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Part 5 - Rango - A Choreographed DNA Transformation!

Before I launch into the Rango post I want to note that much could and probably will be written about parables evident in the damage from the recent quake. Judgment is being visited upon the church and America, and some who have denied it in the past are now becoming believers. Praise the Lord, whose plan is perfect and who fulfills every promise! Let this draw you even closer to the Lord, in whom salvation is!

The animated feature titled Rango reveals key elements of the Devil's plan to hijack Adam-kind. The coming "upgrade" scheme appointed to convert man to beast at the genetic level is dramatized in a bizarre Country line dance scene. The ritual symbolizing this transformation is initiated at the ringing of the bell in Dirt's clock tower, adding yet one more cryptic but decipherable witness to what the Lord showed me while writing about bells and providing further validation that acoustic wave technology will play a role when the mark of the beast is implemented. I'll expand on that shortly, but first, consider the symbolic dance ritual.

Every week a ritual occurs in Dirt, and all the townsfolk participate in it. The water that means life itself is rationed by the Mayor and is doled out to the townsfolk as he presides over a ceremony with his officiating Horus Priests. (See Part 1) Every Wednesday at Noon a procession forms on the main street and the folks march out of town to the holy spigot to receive their water ration. It's at the forming of the procession that the bizarre dramatization of DNA transformation begins!

As the clock tower bell begins to ring out the Wednesday Noon "call to worship," the townsfolk drop whatever they are doing to collect containers for water and form two lines in the street. (top image of the collage) When the clock ticks over to 12:01, a song is broadcast over the PA system and they begin do what looks like a well rehearsed country line dance routine. This concludes with the folks on one side reaching across to slap the face of the one opposite. The slapping starts at one end and goes all the way up the line, with Rango himself getting slapped. Without identifying the lines as strands of DNA, the scene is nonsensical but, when you get that this is all a witness to the Beast scheme and the mark of the Beast and you're familiar with the model of how it's going to play out, the meaning is obvious!

The two lines formed in the dust of the main street of Dirt represent the two strands of Adam-kind's DNA. Adam was formed of dust from the ground, from Dirt. The action of sequential slapping connects one line to the other like sequencing the DNA ladder rungs. Symbolic choreography like this was featured during the London Ceremony three years ago at the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing (as documented here).

Now, this DNA line dance is part of a water ritual, and DNA is mostly water. When we breathe out, we exhale water. Have you breathed on a mirror or a window or seen your breath on a cold day? The ritual that begins in the street first pictures the forming of Adam and his kind out of dust. When the folk then receive their ration of water its the receiving of the breath of life.

Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.
Genesis 2:7

More particularly though, this dramatization is about a "new birth." The next scene is as a water baptism, officiated by Mayor John "the Baptist," High Priest of Dirt. This is about re-creation, transformation.

The three strands of DNA that will define the posthuman condition are presented here with subtlety. I captured the screen shot you see at the bottom of this collage that shows Rango being slapped in the face. In this frame, a barber pole appears (towards the right) that illustrates triple helix DNA. Researching the history of the barber pole reveals that the red represents man's blood. What you won't discover in the typical reference material is how the red, white and blue bands winding up the pole really represent triple strand DNA! It's a symbol of the union of the blue, the heavenly sons of god, with the red, daughters of men, or, Adam-kind. The white represents divinity. The barber pole comes into view just as Rango is slapped, displaying to the watchful viewer the DNA transformation that establishes the connection bodily linking the townsfolk to their "savior"! Yes, there will be a genuine with a new body but what is shown to us here is an evil counterfeit. This pictures the mark of the beast transformation!

At this point another really important action occurs. After Rango is slapped in the face, he reacts by punching the one who slapped him. He knocks out this "woman" and steals her container. She represents the church, dealt a knockout punch! This is not a false promise or an empty boast!

for if God did not spare the natural branches, He will not spare you, either.
Romans 11:21

Did God spare the natural branches from being broken off? Think about it. No, he did not. Follow that logic through. The woman-church will be knocked out into the dust, as pictured. Romans 11:17ff The breaking off of this branch will come right on schedule, as it must, as a result of the activity being "preenacted."

This scene is bracketed by scenes that focus on death, the fate of the previous Sheriff. Amos. Abel?

The water ritual continues as the townsfolk march outside of town to the "holy spigot," where we see mud come out. The River Jordan was a muddy river.

5) Then Jerusalem was going out to him, and all Judea and all the district around the Jordan;
6) and they were being baptized by him in the Jordan River, as they confessed their sins.
Matthew 3:5-6

So, did anyone confess their sins on the way? After stealing the woman's water container he runs and butts in line ahead of a handicapped crow (Indian), who is using a crutch. "This is a heck of a hoe-down you got going. I'm still working out those steps." he says, passing by a red, white and blue striped water tower, another DNA signal. The crow says to Rango, "You killed bird." "Yeah," replied Rango. "As a matter fact I did." Confession of sin?

The action of baptism is a profound parable of death and resurrection and the exchange of one kind of life for another. (See Baptism - The Prophecy) This is what's represented in Rango at the "holy spigot," actually, the evil counterpart, a baptism of unholy water and unholy spirit. The exchange pictured is the trading of the creator's Adamic life for His created serpent's life at the acceptance of the mark of the Beast.

When they get to their "church revival" there's lots of shoutin' Hallelujah. Mayor John (The High Priest of Horus with the authority of the dragon - the false prophet) is up on the exalted altar in his chariot throne wheelchair. Mayor John gives something of an "altar call" inviting Rango to come forward. Rango approaches. "Prepare the holy spigot," he says, directing the "Priests of Horus," who come forth with the "sun wheel" spigot handle.

The Mayor says: "The time has come, my friends, the time that was foretold ("Hallelujah!" - the "Dirtonians" respond), the sacred time ("Hallelujah!" The Horus Priests affix the sun wheel handle to the spigot), the time of destiny ("Hallelujah!" Rango takes a position under the holy spigot waiting to receive), the time of deliverance ("Hallelujah!" - raising their bottles worshipfully). It is the time of HYDRATION!"

At that, the Horus Priests actuate the sun wheel handle, the key artifact that releases hydration. Hydration is code for the hydrous DNA activation, the Eye of Horus activation, the mark of the Beast DNA transformation that goes along with worship of the Beast. We are being told that we are seeing prophecy unfold. Don't doubt it.

Mud comes out of the spigot into Rango's stolen container and makes a mess on him. The Dirtonians freak out in response and begin to resemble a lynch mob. They say things like, "Burn him! He's a witch!"

The Mayor intervenes on Rango's behalf, with an ominous declaration. "My friends. My friends. Temper your frustrations. Times will be tough from now on. Sacrifices will have to be made. But if I can help in any way, please know that my door is always-"

At the event dramatized, times will be tough from then on. Sacrifices will be made because this literally testifies of human sacrifice. The mark of the beast will create a zombie race, a people that are truly dead but animated with another kind of life. Their souls will be gone, traded away. It's a bad deal.

Lord willing, I'll pick this up in the next post!

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