Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking Away the Veil

This blog has seen few posts in the last month but it has been an amazingly productive season. Thanks so much for those of you who have prayed for me. Much favor has been shown and I'm just so very grateful. I was on the road for a month and have returned to Silicon Valley once again. How long I shall remain I cannot say. Reports of what happened while I was away will probably not be forthcoming, though I will reference some things, as the Lord leads. One topic that has come to the fore involves SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and the agendas of the related MK-ULTRA programs.

While the economy continues to tank and social order appears to be collapsing, our attention must be fixed upon the Lord and the revelation of His mind and heart in this hour. If you find you cannot focus it is because your heart is still bound to the world like Lot's wife to Sodom. Seek the Lord passionately for help and do not fear to follow exactly as He directs.

A thread that weaves through all the Lord has been doing with me in my relationships in this season involves the Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear. I refer to a "hear-do" cycle in this regard, and how when we do, when we obey or choose the option being offered by the Lord that is simply His own preference, we receive appropriate and generous blessings. These things heard are invitations, personal challenges that typically come with a trial, even sometimes a severe trial, but blessing is the result of rising up to the challenge. This builds faith and love and hope.

When you do according to what is heard, one benefit is that your ability to hear increases. That's a HUGE benefit! In contrast, if you don't respond with obedience your ability to hear decreases and you will absolutely not perceive it. Instead of getting a brighter light with which to discern the footpath, or more sensitive hearing to discern the Lord's voice, your eyes and ears become more dull.

but whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.
2 Corinthians 3:16

If you read the above verse in context you may note that there is no limit placed upon the principle expressed, no suggestion that it might be a one time deal that occurs only at the moment of the new birth in Christ. If you simply accept what it says, every time you and I turn to the Lord, whenever, the veil is taken away. This is what we need. Turn to the Lord with every invitation, my friend.

Hear-do cycles. If you don't yet know them with great familiarity you are not yet in a secure place, my dear brothers and sisters.

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