Sunday, March 06, 2011

Part 19 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! HE (High Efficiency) - Horus-Eye Brainwashing Detergent

The survey of Eye of Horus imagery continues with a primary focus on one particular spiral eye, the symbol used to identify "high efficiency" laundry detergents and the washing machines that require them.

A dot inside a circle is an Eye of Horus symbol, the dot representing the pupil. This is also a sun symbol. The encircled dot may be recognized as a bindu presenting the sexual reproductive imagery of male inside female. The blue and white are colors signaling heaven and divinity while the swirl represents life as transforming. The h and e superficially stands for "high efficiency." When you correctly identify the symbols the esoteric interpretation can be expressed as Horus-Eye.

The high-efficiency/Horus-Eye is often seen in the context of other imagery that promises the illumination inherent in the Eye of Horus, usually symbols of a sunburst or rising sun. The sun is widely used as a symbol for Horus and Apollo, an alter identity. I've addressed this connection regularly in this blog. In combination, the powerful influence the HE eye and sun symbol wield individually is multiplied. Sunlight has long been known for its bleaching and sterilization effects on fabric, but that observation is no cause for dismissing the esoteric reason for this branding essential.

Here's a collage of HE detergents you might find on the shelves today. Can you spot the one that has both the high efficiency-Horus Eye and a sunburst?

Ok, trick question. Most of them do. Why are these all about the eye of Horus? On one level, the obvious answer is that it sells. Folks buy in. Those brands that don't have an obvious sunburst are signaling Eye of Horus illumination using combinations of back-lighting, rainbow effects (Fab, with rainbow colored flowers (occult signaling of reproductive scheme) and "Spring Magic," and Cheer, with its rainbow splash substituting for their legacy rainbow pinwheel sun), a sun-yellow arc (Clorox 2, where the Horus-Eye tracks across the blue sky along the ecliptic) or sun-yellow swirl (Ajax).

Sun and Earth, Sunlight and SUNburst brand detergents get bonus points for their names. Sunlight, SUN Detergent, Wisk and All are made by Sun Products Corporation, so I'll award them additional bonus points, since I'm in a generous mood. ;)

Tide merits being awarded points for its solar disk target-like eye and for subliminally linking to the other celestial light that is responsible for the tide.

Horus is considered to have the Sun as his right eye and the Moon as his left. The relatively dark left eye presents what I've been pointing out in this series with such repetition. The Horus "who rules with two eyes" signal that, at the first, seems so obscure, is actually ubiquitous, being embedded in branding imagery in a wide variety of subtle ways. (As Horus of two eyes he is known by the name Harmerty.) Tide's branding imagery is yet another subtle variant of Horus "who rules with two eyes"

When you catch on to just how central Horus and the Eye of Horus is to the Dragon's plot, the imagery of the temples of Freemasonry powerfully witnesses to the role of the exaltation of Horus in their activity. See the positions of the sun and moon in these images? See what is presented between them as the bindi or third eye chakra? Do you see the exaltation of Horus "who rules with two eyes"? In one of these images, you may consider that the keystone marking is more than an astrological sign - it's a reclined 69. The 23*3 keystone in joining heaven and earth is the Beast and his mark. Get it?

The letter combination HE used to reference high efficiency washing machines and the detergents they require is also a pronoun, so, just who is meant by HE? The pronoun refers to the one identified by the context - Horus! This compares to the esoteric signaling of the name of a neighborhood eatery in Los Gatos. The following is an excerpt from a blog post from November, 2010 titled, VIVA (May He Live) But who?

"VIVA" translates to life, "long live" or (Italian) "may (he) live." (Collins English Dictionary) Since it's categorized as an Italian/American restaurant, "May he live" is the applicable interpretation. Taking our cues from the imagery, the returning god worshipped by the Romans as Apollo, aka Horus of Egypt is clearly implicated as the "he."

This detergent pictured on the right makes a bold statement. Is "he" "all" "mighty"? Horus is not, but when the day dawns, Satan will "have his day in the sun," in his son Horus. This HE detergent/sun partnership bears witness to the plot.

Tide and Gain are two of Procter & Gamble's brands whose net annual sales top a billion dollars. Cheer and Era are also P&G brands. This industry's history of occult branding imagery goes back a long ways, since P&G were already using the moon and stars as their unofficial logo by the 1850s. That's no typo. They don't use that anymore because of the flak received in the 1980s about their evil logo creeping people out amidst accusations of corporate involvement in Satanism. P&G was founded on October 31, 1837. James Norris Gamble was known to be a Freemason, who became a partner in the family business in 1862. Oh, feign surprise for me, will you. :)

You can see one version of the IHS solar disk in this image I made to compare it to a human eye. You can see the markings on the iris are a match. Eye of Horus, yes?

