Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 1 - Rango - The Ancient Quest for Eye of Horus Enlightenment - and Blind Wink

Although several more posts are in the queue featuring letter combo and other genitalia imagery in the Horus Eye class, what I saw while watching Rango last night moves this Horus Eye movie up to the top. This is an animated feature along the lines of The Iron Giant. It's filled from beginning to end with subtle occult signals that promote the DNA transforming mark of the beast agendas! The Eye of Horus elements are sometimes subtle, other times - not so much, really.

The promotional title itself has a stylized R that should be pretty easily recognized by those who are familiar with this blog as an Eye of Horus symbol. That's our first clue to what the movie is all about. The movie opened on March 4th, the only day of the year that is a command. March forth. To where must we march according to their enchanting inducement? See where it leads!

Rango is a western, of sorts, set in modern times with modern cars. However, most of the movie seems set in the "Old West." (Time warp-age) Rango and all the primary characters are desert animals. It's an animated feature but I wouldn't recommend it for kids or for adults, except as an example of how the devil preys upon the audience through witchcraft and advances them towards the complete enslavement from which there will be no turning. Rango is the protagonist, the movie's hero, voiced by Johnny Depp. He's the protagonist but you should note that we're played in this comedic drama like in a good cop bad cop ploy. He is a hero according to the antichrist model. He's not the only antichrist model in the movie but he is the one with whom the audience is intended to identify.

When I played the Rango DVD, I was confronted with Horus Eye imagery before the movie even started, which is not at all uncommon. First, there was the Paramount pyramid with the stars. Then I saw a new animated logo, Blind Wink, which transitioned into another of a similar kind, promoting Nickelodeon Movies.

As you watch this clip you'll see what appears to be a magic trick. Notice the egg is held in the right hand. Watch for the subtle flash of lightning as the hand closes around the egg. When it opens, the egg is out of its shell and has become a fried egg, cooked sunny-side up. This clever little bit illustrates the mark-of-the-beast Horus Eye transformation!

The sunny-side up egg was introduced as an occult symbol in Part 33 of the "i" of Horus series, where Sprint's marketing was featured. The egg is a fertility element, obviously. It references the fertile daughters of men as mated and mating with the sons of god. The lightning bolt (Zeus/Satan) strikes the egg, transforming it by way of Zeus' dark-light illumination into an image of the sun god, Apollo, son of Zeus. Apollo aka Horus. The transformed egg is a Horus Eye sun symbol. It's a one-way trip, my friend. The right hand alludes to Revelation 13:18. While you're "connecting dots," you may connect the eye in the hand to the GPS tracking capabilities of the implant chips. In this brief clip we're shown a dramatized illustration of a magickal transformation of the daughters of men into beasts in the image of the Beast!

Immediately after the Blind Wink animation ends, a watery blood red sun transfuses the "i" of Horus in the nickelodeon title graphic, which displays "As Above, So Below" in the reflection as a witness to the principle known to occultists as the Hermetic Maxim.

So, why is the company with the potent Horus signaling named Blind Wink? In the occult sense, to use blinds is to darken, obscure or obfuscate something for the purpose of concealing it from those who are uninitiated into the arcane. A wink is an action done with one eye. One eye signals the Eye of Horus. Blind Wink is bearing a similar testimony as the blindfolded monk in the wall of the Cathedral in Metz, built by initiated Masons. Blind Wink means what the imagery in their animated logo presents to those who can interpret the symbols.

A wink is commonly used to signal someone that there's a secret or a joke. The Blind won't get it. Loosely, reference is made by their name to an expression that, like most that come from previous generations, has fallen out of popular use.

"A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse." - Whether you nod or whether you wink, if a horse is blind he knows it not; and a person who will not see takes no notice of hints and signs. (Bootleg Books: The First Hypertext Edition of The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable)

If you happen to be one who does take notice of hints and signs, you're no blind horse. If you watch this movie you'll see the images presented in this collection and their meaning should be pretty obvious. If you're not getting it, I recommend starting at the beginning of this series and working your way back to this one as I develop the themes of Horus Eye imagery.

At the top of the collage, two critters I'll call the Priests of Horus hold the sacred artifact that is the key to releasing the most valuable tangible treasure in the movie, water, representing life itself for bodies of flesh. The sign of their god appears on their breastplates, which is not very subtle because it's a pretty easily identified sun wheel, the ancient symbol of a sun god. The masks and snorkels symbolize the abundant and overflowing blessings from their god, which in this movie happens to be water, something I hope to expand upon shortly.

The second image down shows these priests elevating and exalting the symbol of their sun god, with the radiant sun shining through.

The third image shows the worshipers below, upon whom the (greatly exaggerated in size) shadow falls as it encompasses them about.

The image on the bottom shows 5 golden statues holding up film reels that are also sun wheels, from a scene that features some important symbolic elements I hope to address in the next post, Lord willing!

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