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Part 4: Lady Gaga - Born This Way - Video (Now Eclipsed by Katy Perry's E.T.)

As I post to the blog as a watchman early in this appointed watch day, I see nothing of interest to report as of yet. While I don't expect to see the sign I'm watching for until 2015, I still keep watch even knowing we're in a year of the Shemittah set that doesn't number as the third in sequence. This compares to the exercise of keeping of the feasts each year until they are completed in their fullness.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way opened at the top of the Billboard charts and spent six weeks there. The 7th week found it slipping to #4 and in its 8th week it sits at #5. What replaced it at the top is Katy Perry's E.T, a not too dissimilar work that promotes the union of the earthly daughters of men with the heavenly sons of god. What is so noteworthy in this is not that, oh my, evil has suddenly crept into our wonderful pop music and culture, but that we have really crossed over a significant threshold!

( Lady Gaga's face modification implants bound to become fan trend ( - Submitted by Roz Zurko on 2011-04-14) )

Much of what has been presented on this blog has exposed this theme's covert manner of promotion through symbolic imagery in logos, movie plots and such. With the introduction of Perry's E.T. and Lady Gaga's Born This Way the theme is overt, in your face and wearing only the most transparent of masks. The masses of fans embrace it. The media promotes it without balking and no uproar is heard from the intended offended. The only cultural backlash to Born This Way involves the "gay" community, coming from some who pay close enough attention to recognize how it doesn't really honor homosexuals. What they fail to grasp is that it wasn't really intended to because it's there to serve a greater agenda. The world seems almost ripe for the Antichrist combine to come for his harvest.

What remains to be addressed on the subject of Born This Way validates what I already presented in three parts (beginning here) and draws attention to some of the key imagery in use. I had focused attention on the Grammy Awards in February and the interviews surrounding it but now let's consider the imagery of the official music video, what The Vigilant Citizen featured in his blog post Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – The Illuminati Manifesto (3/7/11 - The Vigilant Citizen)).

This video should be recognized as an advanced step in an elaborate "systematic desensitization" operation. Both unnatural and natural fear and anxiety is overcome by getting used to what prompts such a response in graduated steps. In our present situation where we are being preyed upon with a deadly scheme most have become like the proverbial frog who won't save his life by jumping out of a pot of water when it comes slowly enough to a boil. The advancing delusion of the spirit of antichrist with the endgame that is the mark of the beast and union with Satan's Beast has them very close to the cooked frog stage - and still they don't perceive it!

I don't recommend watching this music video without it first being green-light-ed by the holy spirit, but if it's permitted this link will point you to the official version on YouTube. [video] Born This Way. It seems like the production crew tried to spin it as something fun but the minimal lightness seems only there to temper the perverse and horrible darkness just enough to keep us frogs from leaping out of the pot.

The music video is more than just a song and dance production. There's a wrapper around that part of it that reveals how the "gay anthem" bit is merely a pretext. The whole video supports Laurieanne Gibson's explanation of the Grammy Award stunt, how it's about the birthing of a new race. When you're already privy to Satan's plan it's easy enough to discern what it really means, and we've seen these elements and this story before. Someone could probably make a career out of discussing the symbolism in this video - there's a lot of it!

When this video was made Lady Gaga insisted on shooting it in NYC. The location chosen was Brooklyn, the most central of the 5 boroughs that make up what many recognize as a primary identity of the Great City Babylon - the Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth. (Revelation 17)

The video is a religious work, a Genesis and even Revelation kind of story narrated by Lady Gaga. The beginning and the end, and everything in between is all about the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men, or so we are told through the symbolic imagery bookending the video. The image on the left is one I made, overlaying screen captures from the beginning and the end. The framing pink triangles are the opposing deltas that make up the so-called star of David and Seal of Solomon. The video begins with a earthly daughters of men delta and ends with the heavenly sons of god delta showing the ascension of man to godhood, the new race having been birthed.

The opposing deltas bookending the video are very appropriate, essentially sealing the book with something of an alpha and omega form containing messianic reference. Both the opening and closing delta sequences feature a unicorn that is replaced with a delta framing Lady Gaga. The context quickly established is that of Lady Gaga as like unto Isis, a cosmic mother Mary and Eve goddess who is about to give birth. The opening features conception imagery, which is prerequisite to giving birth. Most won't recognize it but this is what the mask on the back of her head is for, presenting the flip-side view of the reproductive cycle. As we watch the video, before we can identify what we're being shown we see the face, the legs up in the air and the vaginal pink form with the amplified pulsed orgasmic V lines.

This is the familiar receptive position inviting sexual intercourse that's modeled by the sea nymph/siren in the Starbucks logo. As Starbuck who was Captain Ahab's first mate in Moby Dick met a watery grave so did the mariners who met the sirens.

