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Promoting the Beast: "The Iron Man" (aka Apollo aka Horus) connected to the 2012 Paralympic Games

It was recently announced (June 24) on the London 2012 blog that Bradley Hemmings and Jenny Sealey have been appointed as the joint Artistic Directors for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Jenny Sealey is the Artistic Director of Graeae Theatre. The Iron Man is their featured production that is playing at festivals across England this summer. What's of particular interest to me is how the Olympics is now linked to "The Iron Man," aka "The Iron Giant." This appointment connects the Apollo/Beast worshiping IOC and the Horus/Beast worshiping Ted Hughes novel dramatizations.

If you're relatively new to and unfamiliar with this blog, it will be helpful to know that I've written at length about the Olympics and about The Iron Giant (in 17 parts). Let me invite you to pursue this for some eye-opening insight into some the most critical yet misunderstood issues of our time!

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) and their partners continue to aggressively advance the agendas of their gods. Consider the testimony of the founder of the modern Games, Pierre de Coubertin. "As far as the relation between Olympism and religion is concerned, Coubertin, unlike many of his followers who try to conceal the true nature of modern Olympism, is crystal clear: `The first essential characteristic of ancient and of modern Olympism alike is that of being a religion.`" ("Philosophy of Olympism" by Ljubodrag Simonovic)

Olympism is dedicated to the worship of Zeus and his returning son, Apollo. The IOC doesn't hide their religious tenets but neither to they draw attention to their sacred rituals in such a way to flag them in most people's minds as having anything more substantial than superficially decorative clothing. What they do conceal is how they knowingly practice sorceries or witchcraft just like what's done by secret societies. It's easy to discover open declarations that they honor Zeus and are committed to advancing his agendas. What most don't see or don't care to see is that the Bible identifies Zeus as Satan. (Web search altar zeus throne satan)

Olympism and its honored Luciferian Antichrist Beast agents with their agendas are promoted primarily through the presentation and placement of cryptic subliminal symbols, in logos, mascots, marketing imagery, Olympic flames and torches and ritual magick ceremonies. Occult symbols are portals through which influential spells are cast as by the magick of witchcraft.

"...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."
Revelation 18:23b

As strange as this may seem, Olympism may well be considered the one world religion of the last days, even already today being the singular banner under which the world unites in common worship.

The Iron Man (or, The Iron Giant) productions promote the same agents and agendas, which, as mentioned earlier, have been addressed at length in this blog. You may recognize the head of the Graeae Theatre's Iron Man represents Harmerty, Horus "who rules with two eyes" due to his obviously larger and enhanced right eye.

"The Iron Man: A Children's Story in Five Nights is a 1968 novel written by Ted Hughes and illustrated by Andrew Davidson. Described by some as a modern fairy tale and others as science fiction, it describes the unexpected arrival in England of a giant `metal man` of unknown origin who rains destruction on the countryside by attacking industrial farm equipment, before befriending a small boy and defending the world from an apparent dragon from outer space. Expanding the narrative beyond a criticism of warfare and inter-human conflict, Hughes later wrote a sequel, The Iron Woman, describing retribution based on environmental themes related to pollution. Prior to publishing in North America, the title was changed to The Iron Giant (as were all references to the metal man) to avoid confusion and legal issues with Marvel Comics' character, Iron Man." (The Iron Man: A Children's Story in Five Nights)

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