Friday, March 02, 2012

Part 10 - 2012 London Olympics - “the sensational Pit of Tartarus” and Bifröst

I hope to continue the bell theme shortly, but until then, the leadup to the London Olympics continues to build occult momentum and there is plenty of activity to watch.

Here's a BBC news write-up about a BBC led “flagship” project. Karl Jenkins Songs of Earth premieres Olympiad concert
“The Music Nation Celebration Concert includes the world premiere of composer Karl Jenkins' new work, Songs of the Earth, inspired by the myths of Ancient Greece”

“The live music programme, devised and led by the BBC, aims to be a countdown event for the London 2012 Festival.”

“The Music Nation's programme is one of the flagship projects for the London 2012 Festival and the Cultural Olympiad.”

“Chorus director Adrian Partington added his words of praise for the new work by Jenkins. He said: "There is the violence of Khaos, for example, where the singers are asked to do very athletic vocalisations; there is the playfulness of the dance of the Titans, where the beat changes all the time - making it very exciting rhythmically. "Then there is the sensational Pit of Tartarus, where the terrors of hell are described vividly with shrieks from the choir and the ominous rhythms from the orchestra."”

The “the sensational Pit of Tartarus.” Won't they be surprised.

The Guardian posted this one: Giant rainbow lights up the night-time sky - and sea - at Whitley Bay - Artist's beams shoot out from St Mary's lighthouse every evening until Sunday night; then they're off across the Pennines to give Preston a go
Global Rainbow is part of something called the Cultural Olympiad, a series of arts events happening throughout the country in the run-up to the Olympic Games, funded by the Arts Council of England, Legacy Trust UK and the Olympic Lottery Distributor.

According to the Cultural Olympiad press release: "With the installation, the artist intends to encompass geographical and social diversity in its reach and to symbolise hope."

Social diversity? Hope? Fools. It's a witness to their hope of opening the dimensional portal and joining with the ancient gods and how they intend to do it. Here is a relevant excerpt from a recent post about the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
“The Bifröst. That's the transdimensional “rainbow bridge” that spans heaven and earth associated with the legends of Thor and Odin (aka Apollo and Zeus). Such as this portal construct appears in the Bible as the Hebrew mecillah, the kingdom viaduct, as I've referred to it on occasion. This viaduct or bridge was expertly modeled during the Beijing Olympics by the Londoners when Tayyiba, arriving in the heavenly chariot, received the dragon seed on the crossroad of Earth then traveled upon a dramatic modeling of the mecillah in her ascent into the heavenly throne vehicle. The agendas promoted in 2008 remain, and promotion will continue until their objectives are accomplished.”

Thanks, Jeff, for staying on watch. Acceleration Blog


  1. Hey Buddy,

    Excellent work on continuing this series. Interesting how the transdimensional "rainbow" beams originate from St. Mary's church. A quick name search reveals that the name Mary means "rebellion".

    Occultist modeling of transdimensional gateway frequencies being signaled to bring forth the enemy from the other side to aid in the war against God and His people...originating from a Catholic "church" carrying the name of "rebellion"?

    Sounds about right, don't you think?