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Part 1: Lady Gaga's Ritual Magick - Not Really "Born This Way"

It's hard to ignore Lady Gaga. This wildly popular entertainer has the attention and even affection of so many people. In the month following the stir created during the Grammy Awards, the launch of the "Born This Way" music video and follow-up interviews, Mike Hoggard and The Vigilant Citizen blogger have given her some of their attention. They have made some excellent observations.

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I've been watching video of the dramatic Red Carpet arrival scene and her performance of "Born This Way" during the show. I've seen the official music video and listened to a selection of the interviews during and after the Grammy's of Lady Gaga and her Creative Director. Because of how it was treated with the media, most will accept that Lady Gaga's peculiar red carpet entrance at the Grammy Awards and following activity was just a publicity stunt. I believe it was that but truly far more than that, an actual ceremony of ritual magick, and that this reality was revealed as such to me by the holy spirit.

Lady Gaga's Creative Director Laurieann Gibson said while she was interviewed at the Grammy Awards that it was the birthing of a new race. Here's a transcript of that interview:

Laurieann: "The inspiration came out of that brilliant record that she wrote, Born This Way, and what's actually happening, as you saw the vessel, is that she's incubating, and it was necessary to incubate her for a certain amount of time because, tonight, she's actually birthing a new race. We're birthing a new race that uh doesn't have the ability to hate, or judgment in their DNA. So she's actually incubating right now so she goes through that process - and um - it's really happening. We're birthing a new race tonight."
Interviewer: "So she will not come out of that vessel until- on stage she will emerge from the vessel?"
Laurieann: "Well I can't tell you that but she must incubate in order for her DNA to change um to match the race that we're birthing tonight."
Interviewer: "And how would you describe the five people carrying her, who are in the flesh-toned skimpy attire?"
Laurieann: "Well they're in a transitional stage. Once they get backstage they will have to be incubated in order to have their DNA fully desaturated and filled so that they will become part of the new race."
Interviewer: "OK How did one conceive of this idea. Just when we thought Lady Gaga could not get more over-the-top she does it."
Laurieann: "Well I don't know that it's about over the top as it is a calling. She's a masterful artist and as a collaborator it's about our design and our destiny so this is a message that's bigger than both of us."

No one in their right mind would take these drama queens seriously, would they? Well, if weren't for little things like history and context, we could dismiss them easily. I'd rather consider what they do and say with history and context fully in mind. Much of what Hitler was declaring boldly in public in the 1930s was dismissed as absurd, was it not?

In another interview, Laurieann stated, "'She was incubating, in birthing the new race, she had to go through a DNA transition, so before she was born, we had to actually transfer her in a med box to keep the process going,' she said of the 'Born This Way' singer, who emerged from the vessel with horns growing from her body."

I believe Lady Gaga's birthing of a new race was a serious undertaking with the goal of accomplishing transformation. I believe this was done for reasons beyond any involving personal transformation for Gaga and her troupe. I believe the ceremonial activity was performed to facilitate the coming of the Beast of Revelation 13:1 and the subsequent race of transhuman hybrids who receive his transforming mark. Are you aware of the Babalon working, performed over 65 years ago by rocket scientist and occultist Jack Parsons? This student of Aliester Crowley performed a series of sex magick rituals in early 1946 with his scarlet woman, Marjorie Cameron. Jack claimed some success, and his testimony has to be given credence, but in his day and yet today the fruit of the work awaits a fuller manifestation. Some claim his work opened the way for what others would later effect by similar ritual magick. I see Lady Gaga as such an agent.

When Lady Gaga appeared on the Jay Leno show the next day (Valentine's Day) she was dressed in what is easily recognized as a witch's outfit, right down to the black fingernail polish. By this, the statement is made that what is being done is witchcraft. Think about it. It's not Halloween, it's Valentine's Day. Who's her lover? The Grammy bit and what follows that pertains to Born This Way is ritual magic.

What Laurieann Gibson said in the interview can be considered from one perspective as a case of blown cover-as-cover. Today, so much cover has been blown on the Beast delusion that to those of us who have been paying attention it hardly seems covered at all. With our eyes open, it's almost shocking to look around at what is being openly done and said and perceive just how blind and deaf people are, failing to recognize the situation as a deadly trap being readied to spring.

More to come, Lord willing.

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