Pictures of the day: 3 February 2011 The Telegraph
The eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light; but when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness.
Luke 11:34 (NASB)

The Fremasons know their symbolism and they know Horus worship. So does the Pope. The caption for this picture on The Telegraph reads: "Pope Benedict XVI holds the monstrance as he leads a vesper mass to mark the presentation of the Lord feast (sic) in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican" This is the best photo I've seen of the unholy pontiff modeling the Eye of Horus/third eye illumination! This has nothing to do with the detergent but it sure connects the Eye of Horus with the brainwashing being done with sun images!

The IHS sun god worship wasn't stolen from pagan idolatry. It never left. This next image is from the Vatican. Isis, Horus and Set worship remains popular today.


If you're going to use Horus-Eye detergent and you want some extra-special brainwashing you may want to use it in a Horus-Eye machine that has the added goddess marketing. The Whirlpool brand was already an Eye of Horus symbol, with a swirl eye above the W as a whirlpool. The image you see here with the Whirlpool logo in the woman's eye was captured from this video of a Mexican commercial for the Calypso washer. Yeah. We get it. Here's another one of Whirlpool's goddess commercials, [video] Whirlpool - 6th sense. Look for the dawning of the sun flash at the beginning and the featured sunflowers, Horus reproductive imagery. Do you suppose the sixth sense comes with illumination or do we have to add HE detergent to get the transformation?

Expanding on the interpretation of Whirlpool's branding, the registered trademark adds the opposing Eye of Horus that creates the signal Horus "who rules with two eyes."

The word Whirlpool is presented as passing through the golden ring as through a sun-illumined portal.

The W is a richly layered element. First, every W is a two-fold signal of 23, the sex chromosome number used to signal the DNA transformation of the mark of the Beast. The letter W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. It has 2 points on one end and three on the other - 2 and 3. The W presents upward and downward pointing deltas that are such a fundamental signal of the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men.

The W under the swirl makes the combo resemble the wedjat.

The slightly stylized version of the W emphasizes the doubled V, the daughters-of-men delta. Positioning the swirl eye of Horus atop the daughters of men presents the imagery of the heavenly sons of god sexually covering the daughters of men. Yes, really! The devil is bad - and deadly serious. Let this speak to you about what's coming.

Notice how the W touches the h and that they are the only two letters that connect. Horus. Nudge. Nudge. EYE OF HORUS!

About 11 years ago Whirlpool started their goddess marketing campaign. The Jezebel harlot Mystery Babylon who rides the Horus Beast is a hot combo these days. Folks buy in!

Next time you're strolling down the detergent aisle, see what you're looking at. It's a real eye-opener! In a good way :)


  1. Bob,

    The Yellow ring in Whirlpool actually looks like the Ouroboros. It has a large beginning and looks like it is swallowing its tail.

  2. Hi Carl,

    I agree. I can tell you are seeing what you're looking at. Whirlpool branding simply calls it a "highlight." The circle looks like the eye of the Ouroboros to me as it swallows its tail, just like you noted. Because it's open it kind of looks like a beak too, the falcon beak of the golden Horus.

    In the video I posted I emphasized where Whirlpool even designed some washing machines with the Eye of Horus brow over the circular portal window eye. Their goddess campaign leaves little to the imagination about their supernatural focus. And, of course, they are not alone in the industry.

    Oh, it is good to be awake and watching, brother! Blessings in Y'shua!


  3. Bob,

    I suppose the Lord is revealing the Demon within the Pope. Notice that the design on the monstrance below the sun disk is blocking the eyes, nose and mouth of the Pope in the picture.

    This is the face of a Demon if I ever saw one. Perhaps this is the intention.

  4. Daniel 7:11, Revelation Chapters 13-18, America is mystery Babylon and according to Revelation 18:7-10, will be burned by nuclear fire. Note Revelation 18:11, And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more. And note the merchandise sold in verse 12, particularly, verse 13, And SLAVES and souls of men. America is Edom’s high place, but she’s about to be brought down to the ground (Isaiah 14:12-17. Obadiah, Malachi 1:1-4.