such a plot and are such devices being leveraged to facilitate control?

This is actually an extension of the very subject I spent much of the past month studying and writing about, updating the Pharmaceuticals -The Sorceries of Babylon study as an adjunct to The Iron Giant blog series. What I learned and shared about music, sound energy, harmonics and resonating structures relates to those very things the "World Cup" video presenter suggested! The plot is the mark of the Beast scheme, facilitated by the enchantments attributed to the great city Babylon.

... for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).
Revelation 18:23

The FIFA World Cup, like the Olympics, brings the nations and their races of men together. Also like the Olympics, their identifying imagery is occult, presenting Horus/Apollo or Thoth as their god. See the bird head in the soccer ball-as-eye and inside the other circular FIFA icon? Thoth was ibis headed and Horus, falcon headed.

Control over individuals is a fundamental level that must first be established. Control over populations is a further goal. Something like "critical mass" is being sought. That's when the likes of a hive mind is established. There is a threshold that must be attained.

If we take a lesson from one of the antichrist vehicles addressed in this blog, the 2005 series "Threshold," there's an answer for us that explains DARPA's quest for "Robin." Quoting from Part 4 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005, "We're told in a "special features" extra that the intent for the show was to ultimately have three divisions reflecting the stages of alien influence. These were to be 'Threshold,' then 'Foothold,' and finally, 'Stranglehold.'" I don't see these stages clearly as I understand the actual Nephilim plot, but this insight Andre Bormanis shared with us reveals how there are stepped levels of control. DARPA apparently seeks to discover and exploit the mechanisms of linking and binding subjects to achieve the control necessary for population stranglehold.

The next item I received is a page presented by a man that some consider as a "somebody" in his community, Carl Johan Calleman. He's one of the "just come out and say it" kinds of agents I referred to earlier, the kind that blabs Satan's schemes where others like DARPA won't. The truths must be distilled and meanings carefully discerned, but they're there in abundance.

The Conscious Convergence - A Wave of Unity July 17-18, 2010: Creating the intention for the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar!

When you read, "unity consciousness" think about the hive mind stage of control. When you get down to the "Notes" section near the bottom where he writes, "...would continue the three stage rocket into the birth of the new world that started on 9.9.9 (Sept 9, 2009, please see...) - well, I'll give you a little advance on a near-future post, Lord willing, and tell you that that's the very day the movie "9" was released!

This next item wasn't forwarded to me but it came up in my research. This is something I really recomend you read. It's only five paragraphs long. Read just this section Messiah Seed 66 - Unity Consciousness and individuality. The Messiah Seed, Volume 1 By Story Waters Remember the big lie of "The Iron Giant" - "You are who you choose to be"? (paragraph 3) This is in the midst of the big Hive Mind Sales Job. Messiah Seed. Get it?

"The net" is something heard by many of us in reverse speech content. It's like the Matrix (movie concept). A recent video of Lady Gaga I made shows her (by way of reverse speech) referencing Obama, the President. "You're closing the net" When we're all connected, you are enslaved. Believe me, you are!" Like a hunter throwing a net over his prey, the net is the trap. The closing of the net is the trapping of the people - is the reaching the hive mind / unity consciousness threshold of population control - is that point where the mark of the Beast may be implemented. Another video I made shows Scott Silverman, CEO of PositiveID saying (by reverse speech), "The bore will enslave. Am not I at risk?"

It's scheduled for the near future. It's on the appointment calendar. See it coming? I do, as do many others!

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  1. Hi Bob,
    One more note on the Fifa is a subliminal message backwards that says,"xeS"' or Sex. This is cleverly hidden in the soccer player, but the logo flips like a bicycle kick and it is clearly seen. Once you see it you notice almost nothing else.

    Yashua blessings be upon you!