Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Obama and the Spear of Destiny

Some believe the key to Hitler's supernatural authority was his connection with an ancient artifact known as the Spear of Destiny. If you're aware of the intercession of Rees Howells in Wales during WW II, and familiar with the role played by Walter Stein as an advisor consulted by Churchill and Roosevelt, and the Book of Jasher with its testimony about the role certain artifacts have played, the version of the Spear's role presented in Trevor Ravenscroft's controversial "The Spear of Destiny" makes a lot of sense.

I'm reading through that book for the first time, and some of the content is being used by the Lord to connect some dots for me. I can't say how reliable Trevor's testimony is, or Stein's as it appears in the book, but I am convinced that there is something in this that fits the reality of the present and the apparent record of history. I was discussing these things with a friend the other day and it occurred to me that the Spear was responsible for the Obama phenomenon. Do I have proof? No. I have proof of nothing. Yet, it seems likely, and I'll share something in a few moments that you should find to be of significant interest in this regard.

It was way back in March of 2010 that I began a series of 15 posts titled, What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean? Through the course of that series a lot of features identifying Obama with Hitler were presented that should be considered as laying the foundation for this post. Additionally, you'll find a series on The Open Scroll titled Olympic Ceremony Symbolism to be most helpful. I'm not going to provide any history of the Spear of Destiny for you here but I encourage you to search out the matter as the Lord may lead, to His satisfaction.

After it occurred to me that Obama's following in the same spirit and authority that was manifest in Hitler was also related to the Spear I did a quick Web search to see if anyone else had made the connection. I discovered a series of posts to a forum (Obama - The Spear of Destiny -- Godlike Productions Forum) where I learned some very interesting facts! It's common knowledge that Barack Obama previously went by the name, Barry Soetoro. What isn't widely known is that his name can be interpreted to mean - the spear of destiny!

Barrie: "Its source is Bearach, an Irish Gaelic name meaning "Spear."

Bearach: "Bearach is a boy's name of Irish, Gaelic origin meaning "spear"."

Barack and Barry or Bearach and Barrie, these translate to spear. Obama, Irish?

Obama visited Ireland recently on an ancestral journey. (~May 23, 2011)

"The US president went to Moneygall in County Offaly on his state visit, because his great, great, great grandfather came from the village."

"looking up his Irish roots in Moneygall"

Obama, Irish! Whether Barry or Barack, his name means spear. From Soetoro comes, fortunate, like fortune, destiny.

"Soetoro is a typical Javanese name, pronounced [sutoro]. As we saw in the case of the fancifully named Batman bin Suparman, the Su- or Soe- prefix (from a Sanskritic root meaning 'good, fortunate') is very common in Javanese names." (

If the Obama phenomenon is in some way due to an association with such an ancient artifact, it explains a lot, really. The spear and the grail quest are then as a series of dots that find connections on many levels and provide continuity for some of the long running threads. Yet, whether Barry Soetoro is or is not the destined possessor of the Spear in this hour has no impact on my conviction that he is not The Antichrist, because neither he nor Hitler before him could claim what awaits fulfillment in a day yet to come.

Some say the Spear was acquired by the US through Operation Paperclip. Some say by other means. Some insist that no one knows. Some believe there is no such thing or that it doesn't matter. I think, "Where there's smoke, there's fire." There's plenty of smoke swirling around the spear and the grail quest. No fire there? I don't buy it!

The President's name suggests the Spear of Destiny. Coincidence? Given how "Yes We Can" = "Thank You Satan" - No. I don't buy that explanation. Given what I hear in his reverse speech when he accepted the office of President, I definitely don't buy it. "I was their first Nabu. I built Babel. Her slaves thee." Obama inherited supernatural authority from ancient times. Of that, I have no doubt. The witness of his inheriting the Apollo/Horus identity assumed by Hitler speaks volumes to me, as I've set forth at length in this blog. That he would be connected through the Spear just makes sense.

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  1. Obama has many characteristics of the Antichrist. One that stands out is INSOLENENT. Obama is wearing a Christian cloak, but soon he shall reveal his true beastly colors. He's hiding his hatred for God and His people. His policies are opposite God, he exalts rebellion to God.