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Part 38 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Jack in the Box. Wink - Wink

When I introduced the sneaky occult phallic letter combo class in Part 36, four of the brands represented in the collection had slang terms in the titles accompanying the phallic imagery: dick clark productions, Bradley Dick, Redbush and redbox. The brand featured in this post has two, jack and box. Jack in the Box is a fast food franchise that leverages the letters c and k in their stylized phallus. The associated trademark imagery signals the Eye of Horus, the suited Jack's puppet head.

The stylized white title is positioned on the red box off center so the "ck" phallic shaft is on the tallest and central vertical. In 3d it appears to bend or wrap around the vertical line, which adds strength to the reference. The trailing line of the k defines the left testicular "eye ball", matching to the better formed letter c as a lesser seeing eye and thereby signaling Harmerty; Horus "who rules with two eyes."

Jack in the Box branding draws upon the male gender symbol with the flesh colored hat worn by "puppet head Jack" matching to the erect phallic arrow, both being attached to a circle. You also see the erect alignment present in the letter k member. (Remember the Kegel Male Trainer logo?)

The color red often signifies mankind as descended from Adam, which means "red earth." Red means the daughters of men. Like the redbox branding, the red box here ultimately represents the daughters of men, which the sons of god took (Genesis 6) and are taking and will take when the Mark of the Beast implementation fully arrives. The color white signals divinity. In symbol, this isn't the divinity as of the Sovereign God but the counterfeit divine light identified with the masquerading angelic agents of Lucifer.

The Eye of Horus is obfuscated. Consider Jack's head. Ignore the eyes and mouth, and what's left is the classic sun symbol, the bindi dot in a circle!

The Jack in the Box imagery of the white jack in red box signals the illumination of mankind through sexual union with the gods. It's the Eye of Horus scheme.

I already discussed how box is slang for the female "socket" for the male "plug." "Jack" is slang for that plug and further suggests just whose it is. If you research it you'll find examples on such as that offer and suggest the following insights.

Jack, a generic reference to any male
"The Jack" is Australian slang for Gonorrhea
Jack off = masturbate
Jack in, to plug in - insert a male plug into a female socket
To jack up a car is to use a pumping and ratcheting action with a mechanical and/or hydraulic device.

From the Online Etymology Dictionary,( © 2010 Douglas Harperjack) "jack" means: "1873, jack up, originally "abandon, give up," later (1885) "hoist with a jack;" then "increase prices, etc." (1904, Amer.Eng.), all from the noun. Jack off (v.) "to masturbate" is attested from 1916, probably from jack in the sense of "penis."

Jack in the box. It's cryptic, but when you put it together with the imagery, the message is clear.

So, whose jack is it, or who is Jack? We no longer have to speculate about why the guy in the nice suit is smiling, as he casts a sex magick spell that boasts of the Serpent's lustful dominion and family tree plan from the conquest in the Garden of Eden forward.

The suit is a clue. Where do we find suited jacks but in a deck of cards. Card decks are the basis for pagan occult games. Fifty-two cards in a deck = fifty-two weeks in a year, one earth solar cycle. There are four suits. Perhaps the most recognizable earth solar symbol is a circle divided into 4 quadrants. There are thirteen cards in each quadrant - thirteen being the number of rebellion, signifying the rebel lord beast. A suited jack is the most powerful card in the game called Euchre. The Jack is the antichrist Beast.

In Euchre, a game I grew up playing in Upstate NY, during play one of the suits may be named as the trump suit. The jacks of that color become the two highest ranked cards. The highest is the jack of the trump suit, called the right Bower. The other jack of that color is the next highest and is called the left Bower. "The word Bower comes from the German Bauer, which means farmer or peasant and is also a word for Jack." (Euchre) The suited Jack in the Box puppet headed guy compares to the suited jack in Euchre as the highest ranking card in play. Of course, in rank that fails to account for the authority of the sovereign God, who rules over all. Yet, the bauer-farmer who competes for the crop in the Lord's harvest field will be granted his harvest season, as it must be.

I cannot help but mention a popular TV series in this context, "24," whose lead character is a man named Jack Bauer. Jack Jack. Bauer Bauer. Given what has been presented in this post, it should be apparent that this is a show with intentional signaling present (which should not be taken as a suggestion that there are actually shows that don't intentionally signal the evil one's plots and agendas. :) ). With Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer, he is the tireless hero, ever the humble sacrificial savior. In the show title, "24," I see more than the superficial numbering of the hours in a day. This number, when taken in the context of the moadim is the count of years since the celestial sign marking Y'shua's return in judgment! It pegs the year in which the Beast is anointed with power and manifested in the earth as The Jack Bauer, if you will.


In closing, you could say that, as competitors, Jack in the Box is going head to head with Arbys. ;) Jack in the Box. Sneaky.

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