Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magick in the News

Beyond the expected build-up in the media for the Mayan calendar pivot on the 21st, a few other items caught my attention.

“Keep your fingers crossed. The 7-foot-tall '13' that will be part of the lit-up '2013' when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve arrived in Times Square yesterday — and organizers are trying to make sure the number doesn’t frighten off superstitious revelers. Just to make sure, the '13' will come with 13 'lucky' charms. 'But just to keep all bases covered, we’ve gone ahead and gathered 13 good-luck charms — everything from a four-leaf clover to gold coins to bamboo to a Buddha statue,' he said. On Dec. 26, the lucky '13' and its charms will be installed atop One Times Square to complete the '2-0-1-3' sign that will light up at midnight after the ball drops.” (Doing a number on Times Sq.)

Students of such things recognize the number 13 as a symbol of “rebellion” in the Bible, and also, “Lord.” This number also marks the day on the calendar when the one known as the Beast of Revelation 13:1 is revealed. I often refer to the number as signaling the rebel lord Beast. The attention given Friday the 13th in my culture is derived from that association, with Friday being the 6th day of the week, the number of man related to the Beast.

Putting those 13 lucky charms there is for ritual magick, and the intent is to cast a spell when the ball drops and the light goes on. The spell involves the power cone or demonic energy being raised by some practicing magick in covens, and that being magnified by those celebrating in Times Square and watching around the world.

Every charm is a charged magickal object. An expectation of luck or divine favor that is based upon such objects or some ritual activity that is not sanctioned in biblical practice and by the inspiration of the holy spirit is an expression of idolatry and witchcraft. Courting the favor of gods that are not the True God is a really bad idea.

On the Pagan calendar beginning the month dedicated to Janus, the god of the doorway, this particular mass ritual will have a little more potent spike than usual.

FYI - more witchcraft was introduced in the article by the writer's direction to keep your fingers crossed.

Charles Panati, in Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things, has a nice article on crossing one's fingers as a sign of luck or making a wish. He traces it back to pre-Christian times, when the cross was a symbol of unity and benign spirits dwelt at the intersection point. A wish made on a cross was a way of "anchoring" the wish at the intersection of the cross until the wish was fulfilled.” (What's the origin of keeping your fingers crossed? - The Straight Dope)

I believe crossing the fingers may also be the casting of a crossing spell, for twisting, seen in the intent to void or unmake an oath. This is the practice of crossing one's fingers behind one's back, where they are hidden from the one being lied to. A lie is a lie, and calling upon the god of liars and deceivers for cover is a bad idea.

Next up, Ke$ha responds to radio stations pulling 'Die Young'

The pop star herself has tweeted that she stands behind that decision, adding that she questioned the song's lyrics from the beginning. '[I] understand. I had my very own issue with 'die young' for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO,' Ke$ha tweeted Tuesday before deleting the remark. She did leave up the apology that followed: 'I'm so so so sorry for anyone who has been effected by this tragedy and I understand why my song is now inappropriate. words cannot express.'

I have to believe there is nothing sincere about it. It smells like standard issue damage control, the following of direction provided by the professionals. See: Clinton aides write book on damage control. Whether or not she really was willing to perform the song has no bearing on the matter. She is what some call an Illuminati puppet, a programmed slave, a multiple.

Here's a few quotes from what I had written about the offending song last month. (Project Files: Black Awakening: The Ritual Sacrifice - Ke$ha “Die Young” - ISIS - Madonna)

“...I'm convinced this bold video is a magick ritual that prepares mind-controlled youth for ritual sacrifice in the bringing of chaos, rolling out the bloody red carpet for the lawless one's grand entrance.”

“This Pop queen, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Katie Perry, etc. are sold out members of the SRA supersoldier religion, the Osiris, Isis and Horus worshiping death cult.”

“Die(ing) Young as an Illuminati sacrifice is being glorified. This video is ritual magick, preparing mind-controlled youth for ritual sacrifice.”

! Caveat, check with the Lord before you watch a Ke$ha performance!

Ke$ha's performance of “Die Young” at X Factor in Australia may set a record for how much blatant Illuminati symbolism can be loaded into one song's stage performance. Ke$ha “Die Young” - X Factor - Australia

On stage at Sydney’s Future Music Festival, she drank blood from a heart while performing the song, Cannibal. Whether there was any actual heart or blood involved I don't know, but ritual was performed, regardless.

She performed “Die Young” during a recent appearance on the Conan show, and as she chatted with the host afterward some interesting subjects were discussed. See the video of that interview here: Ke$ha Slept With A Ghost - CONAN on TBS.

So, she openly admits to at least one experience with an incubus. I've mentioned that before. What I want to call your attention to now is the practice of ritual magick. She asked her fans to send their body parts to her, teeth in particular. (Kesha’s New Headdress Made Literally From A Body Part from Fans) She made a headdress from them (which you see here) and is currently making a bra. I've mentioned power cones on this blog before, which Russ Dizdar speaks of on occasion. Power cones are sometimes made of the bones of humans and / or animals who have been ritually sacrificed. Ke$ha's fans are referred to as her “Animals,” like Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters.”

The more palatable publicized definitions of a cone of power are:

  • cone of power= "cone" of collective witch power raised by assembled coven within circle to forward a certain aim previously decided upon.
  • vortex= cone of power, a gate for the entrance of the spirit world

This kind of cone of power is what the ritual objects in Times Square are involved with, the 13 'lucky' charms and numbers 13 of the 2013 sign. The supernatural or demonic energy raised inside the magick circle is in this vortex that is released out into the universe when the spell for which the energy has been raised is cast.

When Ke$ha makes a headpiece of her fans' teeth, she is making a kind of power cone that is akin to what is found at sites of ritual magick and sacrifice. Like the magickal cone of power, this construct contains concentrated energy, literally summoning and constraining demonic entities within that space. The demons may manifest there, and they are bound legally to serve the commanding witch.

So, the headpiece is one power cone. Making a bra of teeth may sound silly, but there's two more power cones. Another “Isis, goddess of magick” icon, Madonna, famously wears a power cone shape top in her on-stage ritual concerts.

Ke$ha, Illuminated witch. Her “Die Young” song and video have already had a huge impact on the world, which will not be erased.

Adding such as that sorcery to the sum of evil that has come before and is now being done, what is about to be done during the night of the winter solstice will have a significant impact. I can't say how it will manifest, but I understand the Bible does not say, "don't do that," just because some mean party pooper god likes to boss people around. My God cares for His people and provides for our protection. Seek it of Him, and pray as led in defensive and offensive engagements, my friends.


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    It's unbelievable how horrible these music videos are. It makes heavy metal from the 1980s, such as Iron Maiden playing The Number of the Beast, look like fantasy/sci-fi pantomime in comparison. There's a luridness which is truly magnetic (in a not good way) in the video linked here and in a previous post; obscene, devilish, destructive and without any merit musically. What times we live in. It really is an attempt at manifesting, well, Satan. Puppet musicians.

  2. Amen, Yelisa. I long for that day.

  3. Did noticed how what ke$ha shouted in the last sentence of her tweet?


    "[I] understand. I had my very own issue with 'die young' for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO,

    This also just struck me that 'I' is a shouting of self pride in the online sense.