Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My 2:11 Royal Sausage Dream and the Bloody Sacrifice to the Beast

Early this morning I woke up alert out of a sound sleep and looked straight at the clock. 2:11. Ok. I laid there thinking, why am I waking up alert at 2:11? I rolled back over and checked the clock again. 2:12. I drifted back to sleep lightly, with some dreaming and some awareness of being awake and puzzling over what was going on. After the dreaming I woke up enough to realize it was definitely about judgment. I've written of this number combination a few times before. 2 = division and 11 = the flesh of man as the frail temporal flower of grass. So, 2:11 means grass cutting, flesh division, judgment.

In the dream some preparations were being made in a hall, a lower chamber in a chateau or castle. There was a special event because the air was festive and energetic. I wasn't part of a regular prep crew but I had a job to do. There was a sausage machine and tube sausage was coming out of it. I went straight over to the machine, and when sausage representing 211 came out (maybe it was 211 in tube-footage sequence), I cut off the 211 part. I wasn't alone but I can't say there was a person involved. I carried the sausage across the hall towards a door. I was met along the way by a man who had another length of sausage, one that had been taken in an earlier sampling. He followed me to the door, opened it, and we went through going downstairs directly into the butcher shop. This was the royal butcher shop and there was going to be a banquet, but no one was around. I looked around for where I should put the sausage, and as the royal butcher entered I placed the 211 sausage on the big butcher block. It occurred to me that this sausage was special because it was going to be used in such a way that it was distributed in everyone's meal, so everyone at the banquet would eat some.

I interpret this in the context of judgment on the Gentile kingdom church. I play a role in preparation for it and it seem to relate to a coming feast or banquet.

I'm going to share some thoughts I had about this upcoming Pesah season. Whether the dream relates to this particularly I can't say for sure.

Ron Reese (sometimes associated with Five Doves) and John at Trib-Now and maybe others are promoting signs pointing to "The Rapture" coming on April 19-20. Among the signs featured is a 2.5 year time span cherry-picked from the Beyond The Veil collection of studies on The Open Scroll. I'm not unaccustomed to seeing things plucked out of context and applied to another, and I have no interest in trying to limit or control such efforts. However, its the auspicious date for all this season's rising hope that interests me. This aligns with the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast, which you can read about in a study titled, Who is Pope Benedict XVI? because Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI on that day. I wonder if my dream relates to that Satanic holiday that many are pinning their Rapture hope on. Could it be a kind of set-up? I'm not suggesting Ron or anyone else is doing this intentionally, but I'm wondering if the Lord might be bringing judgment in this matter.

A few posts back I mentioned the coming watch day, the thirteenth day of the first month, which begins April 16 at sunset. That activity acknowledges biblical events foreshadowing the revealing of the lawless one, the Beast of Revelation 13:1. If the sign is observed (which I'm not really expecting until 2015), it will trigger a key interaction between the Bride and a collection of 144k sons of Israel regarding the identity of the Mashiach. The transitional day would then be expected on the 21st day of the first month, but it's not The Rapture. Those with hopes pinned to what is called The Rapture, failing to have given heed to the character of the worthy Bride will be left behind in the place of hypocrites to make their robes white in the blood of the lamb in the midst of great tribulation. That will be a great multitude in number, contrasting the small number of the Bride.

Judgment has come upon the church already. It is escalating. This takes place in steps and not as a smooth curve. If you find that your heart is bound to The Rapture as popularly accepted, I do hope you will disengage from the herd sooner rather than later to seek what the Lord might grant you.

I'm well aware that it's writings like this that got me banned from posting on the Five Doves forum site years ago. Note to forum admin John Tng - the commitment you and Jim Bramlett have to popularity is costing you plenty.

I wanted to apologize to some of you and say that if you have emailed me recently, please be patient with a response because I've fallen behind.

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