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Part 3 - Rango - Mayor John as Satan in his Sanctuary

The animated feature Rango is signaling the enemy's plan by means of such as Eye of Horus symbolism, plot, dialogue, character attributes and the meaning of names. Some of this isn't even hidden, but unless you're already familiar with and confident about elements across the range of the plan you would surely miss much of what's perhaps most important.

You may want to reread the previous posts to refresh your memory and watch the movie so you can better relate to what I'm describing.

The main bad guy is the Mayor of the town of Dirt. Mayor John models Satan himself and is also modeling the false prophet. (Revelation 13:11 ff) At the top of this collage you see the Mayor inside his dark office.

Mayor John is a desert tortoise, a reptile that lives 80–100 years, which is far longer than most if not all the other desert animals. He's shown in a peculiar wheelchair, presenting him as feeble, suggesting advanced age. He's been around a really long time, suggesting that he is ancient, an Ancient, even the Devil. Some of the other elements support this identification.

The wheelchair represents Satan's heavenly chariot, his throne vehicle. It resembles the sovereign Lord God's throne vehicle described in Ezekiel chapters 1 and 10. See Heaven's Vehicles for more insight. Consider how the wheelchair pictures a wheel within a wheel construction with the big coil spring that provides stored energy for mobility. The chair is his throne chariot and the room is his throne room, his Most unHoly Place, for contrast and comparison with the genuine.

Mayor John pulls the levers of his chair to control it. This suggests that he's directing, manipulating and controlling from the throne of authority, as we see him actively working behind the scenes as the hidden agency behind the evil scheme.

Mayor John in his dark office represents Satan in his sanctuary or vestibule, on his throne in a throne room. This is a seat of his authority. The Mayor's desk sits in front of the unusual stained glass window. Such windows are, of course, identified with churches and cathedrals, sanctuaries of the Babylonian style houses of worship. Notice the sign of Horus at the top, the sun cross that is a sign declaring whose house it is.

I think the disks in the stained glass may be interpreted as flying saucers, heavenly vehicles in the Horus fleet, hosts of heaven.

Every window in occult symbolism is a transdimensional portal. This dark office is a place with a window or dark light portal bridging the earthly domain where the worshipers of Horus exist and the heavenly domain of the dark authority behind Horus. In the scene pictured, we see Rango standing at the Mayor's desk in front of the window as at an altar.

The window is formed in the familiar Gothic arch shape that is also the vesica piscis. Typical of such, this is symbolic of the female birth canal. The sun disk in this version is the clitoris, emphasizing the reproductive imagery and explicitly the Horus reproductive scheme.

What we are being shown is the birthing of Rango/Horus from the womb of Isis, the essential transformative sex magick of the Osiris resurrection! This is the setting up for the messianic anointing, the revealing of the lawless one (2 Thessalonians 2), the emergence of the Beast from out of the sea and the grant of authority from the great red dragon - the return of Horus. This interpretation is supported by where the scene fits in the plot.

Just prior to this scene, Rango had become the exalted hero by killing the red-tailed hawk that had terrorized the town. Mayor John is pictured getting a box of badges from a shelf because Rango is about to be deputized, granted authority as a Sheriff. He will receive a specially selected badge of that authority, the pentacle you see pictured in this collage above some others of a similar kind. Those versions I found on the Internet being sold as talismans, pentacles specifically intended to adorn altars. The version Rango receives with his left hand is a badge of the authority granted him by Mayor John, or, shall we say, Mayor John the Baptist!

The folks who made this animated feature do know their symbols. They mean business. They are after you and I, our souls. We're onto that plot! Deny them their prizes, the poseur gods, and give the sovereign Lord His due - for He alone is worthy!

Lord willing, I'll pick this up in the next post.

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  1. If rango models the antichrist, then why is he fighting against the false prophet? Why would the creators of this story have the false prophet be their "villain"? Obviously, the makers of this film are satanists, so your theory doesn't add up in my opinion.