A watery birthing scene follows in the Born This Way video that produces a bland, prophylactic, captive and relatively lifeless breed and then also a relatively lively sexed-up skeletal zombie race is brought forth. These compare to Abel and Cain as the male heteropaternal twins born to Eve, "the mother of all living" but the more immediate reference is to those who won't take the mark of the Beast and those who will.

During the video, the mid-80s Madonna-esque style of song and plus other imagery (like the tooth gap) makes definite allusion to Madonna. There are also scenes that connect very obviously to the iconic mid-80s Thriller music video featuring Michael Jackson. The links to Madonna and Thriller are less about paying tribute than the import of symbolic meaning.

The cover art of the Born This Way single rather obviously hearkens to Madonna and most specifically to "Like a Virgin," as revealed in this side-by-side comparison.

The Madonna reference points beyond the pop culture goddess to another, the Roman Catholic version of Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. The Madonna references mother and child so a Christ child is implicit. Gaga's is antichrist (as Rosemary's Baby). Those familiar with Marian history will recognize the persisted ancient Egyptian Isis and Horus and note how this all celebrates the coming Beast as another incarnation of Horus aka Apollo aka Apollyon. This reference to Madonna in her Like a Virgin persona points even through to her source, to Horus as the Beast who was and will be.

When the pink upward delta appears at the closing of the video it first frames the unicorn of the opening scene in a post-apocalyptic setting. The horned horse is the hermaphrodite symbol of merged male and female. This amplifies the Baphomet/G.O.A.T. (of Mendes) imagery and reference found early in the video.

“The unicorn’s most vital function has been as a symbol, whether of power or virility, or purity, or the combination of opposites, of the male horn and the female body. Many modern interpreters regard this last role as the crucial one and relate it to the symbolism of the soul as the spark of divine light in the darkness of matter and evil, the body, and to the concept of the hermaphrodite as the perfect union of opposites.”
Carl Jung - Man, Myth and Magic

The unicorn symbolizes the ascended race of god-men, with the horn symbolic of the spiral third eye chakra that is the enlightened Eye of Horus, a symbol flashed by Lady Gaga during the video. This is the meaning of the unicorn pictured on the Harry Potter "Masonic Royal Arch" book cover. It appears on the other side of the arch, through the dimensional portal and beyond this realm of the natural flesh where the mark of the Beast promises to take us.

The allusions to Michael Jackson's Thriller connect most strongly through the zombie feature. Lady Gaga's Bride of Frankenstein hair-do is another pop "horror" culture allusion from this video that supports the animated corpse theme. Author and religious scholar Mr. Kim Paffrenroth has observed that, "more than any other monster, zombies are fully and literally apocalyptic ... they signal the end of the world as we have known it." The zombie race is what Lady Gaga and her kind are dedicated to birth into the world in fulfillment of the Revelation scenario of the apocalypse.

The Born This Way version of zombie creature is a composite of zombie and skeleton. Together these signify the undead or living dead in a state where the animating force of the flesh bodies is not the life they were literally born with but something beyond it yet where the material reality of the death of that flesh remains. The composite zombie/skeleton is an accurate depiction of the Beast (Revelation 13:3) and of those who take his mark, joining with him in his nature and fate. See here (Osiris - the occult man, skull, and man of bones) to learn more about the skull and skeleton as the Beast.

Here's a snapshot of the real deal, the "skull" and "crossbones" of the legitimate head of the body and the genuine Lord of resurrection life! This is how real life is purchased.

They took Jesus, therefore, and He went out, bearing His own cross, to the place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha.
John 19:17

The undead counterfeit will be birthed through a DNA modification. Those who have learned to watch for triple helix DNA symbolism will recognize a definite signaling in the flames spitting from the guns at the birth of "evil." Resembling the classic fleur-de-lis, these stylized flames represent the firing of triple-helix DNA bullets from the gun that had been pulled from Lady Gaga's birth canal when the zombie was born. The singular Zombie born is the Beast.

Bullets don't give life, they take it away. The gun bursts signal the bullet-like chip implant capsules that will pierce the bodies of those who will thereby be birthed into the zombie/skeleton race.

The sound of bells ringing may be heard in association with the firing off of some of these rounds (at about 2:10 in), especially those that accompany the bursts that get you, the viewer. Gotcha, they declare! Ding ding ding ding! Have you read about bells and how they fit in the devil's Beast scheme? See Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective for an in depth study into how bells and acoustic energy are leveraged in this reproductive scheme that will proliferate the undead.

Lady Gaga and her helpers didn't just make this stuff up on the fly. It's not just derivative of 25 year old pop culture. It goes way, way back.

More to follow, Lord willing!

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