Thursday, April 28, 2011

David Wilkerson - Gone On Ahead - Visa/Square=Hermes/Horus imagery - plus other news of note

David Wilkerson - Deceased - "I believe that Brother Wilkerson's death is very significant. I believe it to be a marker in the present season of Judgment upon America and the earth." (Nathan Leal - Watchman's Cry - 4/28/2011) I agree - and also, most particularly, judgment on the church.

Visa backs mobile payment startup Square (Yahoo News - 4/27/2011) - Advancing towards the mark-of-the-beast financial net. Regarding the imagery used by Square, at you'll see their logo is a simple white Eye of Horus. It's rounded and not really square, so the occult symbolism of androgenous Baphomet and Hermaphrodite, spawn of Hermes and Aphrodite is presented. The elemental circle is female and the square, male. A powerful rounded square symbol works through the dynamic of cognitive dissonance. (See here for another example)

Consider how the card reader reads the identifying data by seeing it with its bright white (as iluminated) all-seeing Eye of Horus.

If you follow this blog pretty closely, you may note that the Visa card is presented upside-down. This pictures the Hermes wing on what has become a foot of the inverted V. This compares to the Goodyear logo, and like the logo that's prominently displayed on the familiar blimps, it's raised up high in the context. Notice also how the hands and what is held appear as with clouds in the background, as high in the heavens. Notice how even the right hand posture resembles the Eye of Horus. Coincidence? Are you that gullible still? I hope not. My friend, you and are being preyed upon in a deadly scheme. A trap is being set and only a precious few perceive it.

The following are excerpts from, Apple, Google Collect User Data (4/22/2011) - "Apple Inc.'s iPhones and Google Inc.'s Android smartphones regularly transmit their locations back to Apple and Google, respectively, according to data and documents analyzed by The Wall Street Journal—intensifying concerns over privacy and the widening trade in personal data."

"Google and Apple are gathering location information as part of their race to build massive databases capable of pinpointing people's locations via their cellphones. These databases could help them tap the $2.9 billion market for location-based services—expected to rise to $8.3 billion in 2014, according to research firm Gartner Inc.

And, here's a few more links of interest.

Kate ... WON'T 'obey' husband Prince William (Daily Mail - 4/28/2011)

Soros' Bretton Woods Conference Accelerates Push for New Global Economy (4/21/2011)

MIT software could bring 'DNA origami' to the masses (cnet News - 4/27/2011)

World's Largest Atom Smasher May Have Detected 'God Particle' (Fox News - 4/22/2011)

Film claims discovery of nails from Jesus's cross (4/12/2011)

UFO sighting in Chicago? (4/3/11 - ABC News)

Apple opens iPad to iAds (3/15/11 - CNET News)

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