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Part 58 - The Sodomite Gateway - Open Hearts = GLogo, Unfolded, and CLogo, Halved

What continues to develop in this blog is a strong witness to the veracity of the statement made in 1 John 5.

19 We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. 20 And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. 21 Little children, guard yourselves from idols. ~ 1 John 5:19-21

I do hope you're getting everything that's here for you, because it won't last, access to it will be gone. Like manna, in a sense, this is food for today.

So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it. ~ Isaiah 55:11

By this time in the series you should be very familiar with the pedophile symbol called GLogo, the GirlLover logo. A very similar version just came to my attention because of a commercial on TV that some perceive as being very creepy.

This video is on YouTube. Watch it there and read the comments. Creepy Pedophile Commercial for Kay Jewelers promoting the Open Hearts Collection

Celebrity actress and artist Jane Seymour's jewelry collection is being marketed with a man talking tenderly to a girl on a swing. Apparently, it's her step-Dad. He gives her expensive jewelry that is just like her Mom's, a pendant in the form of the GLogo, unfolded.

The Open Hearts symbol is easily identified as the GLogo when you compare them side by side. To make it more obvious, I constructed the Open Hearts symbol in my graphics editor by simply mirroring, extracting and reassembling the GLogo. If I had a wire version, I could have accomplished the same feat with less effort by simply flipping it over and unfolding it.

Here's some excerpts from the Friends of Jane website.

“Jane Seymour developed the 'Open Heart' theme in 2007 after reflecting upon the heartaches and struggles of her own life. She came to realize that if your heart is open, it can never be fully broken. She also noticed that anytime she painted a heart in any of her artwork, it ended up being open, and not closed. So, she created a line of wearable jewelry to help people remember the concept behind the designs.”

“Artistically, the image is a stylized version of two open hearts forming a female figure, the initials JS, and has been recently coined "Dancing Hearts" in tribute to the work she and Tony Dovolani have done on Dancing with the Stars. The design has become meaningful on many levels, and symbolizes the artist's idea that if one's heart is open, it will never stay broken. Additionally, the two open hearts blending together symbolize that two people can be one, while still retaining their individuality. Ultimately, Jane would like to see the image of her open heart become the universal symbol for giving and giving back through showcasing it at the many charities she supports nationwide.”

“Jane explains: 'The open heart is about hope and goodwill; acting in an "open heart" way means crossing communication, age and religious barriers, its symbol demonstrates love in any language.'”

She says it forms the female figure, so we're given the interpretation of the top as the bust and the bottom as a, well, bottom. The anatomical context is provided for us, and we should take it from there. The heart-as-bottom is something I'll accept, and, OK, the bosom too. As for being the letters JS, that's a stretch. The dancing hearts interpretation seems pretty absurd. Hey, maybe that's what Jane really thinks. I can't speak to that.

The Kay Jewelers commercial with the girl on the swing makes it pretty obvious that this Open Hearts thing isn't just a woman-on-girl thing, it's also a man-on-girl thing. The GLogo covers both cases. The commercial sends the message that this is a family affair, with both Mom and step-dad involved with the girl.

For those who can honestly interpret the symbol that “demonstrates love in any language,” it says GirlLover, pedophile. Dancing Hearts speaks to me of the motion of two bottoms while engaging in sex. The relative size of the heart-bottoms pictures two facing partners with the little girl on top. The twist in their connection suggests flipping one over. As a symbol of two females, this has to be seen as lesbian sex, perhaps most anatomically and graphically correct in a scissor sisters fashion.

Incest, lesbianism and pedophilia are all common to SRA ritual abuse. In some of the copy I've read about the inspiration for the Open Hearts symbol, Jane sometimes credits her Mom and their relationship. There's a very personal message implied. If that isn't really what's meant, maybe it shouldn't be signaled so clearly.

The Open Hearts version of the GLogo is an esoteric symbol like many others I've addressed. The opposing numbers 3 should be familiar by now, calling out the 33 of Freemasonry and graphic of Vitruvian Man-style ritual sodomy. It also smacks of the inside of the 3rd eye Anja chakra symbol. Jane describes how the hearts are open rather than closed and assigns meaning to this feature. This principle will be familiar to the practitioners of witchcraft who know well the importance of closed and open figures in ritual magick. Her Open Hearts can also be seen as a tilted butterfly, the popular signal for Monarch programming.

The Open Hearts symbol can easily be identified as another pedophile symbol, slightly rotated with some reduction. This image illustrates a deconstruction of the “ChildLover” logo, the CLogo. Comparing the two, the Open Hearts symbol is a close approximation of a half CLogo.

