Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chodesh Ha-Aviv! -- Happy New Year

You may ask why I, Bob, Gentile believer in Y'shua, am excited about today. I am happy to explain what I'm celebrating and why. I've been looking forward to this for a very long time!

The Lord's calendar is our calendar, saints, despite the fact most folks still consider it just a Hebrew calender. Today is the first day of the first month, "New Years Day" on what's sometimes called the sacred cycle. This isn't accounted as a major Feast day, akin to Yom Teruah (aka Rosh HaShannah), which begins the civil and regnal calendar cycles, yet it is special. It is the accounting of the beginning of months, from which the months of this year can now be numbered. The first day of a month is always a Feast day, Rosh Chodesh. Plus, today is also the weekly Shabbat, the seventh day of the week.

What makes the Chodesh Ha-Aviv so special this year I'll get to in a moment, but in every year this is a celebration that anticipates the future as a sign and is therefore something of a rehearsal. The barley and the moon are both Bride symbols. They signal the Bride's readiness for Her Bridegroom. When the barley is found aviv, witnessed in that state of readiness to be offered to the Lord at the appointed time, it pictures the Bride finally come to maturity, ready to be joined with her Bridegroom! When the moon first becomes visible in the season of waxing brighter, reflecting the light of the Sun, it is a sign of the Bride beginning to reflect the radiant glory of her Bridegroom. These are causes for celebration! Most have no idea why, but I have been so blessed with some insight into this precious and timely matter!

Y'shua is eager to be joined with His Bride, and prepares her for that day. Predicating the calendar upon the ripening of the barley and the sighting of the new moon establishes the status of the Bride as the foundation for the observance of every Feast, excepting only the weekly Shabbat. The Bride is that important. As subject to her Lord, embracing submission, she acquires His trust and love and is granted a key role. The Lord is love, but his love is manifested differently with His Bride, in a unique relationship.

While every sighting of the new moon and every discovery of aviv barley is important, they are signs and rehearsals until the reality they represent manifests, when the Bride is found ready. Today, there is a reality manifesting! This has never before been able to be said as it is now. This is not yet the year of the Bride's joining with her Bridegroom, so it's not yet the more full sign of her readiness. Yet, because the Shemittah appointed for the fulfillment of these things arrives this fall in the seventh month, the Chodesh Ha-Aviv upon which it depends for its accounting is very special indeed. Today is the new moon of the Aviv, and by this we can now identify the beginning of the fourth Shemittah from the celestial sign of the Lord's coming in judgment as Yom Teruah, September 27, 2012.

I have looked forward to this for a very long time. I have often considered that I might not see this day. The Lord Y'shua is most kind and full of mercy, and has granted me favor beyond any reasonable expectation. Thank you Lord!

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Karaite Korner Newsletter #549

New Moon of Aviv Sighted

On Friday March 23, 2012 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was first sighted:
*from Jerusalem at 6:14pm by Nehemia Gordon and shortly thereafter by Keith Johnson and Jocelyn Carabello;
*from Aviel at 6:16pm by Chad and Barbara Peterson and Ephraim Frank;
*from Poriya at 6:20pm by Willie Ondricek and about ten others;
*from Givat Hamoreh by Dina Marcus at 6:22pm and shortly thereafter by Avi Marcus.

Earlier in the day two fields of Aviv barley were located in the Jordan Valley, one north of Marj e-Naja and the other at Tal Malkoach. Yesterday two other fields of Aviv barley were located in the northern Negev. This makes the current new moon Chodesh Ha-Aviv, the new moon of the Aviv, which marks the beginning of the new Hebrew year, in accordance with Deuteronomy 16:1 "Observe the new moon (chodesh) of the Aviv." Chag HaMatzot (the Feast of Unleavened Bread) will begin at sunset on April 6, 2012.

Photos of the Aviv barley found in the Jordan Valley and the new moon sighted from the Mount of Olives are posted at:

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel


  1. you lost me. "This is not yet the year of the Bride's joining with her Bridegroom" Then,"by this we can now identify the beginning of the fourth Shemittah from the celestial sign of the Lord's coming in judgment as Yom Teruah, September 27, 2012." Should I be excited about something or not. if so, what? Sounds important. Please expand. Thanks

  2. It is important, Bill. The matter of knowing the times very particularly will be an essential. The Lord will continue to conceal it from most, even though it's been in the public domain for some years now. It's treasure of high value and protected carefully, as it must be. The celestial sign marking the Lord's return in judgment was the subject of a deathbed prophecy given to Judah by his father Jacob. It was that sign which the Lord revealed to me in 1991. Since then, the Lord has continued to reveal and confirm some key appointments and engagements on His schedule. See Beyond the Veil for details.

  3. I updated the language of the second paragraph to clarify what I meant. I apologize for being ambiguous. I recommend for learning about the Lord's calendar.