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Part 62 - The Sodomite Gateway - CC=33 and the Olay CC Commercial

As the Lord has continues to reveal esoteric imagery related to the sodomite gateway, I've been seeing plenty of letters and combinations as numbers. There's quite a variety in this kind of symbolism because sometimes a letter is assigned the value of its position in the alphabet. I occasionally point out instances where the letter “f” is tripled to signal a 666. The word “Fox” is a special signal word because the 666 is very subtle, and subtle is powerful. f=6 and o=15 (1+5=6) and x=24 (2+4=6). The letter pair CC is a subtle power combo with several layers of meaning, and I'm going to present several examples in this post to demonstrate some of them.

The usual caveats apply here, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning of this series to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

C=3 so CC=33. This is the signature number of the highest officially recognized Freemason degree. It is the number for sodomy because the arabic numeral is a graphic picture of one set of buttocks positioned behind the other. The combo CC as 33 is a slightly more obfuscated reference. A CC can also be interpreted as a 3*3 or 9, the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation.

A letter C may also be used to represent a 6 because of the similarity of their figures, so CC becomes 66, which may be taken as a reference to the kingdom of the Beast.

This 666 signaling logo for Central Community College demonstrates the C as 6, which may also be interpreted as the vav vav vav (Hebrew: vav is the 6th letter) that is so boldly signaled in ectoplasmic green by the Monster energy drink brand.

CC as a graphic simply pictures the buttocks, a pair of cheeks as viewed from the back as the person faces towards the right. This should be familiar, seen recently in the logos for Operation Smile and CERN. CC=CheekCheek.

One example is in the advertising for a CC branded whiskey, Canadian Club. “Join the Club.” Are they trying to sell you their product, or initiate you? The letters CC join to form the butt. See the crown over the “U” in “Club?” They are crowning “yoU.” Its a royal thing, making you royalty. Notice the stag: Cernunnos!

“The C” is superimposed over the stag's head and antlers. It's “The Cernunnos” Club. Cernunnos is the male god of magick, fertility and virility. A men's club ~ a stag club. A club is slang for a phallus. The C Club is celebrating The Cernunnos phallus, and CC sodomy. The advertising scene looks like a members only club for the elite, the Illumined sodomite brotherhood.

A mysterious members only club in the real world leverages the less obfuscated version of the CC in its name, Club 33, inside Disneyland. Disney. Does more need to be said about that?

Another example of the CC combo as a butt appears courtesy of Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. See the M atop the CC? That's the M as a Mason's backside; the sodomizing top mounting the CC bottom.

In this esoteric World Habitat Day ad, the subtle CC is signaled via proximity presented in the close association of the initial letters of Changing and Cities. The city skyline stylized as a purple ring is the familiar symbol of the anus as the illuminating sodomite portal. Appearing as a single letter C, we might infer it is simply a C for Cities, but if we account for the bold pairing of Cities and Building we might better take this as a C for Cain. He was the builder of the first and other cities, and would surely have been a sodomite according to the nature of his father, the serpent. (Who is Cain's Father?)

Cain had relations with his wife and she conceived, and gave birth to Enoch; and he built a city, and called the name of the city Enoch, after the name of his son. ~ Genesis 4:17

World Habitat Day. Who are the globalist builders who honor Cain and another builder, Nimrod aka Hiram Abiff? The Freemasons, of course! The CC is their signature 33. The Masons build by troweling mortar in their metaphor for illuminating ritual sodomy.

I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention a musical standard, “See See Rider,” which is also known as C. C. Rider. This 12-bar blues standard has been around a long time. If you've been tracking what I've already presented, a review of what you'll find on the Wikipedia page devoted to the song should bear witness to the fact that what Olay is leveraging has been around for a while. C=See. The C-ing Eye of Horus and third eye vision. Associated sexual activity. I present this little collection of CC riders for your consideration.

I was watching The Fallen Ones on YouTube and saw a commercial for a makeup product that leveraged this signal CC=33 as one layered upon others. I was able to upload a version to YouTube.

Olay Total Effects CC Cream

Enoch testified that the arts and sciences of cosmetics were brought to man by the fallen angels, so embedding this ad in that movie is a fit match. (Nice pairing, Google)

I did some work with screenshots to illustrate the symbolism of this clever Occult device. If you've been exercising your discernment and the Lord is opening your eyes to see this kind of thing, watching the commercial a couple times should inform you about much of what I'm going to present here.

On the brand's website, the product is presented as you see in this image. You'll notice the CC appears several times as the obfuscated 33 sodomite signal. The product's roundel consists of a purple ring, the signal anus. What is inside but cream, semen, not only in the color filling the purple ring but the word itself appears inside a blob of cream. When you're on to the Illuminati plot, the spell is broken. It is what it is, a cream filled donut, the graphic sodomite gateway.

Notice how the “C” in “cream” adds a third “C” to the roundel. With C as 6, it's a 666. Connect them and you square the circle with the alchemical triangle in circle.

The roundel appears with the product in such a way as to form a 9. As I mentioned earlier, a CC can also be interpreted as a 3*3 or 9, so we see a redundancy in this layering. This is the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation, which should be very familiar by now.

In yet another layer of symbolism, the CC pair may also be read as a 3+3, or 6. Just like the roundel is used with the product container to form a 9, it's used on the box to form a 6 using just the top part of the product image created by the dividing black band. Each box signals a redundant 6, and three boxes form the 666, which compares to the 9 in the foreground.

In this collage the C on the right of the CC pair is captured forming a 6, as the two are about to be spun into a vortex that fills the container with a double helix. Just as that action finishes, the video then introduces the roundel, spinning it like a serpentine Ouroboros to suggest the addition of a third strand of DNA, the Serpent DNA. The configuration formed is the 9, again, signaling the mark of the Beast transformation. Familiar, yes?

