Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Part 17 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Spirals, Chakras, time/dimensional portals and DNA

This survey of "i" of Horus imagery continues with examples of spiral imagery
that highlights connections between the mark of the Beast elements of the eye of Horus, chakras, time/dimensional portals and DNA.

A movie titled The Last Mimzy is worthy of having a series devoted to it here, and I probably would add that to the queue except it would add little to what has already been redundantly presented on this blog. If you're not familiar with the movie and your eyes have recently been opened to the occult imagery exposing Satan's Beast scheme you may want to watch for the benefit of what more the Lord might reveal.

Because the spiral pictured on the movie poster is a time portal for DNA that is intended to transform and save humanity from destruction, the use of the spiral to dot the eye reveals it as an "i" of Horus. The movie's promotional slogan seen at the top reads, "The future is trying to tell us something." Indeed, it is prophetic (and not very different from the io9.com logo and tagline). The tagline suggests gnosis and the radiant backlit lighting of the main scene reveals the promise of illumination, as coming through from the other-dimensional portal that is the Eye of Horus.

The spiral can be considered as identifying a class of symbols. I've addressed it in the past as representing DNA. Michael Hoggard is another who has been doing a great job researching and promoting this association. The spiral is very directly connected to the third eye or Eye of Horus as a chakra. What I presented in this blog post, Occult Imagery - Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010 and related videos is a good foundation for understanding the chakra eye spiral imagery.

Chakras are understood as spiraling vortices of energy. The third eye or Eye of Horus relates to the pineal gland, and the activation of this is understood by many to be the enabling of a dimensional portal.

Some of you may remember a TV series from 1966-1967 called The Time Tunnel. The title construct was what we now refer to as a stargate, featuring a helical tunnel as the portal through which one would pass through time. The logo, seen on the floor of the control room, pictures an hourglass but it should also be seen as the crossing of helical windings, as with DNA. A pyramid is also featured in the logo, and you may also note that the novel is a Pyramid book.

The consistency of all this imagery should speak more and more loudly to us of a reality underlying the common thematic elements. As the Bible declares, there is a dimensional portal that will be opened shortly through which will pass entities as from out of a bottomless pit, entering into our realm as appointed to fulfill the sovereign God's purposes.

It may be seen that the orbiting ellipse swirls of the Intel and Micron logos recently featured in this series as Eye of Horus variants are versions of this class of elements.

These are further related to the ouroboros, the circular serpent dragon symbol that is so popular in occult symbology. A version appears here in the logo for the Theosophical Society, an organization whose membership certainly knows their symbols!

More to come, Lord willing!


  1. The Pineal gland is named as such because it looks like a pine cone. Anything that looks like a pine cone, then, must also look somewhat like a pineAPPLE.

    I suspect that this is the apple from the Garden of Eden, and the biting of the apple is the metaphor for the opening of the third eye/eye of Horus.

  2. Hi Mark,

    You make an interesting observation. I believe the deeds done in the garden do relate to what we recognize as the third eye/eye of Horus. I'm not seeing a legitimate pineapple/apple connection because no such fruit is specified in the biblical text, but the pineal gland does resemble both the pinecone and pineapple. I wonder if the pineapple might be used to symbolize the pineal like the pinecone sometimes is???