Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part 6 - Rango - Triple Helix DNA Transformation!

Keeping this series of posts about the animated feature, "Rango," relatively brief is no easy task because it's just so richly endowed with important symbolism! So many aspects of the Lord's plan and the sub-plot of the Beast and his mark are presented that - WOW - it's almost overwhelming! There's a MK-ULTRA programming thread running through it too!

The water ritual with its choreographed DNA dance with barber pole backdrop addressed in Part 5 is not the only triple helix DNA signaling to be found. I spotted several others, some subtle and some not so much. Supporting that, the single digit number signaling the mark of the Beast transformation is found in several instances. If you're not yet convinced of a pending fulfillment of the Devil's transhumanist promise to upgrade man's two strand genetic structure to three, well, this might tip you over the line.

At the top of this set of images at left is a box of candy from a vending machine. I'll elaborate shortly on this, but notice there are three twisted stands, red strands, representing the Adam-kind transformed by the addition of a third helix to our native two.

Under this, the water tower I mentioned in the last post appears in the background. Comparing to the barber pole in the background of the DNA dance we see the three bands of red, white and blue representing three strand DNA. DNA, remember, is mostly water, and the support structure for this bears two letter's X, signifying chromosomes. The subject being discussed in the context is death and the townsfolk are marching from before the clock tower where they did the DNA dance out of town to the "holy spigot." They will pass by the Dirt graveyard within moments of this screenshot.

The third image down shows three strands that lead from the dry water pipe in the pit that are used to ascend out into the light. This symbolizes the promised ascension and enlightenment through triple strand DNA.

The image on the bottom shows three windings around the handle of the emergency shutoff valve. This valve had been used to stop the flow of water to Dirt. In this screenshot the Horus "Sun Wheel" handle is about to be opened by the legendary "Zombie" walking cactus, thereby releasing the flow of water from Las Vegas, Sin City. This speaks of the role of triple helix "Zombie" DNA in bringing the animating "sin life" from across the road, from a realm and dimension beyond this one to Dirt, to Adam-kind. Get it?

It would be hard to accept such interpretations if it weren't for the validating testimonies that seem to me now to be almost everywhere! It may be difficult and uncomfortable for you to give them a critical look and judge whether or not they're valid, but when you press in and see one witness coming after another, well, it just dawns on you and the realization is that this insight is really an enormous blessing! I pray you can accept the message being presented because lives are at stake. Truly, lives are at stake. If you don't think coming to recognize the truth of what you're being shown is important, you don't yet know the value of watching, in obedience to the Lord's commands to simply watch. My friends, prophecy is being fulfilled. The Lord has every issue of life well in hand - and you need to know it and know the amazing plan that unfolds before us. If you can read these things as the "writing on the wall" then give the Lord praise for His mercy and grace in this remarkable season!

The Number Nine - DNA Transformation and the Mark of the Beast!

I've been blogging about the signal number 9 for a while. It appears in Rango as customary with the Occult, in subtle ways throughout the movie, as does the number 6, man's number. Here's a set of screenshots to illustrate some I recognized.

At the top image of this collection is the box of candy I presented in the first batch. Rango is pictured, still inside the box and inside the vending machine, stuck. Vending machines like this dispense products identified with a code that describes their location in a grid of products, usually alphanumeric. Rango was in the F3 slot. The letter "F" is the sixth letter of the alphabet. F3 can be read as 63, which is 9 times 9 or 9 squared. The 6 and 3 also sum to 9. The F3 code also can be considered as 6 times 3, 18, which then resolves to 9 as the sum of 1 + 8. It also signifies 666 as three sixes, referencing the familiar Beast number from Revelation 13:18!

The hawk pictured in the main street of Dirt (center right) has just dropped the knotted strand of licorice from its beak. It resembles a numeral 9, which is very appropriate given the symbolic meaning of this scene!

The playing cards pictured (middle left) were presented to us while Rango was in the saloon. We see an Ace of spades and an Eight of clubs. The Ace can be assigned a value of 1, which with the 8 sums to 9! This pair can also be considered as a 1 and 8 or 18, which is a common obfuscation of 666 as 6+6+6!

Because of the suits of these cards it must be recognized as a reference to what's called the Dead Man's Hand. (Thanks Aaron!) This is a reference to the legendary poker hand held by the legend of the "Old West," Wild Bill Hickok, on the day he was murdered in Saloon No. 10, Deadwood, South Dakota. Some movies use Aces and Eights as a harbinger of death. I think we should infer such from Rango's reference, and not for Rango but for the viewers, you and I! That's the intent!

The image at the bottom shows the signal number 9 as the number 45 inscribed on the shell casing, with 4 and 5 summing to 9. The role the bullet played in the plot was pivotal, and the transformation signal we see in this image reveals something of the symbolic meaning. What's going on here is, I suspect, more deep than I know, but I'll share what I can in brief.

The 45 shell is the means of transformation. From the perspective of sexual reproduction, it represents seed or sperm as fired from a penis/gun, and that, specifically, the serpent's seed. The street fight is a turf war over Dirt, Adam-kind. See the "as above, so below" Hermetic Maxim pictured? See the snake in the background? This scene picture the supernatural final "round" of DNA having been fired that marks the watery destruction and DNA recreation of "Dirtonians," Adam-kind, over which the coiled serpent appears to rule. See the pyramid of water next to the serpent? If you look closely you can see the Bank of Dirt on the left with one of the iron plates that is a triple helix "face of a god" symbol.

The bullet that actually wins the victory for Rango is passed to his love interest, Beans, by means of a kiss. The artifact represents the mark of the Beast transformation that is intended to put an end to the sovereign Creator's plan and rule and that is even pictured as such in the movie, although the "success" as pictured will eventually become known as a lie.

But wait - there's more! :) Lord willing, I'll pick this up in the next post!


  1. I've been doing some of my own decoding on the hit series "Lost" which aired a good while ago. The whole show (six seasons) is a symbolic classic, I've seen cameos of it in so many other popular features (including Rango, albeit a little more subtly here) so I'm thinking it outlined some key points in the left hand plan. I noticed several similarities and loose connections between Lost and your study of Rango symbolism. I'll give you a few as I go through this series on your blog. I think you might enjoy seeing a little bit of second hand fruit of your labors, since your blog has taught me much about symbolism, and Lost is a series literally and blatantly about a time mission, rife with water-as-time. Since you dissected the vending machine scene, I thought it was interesting to note that Lost also had several vending machine scenes featuring "chocolate bars" by the name "Apollo Bars" which, as it just so happens, got stuck on the way down to the bottom. In one particular scene, a character named Sawyer is reaching his fist into the machine to try to get the stuck chocolate bar. Another character informs him that "If you unplug it and plug it back in, the candy drops right now." After doing so, he receives bright flashes on insight into his past life. We know about how much these wicked men love their chocolate metaphor. We know about their "lightening" flashes of insight. So I thought the connection between the Apollo bar in Lost and Apollo "Rango" was worth noting.

  2. Also, the Apollo Bar was numbered D5 on the vending machine in that scene. A neat 9, which as I recall is also the number formed by the umbilical licorice after the hawk drops it, shortly after that scene in Rango

    1. Hi Bret,

      Glad to see you're making good use of your eyes that see. Thanks for sharing your insight into that series Lost, which did surely have so much to reveal about space-time and the Adversary's plans.