That this is all intended may be seen by the number 7 appearing on each box along with the 6. 6+7=13, the number for the rebel lord Beast.

The number 7 promotes their “7 in one” feature. This speaks to me as a reference to Revelation 17?

The beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of the seven, and he goes to destruction. ~ Revelation 17:11

When you watch the commercial you should notice a 69 being signaled as the C morphs into a 6 then forms a 9 after the transforming vortex and Ouroboros roundel action is complete. The 69 is the two digit equivalent to 9, the mark of the Beast transformation. Again, familiar, right? If not, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

We've had to do a lot of math, right? Well, we're invited to “do the math,” as you can see in the equation offered in the commercial and in this print ad. The pencil is to be used for solving the equation, right? Before I solve the equation, let's give our attention to what else the pencil signals and why it is in the model's mouth.

This print ad bears witness to the torture and sodomy endured by SRA victims. One of the methods used to traumatize victims is to shock them with high voltage prods. Electroshock may involve equipment like the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) used by coaches. We've all seen movies where someone is going to be experiencing a shock or a jolt of severe pain. They are typically given something like a rag or a stick to bite down on so they don't bite their tongue or break their teeth. Signs of ritual sodomy have already been described, so when we see the model biting down on the pencil it's no stretch to see this in the same context as receiving painful trauma inducing abuse for mind control programming. This is for the Total Effects product line, and that must mean they are going for dissociation and the entire torture and trauma mind fracturing supersoldier creation routine. We're not shown what kind of pencil she's got but the standard issue for students who work out equations is a #2 pencil. Any student can tell you #2 is code for defecation. Pencil ~ penis. Trauma inducing ritual sodomy.

I still intend to solve the equation, but not just yet. Notice how the print ad places the CC on her cheek. During the video, the model had a C on each cheek. Identify the C with a cheek. CC = two cheeks. Associating the CC with cheeks and ritual sodomy and identifying it as a 33 are clues to solving the equation.


Do the math. Take this as higher math, algebra and geometry. What is written AA means A times A. It's the Pythagorean Theorem that describes the relative lengths of the sides of a right triangle.


The point of the exercise isn't to solve the math but to discover the metaphysical solution. The right triangle and all references to such a construction have an esoteric meaning that certainly fits in the context of this Olay CC brand promotion. One side of the equation may be expressed as the heavenly plus the earthly, the sons of god plus the daughters of men, or Osiris plus Isis. The hypotenuse, represented by CC, is the resultant merging or union. This is the Horus-Beast and those who take his mark and are thereby transformed into hybrids akin to the Nephilim of old, in the dawning Aeon of Horus. This is an end for which the means, of ritual sodomy, is appointed. The slave army of SRA chosen ones and multiples are today being brought forth in multiplied thousands. There's some math for you!

This is not yet the last of what I want to share in this lengthy post. As the Olay video presents their model doing the math, we see her hold out a crystal clear plus sign, as you see in this image. You might well draw a connection to the sign of the cross made on the forehead (third eye) on Ash Wednesday. You should also recognize that as one of the basic sodomy symbols, like the Red Cross. We see her holding it between us, framing and focusing most particularly on her eyes as the shot ends. I see this as the illumination of ritual sodomy that endows some with the ability to be clairvoyant, clear seeing, to see things that are not perceived by the senses. We now call this remote viewing. The way she holds it makes it appear like a winged object, Horus Behedeti, with the power of air or ability to traverse dimensional boundaries.

The lower panel is a screenshot taken as the 7 passed across her face. In this frame we see the suggestion of the triangle eye of anal triangle gateway illumination.

There are still two more important observations I want to make about the esoteric symbolism of the Olay CC imagery.

What appears on their website presents an instance of three things and then a fourth, a key time signal expressing hidden knowledge about the fourth Shemittah from the celestial sign of 1991 that marked the start of the count. We're now in it! If that doesn't mean something to you, you do have some catching up to do - and not much time left for doing it.

The technical means of the Beast and mark of the Beast transformation has been a frequent topic on this blog. We see it here in the coded language describing the properties of the product. Color correction. See how the words appear as an arch inside the purple ring? Reference the Rainbow and the Rainbow Bridge as dimensional breech mechanisms.

On the product label under the CC we read, “Tone Correcting.” Tones relate to color or frequency, sonic or acoustic action - as facilitating DNA transformation. Consider a tone correcting biofeedback loop rewriting the code in an implanted microchip transducer? Familiar? I hope so.

This isn't the first time my attention has been drawn to an Olay brand promotion. The eye of Horus imagery is pretty obvious, with a kind of rainbow bridge around the primary eye. The Regenerist name must be linked to Osiris regeneration, with sex magick facilitated by Isis in producing Horus. See the symbol under the Olay wordmark as a dot in circle sun symbol of the sun god. See it also as a male bindu dot in female circle symbol of the joining of the male sons of god with the female daughters of men. See it also as the recumbent vagina of Isis with a red clitoris, with the word “regenerist” as the impregnating phallus of Osiris. Optionally, or additionally, really, the word “regenerist” represents Horus, being birthed by Isis. The Hermetic Maxim is evident in the reflection. As Above, So Below.

Cosmetics have their purpose, and as it was in the days of Noah, the world still lusts after all the fallen angels offer. Soon, the work of leveraging fallen angel magickal arts and sciences will bear fruit like never before. For those of us who seek something better, we call upon His name and claim protection from all the weapons forged against us. No spell cast through a symbol or any cursed object will prevail while we are in His care. We seek His provision for defense and offence, and accept it with contentment, knowing the victory is His, and ours if we abide in Him, Y'shua.


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