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Part 44 - Rango - A Transdimensional Technology Primer

What I wrote in Part 43 was based on my observation of more than just what I see in Rango's Ave Maria sequence, but this exhibit of Rango is an excellent vehicle for bringing these things into the light. The technological bridging construct through which the ancient gods are reintroduced into our domain seems to have two primary facets. One is the means of reentry for those bound in the earth at the time of the flood of Noah's day, who received a sentence for a set season, seventy generations, and whose containment involves an implicit time lock. I believe there's another element of this bridging facet that intends to breech the barrier established by the angelic sentries barring access to the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, a flaming sword hack, if you will.

So He drove the man out; and at the east of the garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim and the flaming sword which turned every direction to guard the way to the tree of life.
Genesis 3:24

“Every direction” requires activity in more than 3 spatial dimensions plus time.

I believe the other primary facet of the dimensional bridging involves DNA, the means of ascending man to a divine nature. This transhuman genetic merger with the gods will be the extension of the disembodied ancients into reformatted host bodies, earth suit “avatars.” This is the Cain gambit and the persisting objective of the mating of the sons of god with the daughters of men. It is what's soon to manifest in the coming Beast and then the mark of the Beast, the operational objective of a complete substitution of the Serpent's for Yahweh's heritage Tree.

The most significant engagement towards the conclusion of that substitution ploy, where the serpent aims to sit as numero uno at the top of the heap, is suggested in Rango as the hero chameleon is being propelled into conflict, picturing the beast of Revelation 19.

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.
Revelation 19:19

I expect to present the symbolic role of the chameleon's terrarium gravel rising as serpent DNA shortly, but as a preliminary, I want to expand on the dimensional bridge theme with brief references to some other movies.

Quoting from the previous post, “What I think we're carefully "not being told" is that there is a device like a crystal radio that will be used to bridge the heaven and earth.” The plot of the movie Frequency (2000 - Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel) featured an old ham radio as the device used to bridge time. Ham or “amateur radio” is still associated in most people's minds with early radio technology. A special feature appears on the Frequency DVD explaining the science behind the plot device. If it was entirely fanciful, why did they bother doing that? At the very least, this signals that the matter is important to them. What transcended time in the movie was the vocal or audio communication between a father and son. Father-son - there's the DNA link. Like what was suggested by Rango's two dishes, Frequency's plot device involved a combination of non-EM and EMR, the transmission of non-EM audio waves via EMR means. The father and son were 30 years apart in time, but in the same place, using the same radio, so it was specifically the time dimension that was spanned. Another EMR phenomenon provided the unique setting for this transdimensional "miracle," some highly unusual solar activity and the related rainbow-like aurora borealis, northern lights. The powerful electromagnetic radiation is noted for having dramatic impact on short-wave radio transmission and other kinds of electronic circuitry behaviors.

Between Rango and Frequency and the annual Yom Kippur experience, there's plenty of dots to connect to draw a picture. That picture looks like the opening and closing of dimensional portals via the physics of wave energy exploited by technological devices.

The movie Contact (1997 - Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey) has many similar dots to connect. As the title suggests, contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is what the movie is about. The movie was closely involved with the novel by Carl Sagan, astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and famous promoter of science, so you have to know the science of the film was very important. Ham radio use is featured but, unlike Frequency, it's not the device that facilitates dimensional transport. Perhaps the most key dialog takes place between the woman and her father, actually an alien impersonation of her father. There's something of a familial DNA link, like with Frequency, right? This one really smacks of the avatar gambit! Radio technology was the means by which contact was established, pictured in this promotional poster with an array of radio dish antennas, like the dishes pointing to the crystal cube in Rango's umbrella drink glass. Jodie Foster's character is pictured wearing headphones, listening to the non-EM audio waves produced by the EMR wave tech.

The film's dimensional portal was opened by a device reminiscent of Ezekiel 1's description of the wheel within a wheel throne conveyance. It seemed to leverage a combination of electrogravitic and other technologies to traverse a wormhole. During the transdimensional journey, an apparent 18 hour gap was created, the differential of how much time passed for the traveler relative to the observer's perspective on earth. Eighteen is a number that signals the mark of the beast.
This beast allusion connects as the throne vehicle with its occupant fell to earth. That's how it worked, the thing had to be dropped so that it fell to earth. On its way, the 18 hour transdimensional journey to the alien manifesting in her father's body took place. Remember, the context here is Rango-Thor's falling to earth while displaying the crystal cube bow in the clouds!

I made an interesting observation about the adopted name for amateur radio, Ham. My dad was a Ham operator, and my grandfather too, who even had one in his cars. I can still hear my Dad calling, this is WA2SCT3... I probably asked him how come they call it “ham.” I'm still looking for an answer. Researching the origins of this term suggests that it's a pejorative.

“One reason for the slow adoption was related to the word's origin, as one of many insults employed by landline telegraph operators at the time in referring to a poor operator. ("Ham" was also already in more general use as a slang word meaning "incompetent", most commonly in the phrase "ham actor".)”

Etymology of ham radio - Wikipedia

I cannot find any record of why badly overacting performers might have been called hams, but could this be a reference to Ham, son of Noah? He certainly acted badly, siring Canaan with his mother. Canaan was cursed by Noah and that resulted in defiled races of men reappearing on the earth. Consider Ham radio in light of Ham having been the agent of introducing the Canaanites into the world, the thorn and thistle seed of the father of Cain. Yeah. Stranger than fiction.

According to this “amateur radio in the movies” thread, “The 2 most ACCURATE and honest portrayals of Ham Radio in movies are CONTACT with Jodie Foster; and PHENOMENON with John Travolta (Forrest Whitaker was the Ham). They had real rigs not highly modified like in FREQUENCY, and used proper operating techniques.”

Phenomenon (1996 - John Travolta) featured a man who was transformed. The IMDB blurb reads, “ An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis.” The radio tech wasn't the mechanism triggering a dimensional breech, yet there are dots to connect. Angels descending to earth have been described as lights, stars. John's character was endowed with supernatural abilities, which is suggested as coming from another dimension.

We might add others with similar plots that use marine band radios, and I must give mention to one: Threshold, the TV series from 2005. I wrote a series on this blog about it. The marine radio was used on the ship where the alien signal was introduced, and a video camera. The DNA transforming signal was produced by a radiating multidimensional star hovering near the ship. The signal contained video and audio components (again, both non-EM and EMR), and the transformative influence was captured on video and able to be retransmitted by playing back the recording, even the audio alone, the non-EM component that was transmitted through EMR tech.

Rango is one of many signaling movies that conceal and reveal something of the technology behind angelic transport, time-gravity manipulation, stargates, DNA transformation, etc. You may recall an earlier post in this series, Part 21 - Rango - Time Travel, a Transdimensional Vehicle and DNA Portal. There's a reason why this is being flagged for our attention. Some of us need to know.

E.T. Phone Home.

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