Friday, April 29, 2011

Katy Perry - E.T. - New Video Posted

I produced another video and posted it to YouTube. I considered the reverse speech on that very significant song and it is every bit as noteworthy as what I heard in Lady Gaga's recent content.

Lady Gaga's #1 ranking (Billboard Chart) for Born This Way lasted for six weeks. It was toppled from it's lofty perch by Katy-Perry's E.T. or Extraterrestrial. E.T. is hugely popular, currently sitting at #1 but it's been in the top ten of Billboard's ranking for the past 9 weeks straight. The Eye of Horus sells, as I declared in a recent '"i" of Horus' series post. There is subtle Horus visual imagery in the video plus a very strong Horus theme and, in the speech reversal, Horus is even named many times. A lengthy post could be made of identifying how the light is used to present the promise of illumination, the android has a Horus identity signaled by the drop-shaped port with light streaming through it (the word 'bindi' means 'drop'), how the predator/prey theme is subtly woven in, etc, but the video with the commentary I added is a good start for those who may want to pursue it further.

* the video appeared here until it was taken down by the content policing, "fair use" denying hosting administrators.

Very few people are able to interpret what the visual imagery in the video means. If you've been following this blog closely you may be able to interpret it, plus interpret what the phrases uttered on the back channel mean. The testimony is coherent. The simple context is just what the normal lyrics of the song suggests it is.

It's supernatural.

Genesis 6 redux. The daughters of men with the sons of god. Coming soon to a theater (of war) near you.

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