When Jane followed up her “Open Hearts” book with one titled “Among Angels,” explaining how angels can appear at any time in a person's life, and further testified on TV that her son is channeling Johnny Cash, what emerges appears as the familiar pattern of SRA. (Jane Seymour: 'My son is channelling the spirit of Johnny Cash') I'm not claiming that Jane is a victim or handler, and neither am I claiming that she knowingly based her Open Hearts symbol on these pedophile symbols, but you have to know the inspiration for them came from the same place and that the symbol language is consistent.

The Open Hearts slogan reads, “If your heart is open, love will always find its way in.” Taken in the way of Lucis Trust's twisted reinterpretation of love and goodwill (“The open heart is about hope and goodwill”), this describes an invocation and demonic possession through the sodomite gateway in a scheme that is rolling out a bloody red carpet for the Beast and his mark. Given the brand imagery, can we really interpret message sent by the combination of written and symbol language any other way?

The following is a screenshot from the Kay Jewelers store page. It's the top row of items representing the Best Sellers in the collection where there is insight to be gleaned as each enhances or expands layers of esoteric symbolism.

The #1 best seller adorns the anatomical figures with bejeweled hoohahs. OK. Use your imagination. The second in line, likewise. It's a couple's ring. If the pair coupled isn't an adult and their girl lover, the wearers really haven't grasped the message it sends. So, the top two best selling items feature butts and bejeweled orifices, and are engravable. What's special about cut jewels is the way they reflect the light. Engraving creates a rather permanent bond, and I suspect many of these will be engraved with the names of a girl and her adult lover. The Key of David sodomy illuminates and binds. The two bottoms in the symbol are connected as one to symbolize the binding tie, the troweled mortar of Masonry.

The item in the middle of the top Best Selling row has "angels wings." The fallen angels ascend as summoned by witches who sometimes use the winged Horus Behedeti symbol during ritual invocation. The wings signify the power of air and the ability to traverse the dimensional boundary between this one and that realm of the prince of the power of the air. This appears to me as an Isis goddess worship emblem, who fans her procreative, regenerative and transformative magick. This is the image that appears on the cover of her book, Among Angels. When graven images are made in defiance of the second commandment, I can tell you that fallen angels are involved with the inspiration and creation and that curses are the natural result.

The 4th item presents the symbol inside a heart, like this key pendant that is also a best seller. Hearts in a heart. GLogo. The key in esoteric symbolism signals that there is a treasured secret locked away. “The key to my heart.” Key of David sodomy.

The 5th best selling Open Hearts pendant is a diamond necklace that resembles a serpent. An enlightened Serpent. Kundalini.

From the Friends of Jane site excerpted above, you may recall the quote, “Ultimately, Jane would like to see the image of her open heart become the universal symbol for giving and giving back through showcasing it at the many charities she supports nationwide.” Advancement on the left hand path requires charitable works, and Jane would like this symbol to become like a banner over the entire realm of activity involving giving and giving back. Note this subtle but important observation: This isn't about simply giving, but giving and giving back. Giving back - to the giver. This is not the unselfish character of altruism. This is reciprocal, quid pro quo. (See the post titled, Counterfeit Charity - Satan's Whitewash has an Antichrist Objective, the segue to the posts in this series focusing on sodomite charity brand imagery.) Again, if that isn't what's meant, maybe it shouldn't be signaled so clearly. I don't believe the Open Hearts symbol is fit to be a universal symbol because, for all its pharmakeia wielding power, it neglects the BoyLover aspect. It's only half a CLogo, as I already illustrated.

Several of the Open Hearts sites feature backgrounds with a pairing of hearts and stars. Like I already noted when analyzing the Make-A-Wish Foundation's “Ways to Help” page (Part 54) with the Disney-Aladdin-Genie scene, a star is a metaphor for an angel and the stars and hearts combine, and they present “angel booty” - in more ways than one. The spiritual principle involved is the belief that drives the practice of ritual sodomy, that to get an angel's power you sodomize the angel. Beyond any natural sexual gratification you might expect would be derived from the perverse acts of ritual sodomy, the sodomizer receives something more, supernaturally, what equates to a deposit in their power account.

Stars+hearts=angel booty

A charity is directly associated with the Open Hearts symbol, the Open Hearts Foundation. Celebrities are featured against a background of Open Hearts symbols on the Open Hearts Foundation home page. Celebrities = Stars. Connect the dots for the esoteric message. Also, let this speak to you about who these people are and what they do. This is their world, for yet a little while.

The Facebook page for that Foundation looks like this. Well, mostly. I enhanced it a little for the awarding of what I believe is a well-earned Pedobear.

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  1. Elishabella, thanks for sharing that with me. Indeed, there is good in the world, as the Lord manifests Himself to and in His people. What is of this age is passing away. What will not be shaken will remain.

    Blessings in Y'shua's loving care, dear sister.