Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan, Earthquakes and Nuclear Disaster in the Land of the Rising Sun - and Judgment upon Horus Worship

If you've been paying attention to this blog and what the Lord has been bringing forth you may have noticed a convergence of themes in the recent earthquake activity in Japan. It's been declared in no uncertain terms that the judgment of God is being visited upon His people, the church, which is a prophetic witness of the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. Post after post has also been published in a series exposing forms of Eye of Horus imagery that are astonishingly popular in our culture. Horus and Apollo are ancient names for the god who will manifest shortly in another form and ultimately be identified as the Beast of Revelation 13:1. The earthquake in Japan, the land of the rising sun, may be seen as a judgment being visited upon those who honor this Horus, the god whose symbol is the sun and rising sun. That will seem like an utterly foolish statement to most, but it must be declared that, if it is a sign, and I'm convinced it is, that the meaning of it must surely be considered in the context of other signs the Lord has been bringing forth in our midst.

What I'm saying is not that Japanese people are bad in comparison to people of other national affiliations and therefore more worthy of judgment (but some will hear what they want to hear) but that this, too, is a timely sign. What is coming will overturn the present order of things, the church, nations, economies and cultures. What will emerge is a global system ripe for yet even more judgment until all has been proven, and through this, a people, humbled, refined and worthy of the Lord and His reward will be brought forth in glory!

The big story in the wake of the 3/11/11 earthquake continues to be radiation leakage from damaged nuclear power plants. This threatens the local area and even the entire world. Radiation and nuclear power relates to the energy of the sun. The sun produces the radiated energy upon which we depend through nuclear fusion, fusing subatomic particles together. We leverage a contrasting process to generate power by splitting atoms in nuclear fission reactors. The sun is a symbol of the true Bridegroom and son of the most high God. Worship of the sun itself and graphic representations of the sun is idolatry, honoring a counterfeit. I can't help but think the nuclear radiation threat from failed fission reactors in the land of the rising sun due to acts of God is a testimony about this idolatry and the judgment upon it.

If such dots may be connected to interpret our time, this is the picture that is drawn.

It has been proposed that this judgment is due to Japan's adversarial relationship with Israel. John McTernan and Bill Koenig log their observations that suggest there is some wisdom to be found in considering that probability. Yet, I see there is more to the matter than that.

America too shall fall, and every idolater should tremble in fear. The Lord will not be mocked for long.

In the midst of so much happening in the world that is of great consequence, the tragic impact the earthquakes have had on Japan, the "aftershocks" of the Wikileaks "earthquake" that is now rocking Libya with such vigor, I'm going to continue with posting such as insights about Lady Gaga, occult logos that cast evil spells and the subtle wickedness that rules men and women with control in our interpersonal relationships. These pierce the heart of the matter, addressing our hearts. Lord willing.


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